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UFO Sightings and Willow Grove NAS, PA.

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  • DRxDON
    I did a search on the web and came up with these are UFO sightings that were connected with the Naval Air Station near my house. This first sighting also
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2004
      I did a search on the web and came up with these are UFO sightings that were
      connected with the Naval Air Station near my house. This first sighting
      also happens to coincide, at least with the same month as I remember, with
      a vivid UFO dream. I dreamt that I was standing outside and this huge 300
      foot UFO was hovering over the neighborhood. There were long shafts of light
      like ropes hanging from the underside of the craft. All of the people in the
      neighborhood were going up into the craft on these "ropes" and coming down.
      The next day there was a report of a UFO about 15 miles away and my UFO
      detector went off several times. The detector was a simple contraption that
      I got from Flying Saucer Magazine with a magnet hanging on a wire. The wire
      hung through another loop of wire which would complete an electrical circuit
      and ring a bell. It seems that this strategic Naval Air Station is DEFINITELY
      "connected". ;-)



      5. Case 5. Willow Grove, Pa., May 21, 1966

      Skipping over many other pilot observations to a more recent one which I have
      personally checked, I call attention to a close-range airborne sighting of a
      domed-disc, seen under midday conditions by two observers. One of them, William
      O. Powell, of Radnor, Pa., is a pilot with 18,000 logged flight hours. He and
      a passenger. Miss Muriel McClave, were flying in Powell's Luscombe in the
      Philadelphia area on the afternoon of 5/21/66 when an object that had been first
      spotted as it apparently followed an outbound flight of Navy jets from Willow
      Grove NAS made a sharp (non-banking) turn and headed for Powell's plane on a
      near-collision course. As the object passed close by, at a distance that Powell
      put at roughly 100 yards, they both got a good look at the object. It was circular
      in planform and had no wings or visible means of propulsion, both witnesses emphasized
      to me in interviews. The upper domed portion they described as "porcelain-white",
      while the lower discoid portion was bright red ("dayglow red" Powell put it). It
      was slightly below their altitude as it passed on their right, and Powell pointed
      out that it was entirely solid, for it obscured the distant horizon areas. His brief
      comment about its solidity and reality was, "It was just like looking at a Cadillac."
      He estimated its airspeed as perhaps 200 mph, and it moved in a steady, non-fluttering
      manner. He estimated its diameter at perhaps 20 feet. Miss McClave thought it might
      have been nearer 40 feet across. Each put the thickness-to-diameter ratio as about
      one-half. After it passed their starboard wing, Powell could see it only by looking
      back over his shoulder through a small aft window, but Miss McClave had it in full
      view when suddenly, she stated to me, it disappeared instantaneously, and they saw no
      more of it.

      Discussion. -- Powell flies executive transports for a large Eastern firm, after
      years of military and airline duty. I have discussed the case with one of his superiors,
      who speaks without qualification for Powell's trustworthiness. At a UFO panel discussion
      held on April 22, 1967 at the annual meeting of the American Society of Newspaper Editors,
      Powell was asked to summarize his sighting. His account is in the proceedings of that
      session (Ref. 30). I know of no natural phenomenon that could come close to explaining
      this sighting. The visibility was about 15 miles, they were flying in the clear at
      4500 ft., and the object passed nearby. A pilot with 18,000 hours flight experience is not
      capable of precise midair distance and speed estimates, but his survival has probably
      hinged on not commonly making errors of much over a factor or two. Given the account and
      accepting its reliability, it seems necessary to say that here was one more case of what
      Gen. Samford described as "credible observers seeing relatively incredible objects". I
      felt that Powell's summary of his sighting at the ASNE meeting was particularly relevant
      because, in addition to my being on the panel there. Dr. D. H. Menzel and Mr. Philip J.
      Klass, both strong exponents of meteorological-type UFO theories, were present to hear
      his account. I cannot see how one could explain this incident in terms of meteorological
      optics nor in terms of ball lighting plasmoids. Here again, we appear to be dealing with
      a meaningful observation of some vehicle or craft of non-terrestrial origin. Its reported
      instantaneous disappearance defies (as does the same phenomenon reported by J. B. Whitted
      and numerous other UFO witnesses) ready explanation in terms of present-day scientific
      knowledge. Powell reported his sighting at Willow Grove NAS, but it engendered no interest.


      Occurred : 5/15/1992 15:00 (Entered as : 05/15/92 15:00)
      Reported: 2/22/2002 7:23:50 PM 19:23
      Posted: 3/21/2003
      Location: Willow Grove, PA
      Shape: Cone
      Duration:5 seconds
      A fairly large, gray, metallic object, cone-shaped with a flat,
      circular bottom spotted in the sky over Willow Grove.

      I don't remember the exact date, but it was a weekend sometime back in the spring
      of 1992 or 1993. It was early afternoon, and I was driving with my girl-friend
      (now wife) northeast on Fitzwatertown Road in Willow Grove. A fairly large, gray,
      metallic object, cone-shaped with a flat, circular bottom was moving at a slow pace
      (approx 30 mph) in a north-westerly direction, towards Willow Grove Naval Air Station.
      I can only assume the object was solid, as the flat, circular bottom was dark, possibly
      cast in shadow. There were no discernable markings at all. The sky was somewhat overcast
      and cloudy gray. I saw it out of the driver's side front windshield for approximately 5
      seconds, as it passed from right to left across my path. It was flying rather low over
      the trees (possibly 200 ft high). Its altitude never varied, nor did its speed. It made
      no sudden movement, did not display any lights, nor did it make any discernable sound.
      It seemed to be moving with purpose and direction. My wife did not see it as she was
      reading something in the car at the time. I didn't point it out to her either, as I
      wasn't sure what I was seeing, and had to keep an eye on the road as well, since I was
      still driving. I can recognize most military aircraft in the US armed forces, from an
      A-10 Warthog to a P-3 Orion (both of which fly out of the Willow Grove Air Station). I
      can say with certainty, that this was not a fixed-wing, nor rotor aircraft. It did not
      look like a balloon or blimp of any sort I've seen in my lifetime. I can only give you
      an idea of its size, by saying at arm's length it was about the size of a quarter. I've
      never seen anything like it before or since.


      Dec 4: Spectacular report from a pilot flying over Lake Galena in Bucks County, PA in
      January of 1988: "Shaped like an airplane wing standing on end, approx 35 FT hi (long)
      with a fairly thick chord. No interference with my aircrafts' radio equipment or engine...
      Descended rapidly, in excess of approx 300 MPH, slowed just in front of my airplane to
      almost a standstill at approx 1000ft. Headed WSW then returned to about 1000ft off of my
      right wing, then flew upward at a TREMENDOUS speed--straight up... I called the Willow Grove
      Naval Air Station to report this thing which was exceeding the legal airspeed limit below
      10,000 ft, the operator did a radar search and reported back to me that there was no radar
      hit. The base tower operator asked if I wanted to report a UFO to which I replied in the
      affirmative. He took my phone number. I returned to my base airport, Warrington Airport,
      Warrington, PA, (now closed) and immediately drew on a piece of paper what I saw. I told
      no one of my sighting.

      That night a gentleman from the 'UFO Research Center' in Washington called my home and
      asked me to describe my sighting, which I did."

      What If --------------------------?
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