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RE: RE: [ufodiscussion] To Vern:

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    ... I feel your well wishes. I wish you well too. I hope to survive this. If I should not survive. Know I love all of you and will attempt to shelter you if I
    Message 1 of 21 , Sep 14, 2004
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      In my early 20's I and 2 others wrapped a girl quite suddenly as we felt she
      needed it. She drove a triumph sports car and slid through a red light in
      the rain and hit a double safeway truck. They had to cut her out but she
      didn't have one scratch on her. She felt us and came straight to us after
      about 4 hours. Took them a while to get her out, but she knew...

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      >Just maybe it's time to move North... If the storms are going to get worse
      >because of the warming then it might be time... Good luck... Just remember
      >to push out that aura... Bright white... no matter what happens it will be
      >better if you're wrapped...

      LOL Janet!!

      I myself have never been very tightly wrapped, so no wonder I get into

      Well- we will wrap Vern and his friends, huh?




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