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New Sighting Posted - Los Angeles

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    Dear Friends, http://www.mufonla.com/sightings.htm Love and Light. David Sighting activity reported to MUFON LA Covering the years of 1990 to present (reverse
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      Dear Friends,
      Love and Light.

      Sighting activity reported to MUFON LA
      Covering the years of 1990 to present (reverse timeline)

      Saturday, September 11, 2004 (Downtown Los Angeles, California) I saw a UFO with other witnesses on Friday night the 10th but didn't have a chance to capture it on videotape. Luckily it came back Saturday night September 11th, 2004 and we have very detailed video of the UFO. We even saw what appeared to be U.S. Military jets surrounding the craft. When they got there, the UFO turned off its bright orange glow and it seemed to have turned into a triangle with various blinking lights. As it was traveling east we could tell the smaller crafts were jets because of the enormous speed they used to catch up to the craft. Everything we could possibly catch and see with the camera is recorded from the top of a neighbor’s roof. This all happened over the downtown Los Angeles skyline where the object didn’t leave for 30 minutes to an hour before those smaller crafts got there. There were many people who also witnessed the event.


      Wednesday, 10:45 PM on September 1, 2004, I observed an object moving from east to west while looking out my bedroom window which faces south. This object was following the usual flight pattern for aircraft going to Los Angeles International Airport. However, what caught my attention was the color and brightness of the object and that it had no flashing lights like many aircraft do. The object was an orange color and seemed to be about twice the brightness of the other aircraft in the sky. I observed it for 2 minutes as it moved from the east to west in the southern horizon. Approximately halfway across the sky the object seemed to have stopped.

      I then observed the object though my window screen using 10x binoculars. The object didn’t appear clear due to my screen being dirty, so I went out to my balcony with my binoculars and observed it there. This time I got a much better look at it and could not see any aircraft or shape in the bright orange light of the object. It appeared like a bight star about 5 times the size of the surrounding stars. Its color was that of hot burning coal, being that of a light orange color. While I observed it, the object was motionless and appeared to be hovering in the sky. I observed very closely thought my binoculars and this object didn’t move or drift at all. I could tell that it did not drift due to its distance from the background stars.

      After 2 minutes of watching the object hover, it ejected a much smaller object about 1/10 its size. The second object was the same color as the first object and appeared to be about half as small as the background stars I was viewing though my binoculars. It appeared to fall straight down from
      the first object and left a streaking orange trail as if fell which then disappeared the farther it fell from the first object. This smaller object looked like a falling hot coal or ash, like someone would see at a fireworks display except there was no smoke or flame, just an orange glow. It might have been possible that there was another object in the streaking trail when the first one was ejected. It was hard to tell due to the glow of the streaking trail. I followed this second object as it fell for about 3-5 seconds. In that time it fell about half the altitude of the first object. I then looked back up at the first object to see if it would eject more objects. The original object didn’t eject anymore objects but this time it appeared to move towards the northwest. It moved slower to the northeast than it originally moved when it was going east to west. As it moved it went over the roof of my apartment and I lost sight of it, so I went downstairs to the parking lot to see if I could follow its movements. When I got down stairs and looked to the northwest it was gone.

      The object when first sighted was probably 3-4 miles to the south of me over the cities of El Monte, CA or Temple City, CA and then it moved north over Arcadia, CA where I was located. It was very hard to tell the size of the object or its height. I estimate that it was about 3000 to 4000 feet in altitude. However, it was very hard to tell its true altitude or the size of the object since it had no shape except that of an orange glowing light. Its speed was from what appears to be 100 MPH to zero.  It traveled about as fast as the background aircraft traffic when it was moving. There were numerous background aircraft traffic to the south of its position along the usual LAX landing patterns. Also there is the smaller El Monte Airport to the south about 5 miles away with mostly light private planes flying out of it. However, there were no background aircraft near the object itself, just in the distance several miles away. This object and the second object made no noise during  the whole sighting.

