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Filmmaker asserts new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dear Group, A new truthful documentary is soon to be released to the public concerning what in fact really caused the infamous 1996 TWA Flight 800 explosion,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2013
      Dear Group,
      A new truthful documentary is soon to be released to the public concerning what
      in fact really caused the infamous 1996 TWA Flight 800 explosion, and it
      correctly affirm that the explosion was not caused by either foreign terrorists
      or a gas electrical rupture in the plane’s fuel tank. Exactly who cause
      it?  It was done by you guess it...
      secreted members of the New World Order Crowd which are also loosely or
      directly adjuncts of the vile villainous Synagogue of Satan! Their primary aim,
      to institute Marshal Law in the USA, and the downing of this jet plane was but
      one of the many dastardly acts which they are guilty of at least since 1980
      including 9/11, and numerous failed assassination attempts on or against
      President Barack H. Obama’s life - which up to this point are all being thwarted and  defused by
      angelic forces including service-to-others ETs.
      Filmmaker asserts
      new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800
      http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/19/us/twa-crash-claim%c2%a0 (two videos)
      TWA 800
      written Aug 15, 1996.


      Unlike the usual terrorists, who
      quickly claim responsibility and vie for the spotlight, the New World Order
      crowd does not want to be known for the havoc they wreak. Where it is
      suspected that they had a hand in the Oklahoma City bombing, and that
      overreaction at Waco and other such standoffs are an excuse to increase the use
      of strong arm tactics, few know that the Unibomber was also an arm of the New
      World Order crowd who used and even focused his fanaticism to their ends. This
      crowd wants martial law imposed, as soon as possible, and scientific research
      and literacy and the free flow of information stopped also as these things
      threatens their sense of control over mankind. The New World Order crowd does
      not carry cards, or attend regular meetings, or even necessarily know about one
      another. They bond because of a mutual mind set, a common cause, and their
      efforts blend and assist one another without their even knowing of one another.
      Thus, those in the FBI who knew of
      the Unibomber and looked the other way for decades were not involved in the
      Oklahoma City bombing, and those in the military who set and unleashed the bomb
      that tore a building and many lives apart in Oklahoma are not aware of their
      comrades who shot down the TWA plane into the ocean off the New York harbor.
      This group is neither the FBI or the US Military, but is nonetheless as deadly
      and impervious. Just as the black helicopters that plague contactees and
      UFOlogists are not under military control, many weapons are in the hands of
      terrorists of many persuasions. The plane was exploded in an instant with a
      high powered ballistic, so fast and soundless that none on the plane were aware
      of its approach. When and if the black box from the plane is recovered, it will
      give no clues, as the pilots were clueless until the explosion, which came from outside the plane and outside of their view.
      Unlike the Unibomber, who lasted
      for decades though known to the FBI, this group will come to swift justice. The
      justice meted out in non-public trials will be swift and brutal. The secret
      government, known as MJ12, can be brutal as many contactees know. This
      brutality is no longer aimed toward those who are enthusiastic about the alien
      presence, as in fact this mistreatment of contactees has come to a complete
      stop. Per our agreement with MJ12 they have access to space ship travel and the
      cloaking from view that goes with this. They also have access to our unlimited
      ability to probe men's minds, should they ask for our assistance in this
      matter. The mechanism used by MJ12, the military intelligence units, have not
      lost their skill or nerve, and it is this the perpetrators of the TWA
      explosion had to face and could not escape. They received not merely death, but
      a tortured death, and this was known to their cohorts, who will had to watch,
      so as to suppress this type of activity in the future. All rights reserved: ZetaTalk@...   http://www.zetatalk.com/transfor/t48.htm
      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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