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  • Bre
    Hi All, More experiences. Love & Blessings, Brenda.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2004
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      Hi All,
      More experiences.
      Love & Blessings, Brenda.


      >......, I have had these beings monitoring me all of
      >my life, I know them so well that the last time I
      >recalled seeing them, they held like a graduation
      >ceremony for me,what I was graduating, I dont have any
      >idea. They all danced around me in a circle, they in
      >turn would come up and look me straight in the eyes
      >just a few inches from my face, and act very
      >funny.Meanwhile the main one whos name is Doc.was
      >putting a very thin metal looking rod into my side,
      >between my ribs, and at some point he asked me if I
      >could feel ant thing and I told him , that I could
      >feel something it but it was if it was not my pain.He
      >then said good everything is comming along just
      >fine.Crystal, I dont pretend to know anything more
      >than that, but I am curious about your encounter, when
      >was this?Are they back? If so they will be checking up
      >on all of us.I am not afraid, and I know that they
      >will not harm me.For me the Doc. is like an old family
      >Doctor,nobody really likes going to the Doctor, but if
      >you are well and all is going fine, it will all be
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