      When I first saw this object I simply thought was the standard aircraft that fly in the area. However, it was the brightness and the color of the object that got my attention. Observing it made me think that it was something other than an airplane or helicopter. First I thought that it was a balloon that was on fire, especially when I saw the other smaller object dropout of it. I thought that it was a burning ember falling from it and that it might land on someone s house and set it on fire. Then I thought about it and realized that this light showed no flames and that if it was a balloon on fire that it would have burned up very quickly.  If it was a helicopter then I would have heard noise from it and it would have drifted a little even while hovering. This object made no noise and didn’t drift in the slightest when hovering. The light it emitted hid the shape of whatever object it was. Whatever this object was I don't believe that it was any conventional flying aircraft.

      Thursday, May 27th, 2004 at approximately 8:30pm, I was just pulling out of my driveway in Venice, CA, to go to the store. When I made a right turn to go down the street, I noticed a huge cluster of what appeared to be black balloons. I thought, "There must be a festival going on." And then I thought, "A festival? At 8:30pm on a Thursday? Surely I would've known about it."

      And then I noticed this cluster was animated. These individual black spheres comprising the cluster were moving like a cartoon. They were leapfrogging, swirling around each other, separating and coming back together, and possibly moving over the area at around 50mph. This is only a guess, as the evening air was clear and I couldn't gauge the cluster's distance from me. What is small and close? What is huge and far away? I couldn't tell.

      I stopped the car, hit reverse, pulled back into my driveway, got out and watch the black cluster move eastward for about 5 minutes until it was out of site. I had time to run inside, grab a video camera, and tape only a few moments of this thing. Unfortunately, the object was too distant to distinguish on video. However, this proves one thing. This thing moved from Venice Beach to Over Century City in about 5 minutes, on an evening with no breeze - it wasn't a bunch of balloons, that's for sure.

      (Reported to MUFON-LA - April 27, 2004)
      On the 8th of December 1980,
      I was with my mother, stuck in traffic on Cloverfield Blvd. in Santa Monica, California when I noticed a silver saucer shaped craft in the sky. It was probably at about 200 ft in altitude. It hovered most the time we were in traffic, which was about ten minutes, then it took off southward at tremendous speed. I have never seen anything accelerate so fast. To this day I do not believe it was necessarily alien in origin, although I cannot dismiss that possibility. It had markings on it that said U.S. Air Force. I would like to know if anyone else has reported seeing this saucer on that day or any similar sightings. The craft was official looking. My theory is that it could have been an experimental craft that went wildly off course. After hovering for nearly ten minutes it took off at an incredible rate of speed, like a bullet. If it could accelerate that fast, you can imagine what it would do if it went of course, or had a problem with any sort of computer assister guidance system, or remote control.

      On March 10, 2004 in Los Banos, California at 6pm I was preparing dinner for our family. I took a break and sat down at my desk which faces my front glass doors. I looked outside as I always do and seen a strange light not too far away. I told my husband Larry what is that? My 3 grandchildren ages 7,5,3 ran out with us. It was very bright and it was pulsating and in the center were these red lights that circled the whole thing. I ran back in and grabbed my camcorder and began filming it. It just sat there in the same spot and did not move. Shaking from excitement I kept trying to focus the camera. About 10 or 15 minutes into filming my camcorder shut off, the battery was dead. I ran in and slapped the battery on the charger and continued watching it. About 20 minutes later I reached to get the battery and looked back and it was gone. I ran out and saw it moving across the sky towards some foothills near our home. It was not moving at a high rate of speed. It took me a very long time to go to sleep that night and I was very restless throughout the night. I waited for the local paper to come out that week to see if anyone had seen it besides us. No word in the paper so I called and reported it myself, after a reporter watched the tape he was shocked. After it came out in the paper a lady called me from across town and told me her and her husband saw the same thing later that night while walking their dog, around 9pm. She said it would move straight up and then down low, never made a sound and very close to them. She said as they watched it awhile it just disappeared right before their eyes. I mentioned it to my grandson's teacher and she stated some of the people at her church had seen it also. Many of my friends and family have viewed the tape and many got chills from it. In different parts of the tape if you pause it, it looks as if you can see the outline of the craft around it. A saucer shape. I got a close up of it and it is like a magnetic array of colors. I am convinced what I have is a UFO. Also I told the reporter that these things usually hang around military bases and he laughed. He stated to me that there was a military base in the hills near our town, something I and most do not know of. I am still looking in the sky hoping I see it again.

