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Return from Hawaii & ET/Dolphin Connection

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  • Bre
    Hi All, These thoughts from Michael bear out Everything that I ve learned so far. A magnificent resource at Our very fingertips [so to speak] in learning
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2004
      Hi All,
      These thoughts from Michael bear out Everything that I've learned so far.  A magnificent resource
      at Our very fingertips [so to speak] in learning about what a Higher Intelligence actually is.
      Love & Blessings, Brenda.

      Dr Michael Salla wrote:
      Aloha everyone, I've just returned from my Hawaii trip which was a
      tremendous experience. I must say that swimming with the dolphins
      went far beyond my expectations. Their intelligence, gentleness and
      love were things that stood out from normal everyday life
      experiences. The love they generated was extraordinary and on many
      occasions I was simply 'blissed out'. It was like being in the
      presence of a master spiritual teacher who radiated love, wisdom and
      gentleness, and simply being in a receptive state to absorb such
      sublime energy. Aside from the emotional dimension which fortunately
      I could pick up with my own emotional radar, they are very
      telepathic. My own telepathic abilities are to say the least, quite
      rudimentary, but I was able to confirm the telepathic nature of the
      dolphins through an incident that happened on my last day which I'd
      like to share.

      It involved a mother and adolescent dolphin who a friend and I were
      swimming with for nearly an hour. The mother was generating the kind
      of blissful loving energy that I commented on earlier. The
      adolescent was frolicking around with dives and rolls, and then
      began to do some leaps out of the water. Well I had seen some of the
      adult dolphins jumping and I began thinking to myself that the
      adolescent couldn't jump that high. I reasoned to myself that since
      it was a young dolphin, that perhaps it needed to grow a little more
      to get the kind of strength to jump as high as the adult. So anyway,
      I was thinking these thoughts and then the adolescent dolphin began
      doing some spectacular leaps out of the water right in front of me. I
      was really amazed and was applauding him/her in my mind thinking,
      wow, that's really impressive. Well then the adolescent did
      something very unexpected, it leaped out of the water over my head.
      I was thinking, oh no it's going to land on top of me, and prepared
      myself for 'contact'. Fortunately, it leaped right over me and
      landed in the water without touching me. I was really amazed and my
      friend saw it as well and said how special it was for that to
      happen. My conclusion was that the adolescent had indeed read my
      mind and was wanting to play with me and also teach me a lesson.
      There were other incidents were the dolphins did things that were
      really impressive and suggested telepathic abilities. My overall
      impression from the dolphin swims is that one comes away with a
      profound sense of love and appreciation for these magnificent
      creatures who have this amazing ability to communicate.

      This takes me to the relevance of dolphins for ET contact. My
      experience has shown me that they really are a wonderful way for
      preparing for ET contact. They are non-human mammals that have the
      kind of intelligence and telepathic abilities that resemble what we
      know of ETs. In fact, many insist that dolphins are inter dimensional
      space travelers and can shift realities very easily. Many of the
      regular dolphin swimmers had amazing stories of seeing dolphins
      enter advanced states of consciousness, going into underground ET
      bases, and even entering into ET ships. This is something I couldn't
      confirm myself, but my experiences were consistent with such a
      belief. In sum, it wouldn't be far off the mark to describe dolphins
      as being the functional equivalents of `extraterrestrials'for the
      rest of humanity. This may be one of the purposes, as some suggest,
      of dolphins. To provide a physical manifestation of higher
      dimensional beings (ETs) who mostly reside in a higher dimensional

      I highly recommend exploring the dolphin connection and its
      relevance to ET contact by visiting web sites that offer information
      and resources about dolphins and ETs.  A great place to start is
      with Joan Ocean who is really an expert in this area (see
      www.joanocean.com) and from there you can find other resources for
      discovering more about dolphins. As for myself, I've decided to also
      work  in this area by collaborating in a seminar program involving
      dolphins and ETs which I'll soon post a notice to the group about.
      In the meantime, you can take a peek at what I've put together by
      visiting my exopolitics web site and clicking the `Galactic' Peace
      Ambassador" link www.exopolitics.org

      Well, in conclusion, I'm personally refreshed from my Hawaiian trip
      and feel inspired to explore this dolphin/ET connection as a way to
      help prepare for ET contact.

      In peace

      Michael S.

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