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My Real Life "X-File"

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  • DRxDON
    ... Subject: [SO] First Visitation Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 11:32:14 -0500 From: DRxDON To: skywatch_discussion@yahoogroups.com CC:
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      Subject: [SO] First Visitation
      Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 11:32:14 -0500
      From: DRxDON <drxdon@c...>
      To: skywatch_discussion@yahoogroups.com
      CC: skyopen@yahoogroups.com

      From Bucks County, PA.

      Hello list members,

      I would like to tell you of my first(possibly second) *conscious*
      visitation. It was certainly my first "close encounter".

      I have been quite busy lately keeping up with my internet
      communications on a few lists, especially Dr.Michael Salla's
      "Prepare4Contact" list. I have also been very physically, mentally
      and spiritually exhausted. I had a strange feeling yesterday that
      my "protection" was down from lack of sleep and fatigue. I was
      lying in my bed watching TV, when all of a sudden my cat, who was
      lying next to me on my bed, jumped up to the window at FULL ALERT!
      The window is at ground level and I thought there must be some
      animal like a skunk, opossum, coyote, etc., that he was staring
      right in the eye. So I grabbed my flashlight and ran outside to
      the window and didn't see anything at all in the area. However,
      I noticed that all of the dogs in the neighborhood were barking
      and howling their heads off.

      As I was about to go into the house, I noticed this tiny VERY bright
      "laser like" very pure yellow-orange globe, about the size of a golf
      ball hovering in a tree about 15 feet up and about 40 feet in front
      of me. I first moved my head and body around to see if was a very
      bright star behind the tree, but it was indeed stationary in the tree.
      I then approached it in slow but forceful walking steps. It then
      backed off and mimicked my movements EXACTLY! I would run a bit and
      stop, dodge left and then right; it would do the same in EXACT timing
      with me. I want to make it clear that it was not "following" my
      movments but *duplicating* them EXACTLY on time, as if it were reading
      my thoughts or nervous system impulses. It seemed like it didn't want
      me to get close to it, especially look at it from the side. It seemed
      like it was keeping me "in view" and "facing me" and I had the sense
      that it was not really an "object" at all but actually a movable "hole
      in space"!

      I have become quite "fearless", I guess you could say, when dealing
      with these things. Even though I have never had a close encounter
      before, I learned through reading material and from my own intuition,
      that these things are very "timid" when approached with a determined
      and forceful attitude. I then noticed a very large, say 40 to 50
      feet, by 15 to 20 feet oval "blob" of very bright white light sitting
      on the distant hill about a quarter of mile away in a farmer's field.
      I can't be *absolutely* sure that this was a "craft" or an anomaly,
      as I had seen the side of the barn brightly lit before, which sits
      near where I saw the phenomenon. However, this seemed much longer
      than the lit barn and brighter, as well as further away from where the
      barn is.

      I then shouted "HA!" out loud at the "object" and ran back into my
      house to get some witnesses, which I really doubted would believe me
      or that the thing would even be there again. I should have gotten
      my camera or my Trifield Meter to take electromagnetic readings, but
      all I could think of was witnesses. I am currently living at my
      parents' home, helping my mom take care of my more elderly father
      who had a stroke a few years ago. My dad is fairly well recovered
      from the stroke, except his mobility and memory is shot; otherwise,
      he's a rational person, actually more so than my mom. He was willing
      to come look but my mom was just thinking I'm crazy. Of course, when
      we went back out, the visitor was gone, and so too it's "Big Brother"
      on the distant hill.

      I do NOT believe that THIS particular visitor was "friendly". I
      didn't pick up any "vibes", one way or the other. I am just basing
      this assumption upon the reaction of the animals and the fact that it
      "sneaked up" on me when I was in a "weakened" and "vulnerable" state
      of being. It is usually in times of "spiritual/physical" *depletion*
      that *negative* entities make their "stealthful" approach.

      We had another "visitor" throughout the night; a rather small and
      inconspicuous military helicopter which kept a low profile, fairly
      silent, 15 minute vigil orbital pass just a bit back over the
      neighborhood. I flashed a laser pointer at it several times to make
      them sure that they knew that *I* knew they were there. This overpass
      went on for the entire night, from just after the time of the sighting
      at around 8:00PM till almost dawn. I wasn't going to sleep THAT
      All is well now.

      Don Horvath



      I did an angle of incidence check with a yardstick and my laser
      pointer to determine where my cat first saw the light or "probe".
      He couldn't have possibly seen it where I saw it first in the
      trees about 30' from my window, as there is a wooden well into
      which my window is sunken.

      I was later told by Bill Hamilton, who learned from some UFOlogists
      who have been investigating these sort of things, that the "light"
      was probably what they are calling a "mini-stargate". Who knows what
      may have happened if my cat hadn't alerted me. The "stargate" thing
      might have opened up wide right through my wall and "snatched" me!!!
      This "stargate" hypothesis can explain why some abductees report a
      "light" opening up in their room or through their wall and beings
      coming through the light and taking them.

      Also, I don't know why I didn't mention this in my original
      report, but about an hour or so after the sighting, my cat
      jumped to alert again in the same "frozen" manner. I quickly
      ran out to my window with my flashlight and something small
      (2 1/2 - 3 feet tall) but VERY strong shook the hue bush there
      and darted out in a blur and disappeared! I believe that this
      "critter" may have been right outside my window watching me, and
      this was what the cat was looking at!!!

      It was nearly a full moon but I didn't see anything and just
      assumed that it was an animal!!!! But the more I think about it,
      the stranger this seems. First, that an animal would visit a place
      so quickly after a paranormal event. Also, that I saw a "blur"
      *disappear* in moonlight and "just assumed" that it was an animal!
      I also find it odd that I didn't even mention it in my original
      report, and not even to Bill Hamilton when I talked to him the
      following day. There was no missing time, though.

      I just discovered another anomaly connected with my encounter.
      ALL of the clocks in the house have been advanced by three minutes!
      I noticed this when watching television a few nights ago. I rarely
      watch TV and therefore don't pay that much attention to when a show
      begins. The other night, though, I noticed that the news started
      three minutes later than it was supposed to, according to my old
      mechanical clock in my bedroom. I later checked other clocks in
      the house; they were ALL three minutes fast. There was my digital
      computer clock, anther mechanical clock in the kitchen and two more
      digital clocks in the house. My mom sets the two digital ones about
      five minutes fast, but now they were eight minutes fast.

      I din't go into detail about the helicopter "visit". About ten
      minutes after the shadowy critter darted off and played that "Jedi
      mind trick" on me that it was "just an animal", I heard a helicopter
      pass overhead at VERY low altitude. I ran outside and saw the
      Blackhawk helicopter make a strafing pass again at about 200 feet
      EXACTLY over my backyard right behind my house! It must have seen me
      because it then rose to an altitude of about 1000 feet and moved off
      to about an eighth of a mile back from my house over the neighborhood.
      I know my aircraft as an aviation buff and as a 'UFOlogist' myself.
      There is a Naval air base about four miles from my house and I go to
      the air show there every year.

      I have NO idea how it knew that there was an "event" right outside my
      house. Either "they" are able to detect and pin-point space-time
      anomalies OR they are monitoring my email, since I sent a private
      email off to Bill Hamilton as soon as the first part of my experience
      occurred. He didn't open his email till the next day so I'm uncertain
      it was his mail that was monitored, unless they monitor mail sent to
      his address right from the server. This sounds like a likely possibility,
      being that he is an active UFOlogist.

      What If --------------------------?
      What If --------------------------?
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