      Sunday 12/7/03 or 12/14/03, I can’t remember for sure. I went out to the backyard to have a cigarette at our home in North Hollywood just after 2:00pm. It had been raining that day, so the clouds were very low. I live fairly close to the Burbank airport so I regularly hear and see airliners taking off. Usually when the clouds are this low, you cannot see the planes as they are in the clouds by the time they go over the house. Well I just happened to look up in the sky over our backyard fence towards the east, when I noticed a black round object. I immediately thought it was a large black balloon that was going up in the sky, like maybe it slipped out of a child's hand. But when I looked again, I noticed this thing wasn't going up...it was flying towards me, straight and level. It was perfectly round when I noticed it towards the east, it was perfectly round when it was above me, and! it was round when it was flying off to the west. I cannot judge how high it was or how fast it was going. I can only say that it was not very high at all since the clouds were very low that day. Regarding the speed, it was constant and dead straight. If I had to guess, I would say 1,000 feet high going at least 150 mph, but this is just a guess. As it flew over me it was at its closest point. It seemed very low. I tried to look closely, and noticed the edges were slightly blurred. After it flew over, it headed west, and as it got further away, I noticed it started to distort. It was still round but it was blurring. It was like my eyes couldn't focus on it properly because the image was being distorted. I immediately ran inside to get my roommate. By the time we both went outside it was gone. The sighting seemed to last under a minute, maybe 45 seconds or more. I called a couple close friends and my family about this, but other than that, no one else really knows. I'm almost certain someone in North Hollywood saw this as well. It was flying too damn low for someone not to see it. If anyone has an explanation of what this was, I'd like to know. The thing that gets me is it was a round sphere when I first noticed, it was a round sphere as it flew over me, and it was a round sphere as it flew away towards the west, just before it started to distort.


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      August 30, 2003 in Monterey Park, CA, residents saw a red shimmering light in the southern skies overnight, only they believed it wasn't the planet Mars but a UFO. Monterey Park police received a couple of calls about an unidentified flying object, as did local television stations and nearby Montebello police, which also fielded about a dozen calls about the same time last week.

      The flickering, saucer-shaped light hovered and zigzagged from the southwest to the northwest, said resident Irma Corza, who saw the first UFO about 10:30 last night with other family members. The first light made a flash and disappeared, but then another object showed up, and then a third around 11p.m., she said. That object, she said, was flat and red and shimmered in the night sky, which is not unlike how astronomers have described the planet Mars, which is the closest to Earth that it has been in thousands of years. But Corza noted that planets don't zigzag.

      She said they watched the UFO through a telescope and captured it on video. "It's the most amazing thing," Corza said of the image she captured with her video camera. "It looked like a," she paused, "saucer, and it's just turning and turning. It goes brighter and then it fades a little and then it gets brighter again." "in the frame it's just moving, zigzagging, moving in a circle. It comes toward the video camera and then pulls away. Then it gets really bright and disappears." When asked what she thought it might be, she said "a UFO."
      She said the first object was in the sky for about 20 minutes and the last one for about 30 minutes.

      She said about seven members of her family plus two neighbors saw the UFO, as did a friend from San Gabriel who also shot video of the object. She said it looked like a coin on its side spinning around, while her friend said he saw something flying beneath it. Monterey Park police got two calls about a light in the sky, said Monterey Park police Sgt. Pete Pigulsawas. The callers said they saw a red marking glow in the sky, he said. The dispatchers who received the two calls "went out to look and saw nothing in the sky," he said, so no police were dispatched.

      KCAL9 also got about 10 calls regarding a UFO from the Montebello area the same time last weekend, said the station's Ernest Kung. Montebello police also received a couple of calls about an odd light in the sky last night, plus 8-10 calls about the same time last week, said Lt. Greg Wilsey. He said a couple of Montebello officers responding to the reports last weekend looked up in the sky and saw a red light that moved "straight up and faded away." "They had absolutely no idea what it was," he said.

      City News Service 08-31-2003 02:07

      February 28, 2003 in Hollywood, California (Beachwood Canyon in foothills near the Hollywood sign)
      A female witness was suddenly awakened and immediately wide-awake at 4:13 AM. She went to the kitchen for water and observed her four cats looking out the dining room window to the S-S/W. The sky was partly cloudy and light as she looked in the direction of the cats’ interest and observed a bright white, saucer –shaped UFO across the canyon. It was at an elevation ¼ off the horizon at a distance of one mile and above the trees on the ridge. The solid-appearing object with diffuse edges was pulsating, hovering and spinning as it cast a white light on the trees and house on the ridge. The witness estimated the size of the object to be about that of a standard car or three times the size of a full moon.

