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Fw: Farrakhan: 'The time for Satan to rule is over'

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  • nathaniel x vance
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      Subject: Farrakhan: 'The time for Satan to rule is over'
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      Historic 52-week lecture series premieres to a worldwide audience
      (FinalCall.com) -The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a sobering message about the time and why Black America, White America and entire country is facing a critical crossroad that will determine the future. His new weekly lecture series opened with a warning and guidance.

      The Minister delivered the first message of his highly anticipated 52-week lecture series titled: "The Time and What Must Be Done," from the historic Final Call Administration Building located on Chicago's Southside.
      In the hour-long message, the Minister said everyone living is now "in the valley of decision" and are being separated into groups of those who desire to abide by the will of God, and those who desire to continue to operate under the rule of Satan. -Read the full article  
      View part 1 of "The Time and What Must Be Done" in its entirety @ http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001tHGhDEtZ-IOt1Idf5RZyrvdVdqGw93oZ_Ntd-zU3EcPhf3Eb0c_-V5aQ0DVnbwuKDMx-W8k3IhxrZffs2NqSENJsTxeendPHU_8lL_D0sCnK0ERI5SN8X_zIr0TR2Qy9RehargckayKtIKVYO7_Zk5vj1hgDDEgPJOhHii28JK_8pZOsfSTF5sdctZjCbGXkp5DMxwSvWE_CEy_4LvSgNQqRN4V1HdFDUEC0AYgUWLDTEY8DqloGXnkgQRnMoi3o_N5C06UNW0KAav7WABJm-wTUkwappebnDjf0VFxjZPDhb5ZkuB3-ucjZRbGkOy6DI6Gu56yjwrZSsKmIeEaoK3aWOX-yj8Ax.  Minister Farrakhan's message is also available on MP3, CD/DVD at Store.FinalCall.com . Your orders and support directly make the operations of FinalCall.com News possible!


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