      The object hovered for a minute before slowly moving to the west. The witness proceeded to the living room where more cats were looking up at it. It then moved back to the east as she attempted to telepathically communicate with its’ occupants before it rose and descended three times. It then “turned off,” no longer being visible against the dark sky. The total time of the sighting was about three minutes.

      About five minutes later, two helicopters converged to that area without floodlights. They circled the area for about three minutes, making lots of noise and then left.

      On Monday, March 3, 2003, the witness questioned people at the local market (Beachwood) about the sighting, but no one inside the store had knowledge of it. However, a man in his 40’s followed the witness to her car in the parking lot and admitted that he lived “up that way” and saw the UFO because his dogs had awakened him. When asked if he would be a witness, he laughed and declined.

      Ed. Footnote: The witness has a history as an abductee/experiencer.

      On Monday, January 6, 2003 it was approximately 5:30 AM; the early morning sky was crystal clear from strong winds earlier that evening. I left for work, as I got into the car I realized I had left my cell phone in the house, I turn to go back inside the yard when I looked up to see a large formation of what looked like stars in a crescent shape consisting of about 25 to 30 star. Inside the crescent was a large gaseous cloud, which dimmed in and out from a bright off white light to almost invisible. Just to the left of this formation were three large, very bright lights in a triangle pattern, which were fading in and out in a random pattern, around this formation were three or four smaller light similar to the ones in the crescent formation. These objects were moving as one formation in a southeast direction, and then turned due south until they were out of sight. The speed of these objects in relation to their altitude seemed similar to an airliner traveling at 30.000 feet, approximately 380 to 400 MPH. The duration of the sighting was about eight to ten minutes. I have to this date never seen conventional aircraft fly in this type of close formation and numbers with the unusual light pattern. The large gases cloud seems to be the nucleolus of the entire formation.

      On September 5, 2002 @ 1:35 AM in Tarzana, Ca. I was leaving an office in an industrial park in Tarzana California on Wednesday night / Thursday morning. As I walked to my car about 10 feet away I noticed something moving out of the corner of my left eye. As I looked up at the object I wasn't sure right away what it was. It was a large smoky grey object that almost looked like an arrow head. The entire object was a wavy fuzzy texture. It was several shades of grey, and had no lights that I could see. No part of it was glowing. But I had a very clear view of it against the night sky and a few scattered clouds. It was probably about a mile or two away, but looked like it was as big or bigger than a jumbo jet, and wasn't very high in the air. At this time I was facing east, and the object was traveling from north to south at a relatively slow speed when it suddenly banked east and quickly disappeared from my sight as trees and the low building in front of me blocked my view. I jumped up on my car to get a better look but it was gone fast. I sped off down to a dark section of Oxnard street where I thought I might catch another look but it was gone. The whole time I had sight of the object was about 10 seconds!

      On July 23, 2002 @ 10:21 PM in Silverlake, Ca. Walked out onto my patio and saw a string of lights, ran inside my house, grabbed my camcorder, recorded this spectacle for a few seconds. There were about 20 lights flashing a cherry red color and all of them were flashing objects heading South East. They started off in a triangular pattern and started forming a crescent shape. Some objects were further away and not part of the configuration.

      On July 23, 2002 @ 10:15/10:20 PM in Marina del Rey, Ca. Only a few minutes prior to my neighbor’s call, I’d gone to bed in the forward v-berth of my 30’ Catalina sailboat on which I live aboard. When a friend called me by phone with alarm in his voice, I was surprised to find him reporting a UFO to me (I voiced my doubt as to his sincerity because he is a comedian who constantly uses my interest in UFO’s as material for routine comedic “assassinations” of my character). He reiterated that he was not kidding and that I should come topside immediately for a look. I popped the hatch over my head and moved upward on deck to see something that made absolutely no sense whatsoever:

      Above me nearly 90 degrees but slightly north and heading directly overhead to the south-southwest was a brightly lit array of lights which looked like they were configured to an “invisible” structure which all connected to what appeared to be a central jet aircraft. Flying at about 15 to 18 thousand feet, the atmospheric bounce seemed to illuminate the bottom of what looked like a typical jet, but that is where typical ended.

      There is always jet noise from being very close to LAX..this was the case as this object went over. There were other jets in the area. What sound I might have attributed to this object would not be accurate based on our proximity to Los Angeles airport.

      To the right and left side of this central craft was a “formation” of what looked like rotating red navigational beacons. To the right were a series of three outboard beacons, the first one being the only one that was not rotating, constant, and red. Each beacon was equally spaced on either side of this craft. The distance from each beacon to one another was at least three full wingspans of the “central” craft’s main wingspan. That wingspan was approximately my thumbnail width at arm’s length. Relative to the central craft, none of these rotating red lights moved independently of one another as if to be fixed to some “superstructure” and connected somehow to the central craft.

      To the left of this craft and starting outboard at the same distance as the right side were approximately six of these beacons making the left “wing” appear much longer. At the farthest outboard “end” of the left side formation was a smaller white light trailing behind it’s respective leader as if it were being dragged by this leading edge beacon. This gave the impression that this “wing” was squared off at the left end. The distance from these two lights that formed this termination was about four fuselage lengths of the central craft. There did not appear to be any visible structure to the larger wing formed by these outer beacons, though, there was absolutely no variation in spacing visible which might have been caused by independent buffeting from wind turbulence or speed differences. These beacons and lights seemed “fixed” to a rigid but invisible framework.

      Each red rotating beacon seemed larger than what it should have appeared to have been for it’s distance and did not seem to be “attached” to the bottom of anything like individual fighter aircraft or the like. They looked like they were just oversized flying red beacons, clear and bright. I don’t remember anything significant about what should have been “normal” sized navigational lighting on the central craft.

      If there was a "superstructure" to this formation, the sweep angle of the main wing from the central craft's leading edge was the source for any "attachment". This formation's angle might have been pitched slightly forward of the angle of the central craft wing's leading edge.

      The reasoning for such a configuration made no sense. Any superstructure necessary to keep such a formation fully fixed in place as it appeared, would have been ripped apart by air turbulence from the speed this craft traveled at. On the other hand, if there was a much larger main craft partially "cloaked", then this would explain such an odd sighting.

      The duration of our sighting was approximately a minute and a half until this “configuration” of lights and craft moved out of sight to our south/ southwest. That path would have taken it directly across the western end of the LAX active runways.

      We watched these lights from our different positions in the marina about 30 yards from each other. My two friends were watching through binoculars.

      On July 23, 2002 @ 10:15 PM in Hawthorne, Ca. I was in the City of Hawthorne with two friends and we were outside talking. Some red lights approaching from the north (going south) caught our attention. We saw a very huge boomerang or V shaped object, with a bright white light at the "nose", and red blinking lights around its perimeter (maybe four or five on either side of the white light). I thought it was an airplane at first. We were all pretty impressed with its massive size and we kept the object in sight. It traveled north to south, appearing to follow the coastline, and we kept sight of it until it was too far away to see in the southern horizon. It was totally silent and seemed to glide slowly across the sky. I am totally shocked it did not make the news - it flew right over the LAX flight path.

      [5 additional So. Cal. Sightings and 1 ea. from Sequoia Natl. Park and Exeter, Ca. of apparently the same object were reported to NUFORC during the same timeframe. See Filer’s Files and NUFORC websites. (Ed.)]

      On July 13, 2002 @ 9:45 PM in Valley Village, Ca. We are in the flight path for Burbank and often see planes landing lights in the distance or hear them overhead, this was different. Through the trees I could see a boomerang shaped object that had white lights all along the bottom of the wing, this did not look like any plane I had ever seen from the airport. It traveled from east to west when I ran outside I could no longer see it due to the trees. I watched for a while to see if it would reappear but I couldn't see it.

      On July 13, 2002 @ 3:00 PM in Hollywood, Ca. At the time, I was inside my house...I heard a helicopter flying about...I stepped outside to see it and I saw it flying around the UFO. So I ran inside and got my camera and began to tape. At first I thought it might be a silver balloon. But once it hovered to the east emitting white lights I knew it had to be foreign. So I videotaped the whole event of the helicopter flying around it as it hovered slowly to the east and disappeared behind trees. The Object at all times seemed to be changing, looked like a silver saucer shaped ball that kept changing form and has several white lights on the bottom. Amazingly, I remained calm throughout the event and was able to get very good footage of this UFO. I am happy to say the tape speaks for itself.

      On June 14, 2002 @ 9:20 PM in North Stockton/Lodi, Ca. I am looking for this same type of MUFON site in Calif. but for San Joaquin County. Myself and another person had a really cool sighting. There were 3 crafts in all, at the same time. Playing games, no threats... Kind of putting on a show. Rather intense. Have you had any reports of this recently? Please let me know, as I have been having sightings since 1963 when I was 4 yrs old. I am now 44, and have sightings approximately every year, for the last few years.

      On February 4, 2002 @ 7:15 PM at Dana Point, Ca. I was walking my dog and looking at the stars because there was no moon and the sky was clear. I observed a round object moving at extreme speed making no sound and having no running lights. It was about the size of an M&M, but I could not tell how high up it was. It traversed a 45 degree arc of the sky in approximately 4 seconds. It was slightly glowing a reddish rust color which might have been heat from the high speed. I don’t know if military aircraft could go this fast and not make any sound, or if they are allowed to travel without lights. I am reporting this in case anyone else saw it. It appeared to be traveling along the coastline of southern California from south to north heading towards the Los Angeles area.

      On December 4, 2001 @ 12:20 AM in Agoura Hills, Ca. I was sitting at my computer on the second story of my house in Agoura Hills, Ca. Suddenly, I saw a good size fireball streak above my house and jetted south to north right over the 101 Freeway between Chesebro, and Kanan Rd. and disappear behind the mountains. It was quite dramatic. I was wondering if anyone else has reported this? My reaction after seeing it was just Whoaaa! It happened very fast.

      On November 16, 2001 @ 6:00 PM in the City of Los Angeles, Ca., a male witness and a second witness on a short walk on a clear night observed a wobbling dark object with strange light patterns. The objects blinking white, blue and green (no red) lights faded in and out and flashed. The witness is very familiar with most aircraft and his first thought was that it was a distant blimp to the north, but soon realized that the object was much smaller and closer. The object hovered for a minute or two, changed direction to the west from the east, and flew away at the speed of a helicopter. The silent black football-shaped object appeared to be at a distance of ½ mile at 500 yards altitude.

      October 9, 2001 @ 1:40 PM in the City of Corona, California, the same male witness while unloading a truck observed a slow-moving disk for 30 minutes. The white disk made no sound as it passed from east to west at a distance and altitude of 2-3 miles. The disk appeared to be twice the size of a star and traveled slowly at 50-100 mph, hovered, changed direction and was ultimately lost in the bright sun. The sighting was observed by 5 other witnesses.

      October 7, 2001, in the evening, a male witness sitting in his backyard in Bell, California observed 15-20 round shiny-white objects for about 20 seconds. The objects were at first to the north in a clear sky at a distance and altitude of 2-3 miles. They then moved to an overhead hovering position and slowly began to ascend. The witness alerted 40-50 other witnesses as the glowing objects went straight up and disappeared. The objects were 2-3 times the size and brightness of a star and made no noise.

      On app. August 15, 2001 [Report filed February 7, 2002] I visited Long Beach along with a friend, with the intention of progressing with some flight training out of KLGB. The last flight of my 2 week "Flying vacation" was a round trip from Long Beach to French Valley Airport, returning along the coast.

      Whilst cruising in a Cessna 172 at 8,500ft over the "San Mateo" wilderness area. (I seem to remember we were picking our way around the outskirts of Restricted area R-2503B, which covers the Wilderness area and part of the USMC area below) My friend and I both noticed a silver object with a single white light, which appeared stationary in the distance - Straight ahead, possibly 5 miles. Although it didn’t appear to be huge from that distance, it was evident that it was a very large metallic object.

      In flight training we are taught that a stationary object is likely to be "Conflicting Traffic" i.e.: It's another aircraft heading straight for you on a reciprocal heading.

      The object grew slightly larger in size - A worry at the time as we were convinced it was another aircraft (If it was an aircraft heading for us, this would indicate it was gaining on our position) We thought it might be a departing Jet from John Wayne airport....Possibly a helicopter on a reciprocal heading.

      At the time we were receiving Radar Advisory information from SOCAL radar - Who would always warn of any conflicting traffic ahead. They didn't contact us at any time to warn of the object ahead. The object ahead remained stationary for possibly 3 to 4 minutes...Just as I was about to contact the radar station asking what it was that was stationary in front of us - The object disappeared totally. It then re-appeared a minute or so later in the same place. Before vanishing totally.

      I did managed to video the object on video tape for 10-15 seconds. I have no idea what the object was, nothing hovers for 5 minutes at near 9000ft in that busy airspace. The video tape reveals nothing more that a bright stationary metallic object - I did zoom in to it, although it shows now more detail.

      April 24, 2001, @ 10:45 p.m. A former Marine A-4 pilot observed a flight of 6 whitish-glowing objects in tight formation approach from the west over the Pacific Ocean at high speed in an easterly trajectory. At one point, three of the objects broke from the others in a 070 heading. Rather than an expected roll off, the objects seemed to move laterally. Shortly, the other 3 joined them and they all continued out of sight.

      April 19, 2001, @ 10:45-2:00 a.m. A male living on the third floor of an apartment in the vicinity of Whitley and Franklin Streets in Hollywood, Ca. observed moving lights and helicopter activity for about 3 hours in a westerly direction. At one point, a very large dark triangular-shaped object flew silently overhead from the west (Pacific Ocean) on a northeasterly straight-line trajectory. The object had dim yellow perimeter lights.

      April 13, 2001, @ 8:00 p.m. Two 27-year-old females and a 26-year-old male were in a church parking lot in Pasadena, Ca. and observed a huge triangular-shaped object. It flew directly overhead at over 500 feet, above sirus clouds, silently in a straight-line southerly direction. The object was black with 5-7 steady yellow perimeter lights on the bottom. It wasn’t flying very fast and seemed to be gliding. The duration of the sighting was 1-5 minutes.

      January 2001, @ 8:00 a.m. A 38-year-old male and his 5-year-old son observed 3 spherical reflective objects in a partly cloudy sky over San Dimas, Ca. for 11-30 minutes. The objects were first observed at a distance of 1 mile to the northwest, hovering and changing direction and altitudes from as low as 500 feet. The objects were the size of an aspirin at arms length. The surface color was described as white, blue to white, gray or lead silver. The objects were videotaped with a camcorder.

      December 12, 2000 @ 4:00 p.m. A Male student pilot was sitting on the balcony of his residence in Lakewood, Ca. observing air traffic to the north in a perfectly clear sky. He observed a large cylinder-shaped object at a very high altitude moving to the south. His first assumption was that it was an airliner since it was traveling at a speed consistent with an airliner. He observed the object for about 3 or 4 minutes during which he noticed that it was solid and had no contrail. A split second before the object disappeared, something protruded from the leading end of the cylinder, if not the center then the right side of the leading end. The protrusion appeared to be long and thin, not unlike an antenna of some sort. The protrusion immediately bent sharply about 120 degrees away from the direction of travel, and then in a split second the cylinder appeared to “fold in upon itself”.

      October 30, 2000 @ 5:46 p.m. A female witness while driving west on the 134 Freeway just past Eagle Rock with the sky almost dark, observed a blinking (not strobing) white light in front of a cloud above the southern end of the Hollywood Hills. The light operated in a period of about 1 second and a duty cycle of about 50%. It behaved somewhat like the red lights of a radio tower, but it was white and had a magnitude twice as bright as Venus or -2. It was 8-10 degrees over the horizon (less than one fist). About 10 or so seconds after she noticed it, it went into a cloud going away from her, becoming in 3 or 4 seconds fainter. Usually you associate aircraft anti-collision lights to be on the front of the aircraft, but this was going away.

      October 14, 2000 @ 10:13 p.m. A male witness was leaving a friends home in West L.A. and looked up in time to observe a small bright light zoom overhead at an incredible speed with no sound. His first thought was that it was “a shooting star”, but it didn’t burn out. At that point, he pointed it out to his male friend. They observed the object heading southwest in the direction of L.A. International Airport before it abruptly made a 90-degree turn to the southeast and vanished.

      On March 29, 1999 at 4:00 AM a La Verne, Ca. male witness was awakened to what seemingly was an earthquake only to find that it was coming from overhead. He looked out the window and observed a bright-orange sphere in the sky in the East. The object then moved rapidly Westward and began to hover. At this point he awakened his brother as it started to move Westward again. He pointed a flashlight at the object and it hovered again. He then awakened the rest of the family as the object began moving to the South only to stop and drop small glowing objects that flew in different directions out of sight. Shortly thereafter the object vanished. The witness scanned the sky with binoculars where the object vanished and discovered a large gray cube-shaped object traveling Southwest until it disappeared near the horizon about 5:00 AM.

      On March 15, 1999 at 9:20 AM a circular solid black object with no details“smoothly sailed” from East to West as observed from a duplex in Pasadena, Ca. It appeared to be about 100 feet away and traveling about 30 MPH. An inquiry was made by the witness to JPL, FBI, Pasadena Star News, Pasadena Star News and MUFON-LA. No explanation was found.

      On October 2, 1998 at 5:20 AM a college instructor was on his exercise walk in Los Angeles and observed an object for about 40 seconds in the West moving North to South. It was yellow-white and sparks came from the rear. At first he thought it was a fireball, then an aircraft. It sparked and then slowly disappeared only to repeat the pattern again.

      On January 21, 1998 the same L.A. Police Officer See December 20, 1997 reported that his friend living in Highland Park, about ¼ mile from the Pasadena freeway had observed an object at treetop height at the end of his street. Directly in front of him were a mother and daughter screaming in total fright and shock. The observers first thought was that the flashing lights were emergency vehicles, but soon realized that the lights were hovering and then slowly moved out of sight behind the trees. Upon questioning the mother and daughter, it was learned that the object was directly over them and their screams apparently diverted contact. There was another witness on the street to confirm the incident. The woman and daughter refused to discuss the incident any further.

      On January 21, 1998 at 6:30 PM a large bright disk-shaped object appeared to be about 20 feet above the ground near Glassel Park/ Mt Washington area of Los Angeles. A woman and her male friend observed the object from the back deck of her home in a very hilly location. The object had bluish-green lights outlining the craft and passing through white lights, As the object began to dive the lighting changed, giving the appearance of a dome. It slowly moved behind trees and obscured from sight.

      On December 20, 1997 at 5:15 AM an L.A. Police Officer traveling to work on the 10 freeway near Montclair observed what he thought was a brush fire and a beam of light in the San Dimas hills. He immediately called 911 to report the incident, but there was no fire in the area. He then observed the “fire” change to an ice cream cone shaft of light and disappear from sight. In subsequent conversations he related encounters in his youth on a farm in Mexico.

      On November 30, 1997 a man and two other witnesses were in a hot tub at 6:45 PM in Breckinridge, Co. They simultaneously observed a triangular shaped object with 7 equidistant lights traveling in a North to South trajectory, horizontally from horizon to horizon in 10-15 seconds. The object appeared to be about 10 inches wide at arms length and made no sound.

      August 1997 @ 12:30 p.m. A lone female witness observed a burnished aluminum top hat-shaped object over the Army Reserve Building in Westwood, Ca. She was looking east from the corner of Westgate and Wilshire Blvd. The object appeared to be about ¼ mile away and about 75-80 degrees off the horizon. She tried to find someone to corroborate the sighting, but to no avail. The object had windows where the hatband would be. The witness mentally said, “I see you” and was answered, “We see you”. The sighting lasted only 5 minutes because her bus arrived and she departed.

      Two weeks after the sighting, the witness had a very profound dream about being with her sister and two nieces in a round room with windows around the perimeter. Each person had her own (Nordic) teacher with wonderful lessons. One of the lessons was that “There is no such thing as time”.

      November 26, 1996 @ 8:00 p.m. While observing celestial objects through a telescope in Arizona (no specific location reported), Four witnesses observed a V-shaped object silently flying close to the ground. There were multi-colored lights around it.

      Fall or winter of 1990 @Approx. 2-3 a.m. A male was returning home from a trip with undisclosed friends who were sleeping at the time in his car. As he entered a residential neighborhood in Bakersfield, Ca., he observed a very strange object hovering over houses and shining a light down on roofs below. The object appeared to be big and bulky, resembling big planks stacked at odd angles with red, white and blue lights. The witness reported that the object was about the size of his hand at arms length and at an altitude of 1000 feet. The sighting lasted only 4-5 seconds and then it just disappeared.

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