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Fair Election Divinely Guaranteed! Yes! Vote Obama Again Wins 2012!

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dear Group, If you have any disquieting doubts as to who will win the presidential 2012 election, or if you suspect that foul play by the crafty republicans
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2012
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      Dear Group,
      If you have any disquieting doubts as to who will win the presidential 2012 election, or if you suspect that foul play by the crafty republicans will win the day, then maybe this recent ZetaTalk excerpt should serve to allay any or all of your sensible trepidations and doubts!
      To be sure in the absolute, your VOTE will be divinely protected (as it was in 2006/2008), totally fair (the outcome) , and guaranteed to be counted, despite the miscreant republican chicanery and debauchery!
      Do you remember how in christian Bible the so-call Egyptian Pharaoh converted to truth at the last minute r second during Moses ‘s (M-USA) time??

      ----------------------------------------------My question is not intended to be political, but rather is about the likelihood of fraud in the coming Presidential Election. It seems that despite Romney taking many extreme positions on social issues, and lagging behind in the polls, he has not moved from those extreme positions. Mr. Romney has added many of the same advisors from the Bush Administration, under which vote fraud occurred in 2004. Is Romney's campaign relying solely on vote fraud again, as a vehicle for victory?
      Given the well documented history of Republican attempt to manipulate the Presidential election, how will the 2012 election fare? During the 2000 election, it was abundantly clear that massive numbers of votes for Gore were dumped. Jed Bush was the Governor of Florida, and had promised the state to his brother. And when the State Supreme Court ruled that a recount should occur, the Republican leaning US Supreme Court stepped in to stop the recount. Gore lost the Presidency by a count of some 537 votes, though had won the popular vote by 300,000. By 2004 the Republicans won due to manipulation of the totals by the Diebold voting machines. Since recounts were impossible without paper trails, the election of Bush once again stood.

      The enraged Puppet Master, who wanted Bush out of office for any number of reasons, stepped into the fray in 2006,with the assistance of ourselves and Nancy interpreting our words, to ensure that the will of the people prevailed. This procedure, so very successful, was repeated in 2006 and 2008, else the popular Obama would never have won, and in 2010. We predicted in July that Obama would win in 2012, and this prediction still stands, despite Republicans in state government positions attempting to suppress votes and the hiring of firms that destroy voter registration forms. Voter suppression has been countered by injunctions from federal judges, in the main, and the criminal destruction of registration forms likewise countered with exposure and arrests.

      But by appearances, Romney is getting the popular vote, so why would he not win? The polls are not accurate, heavily skewed by Rasmussenand other deliberately right leaning polling firms. This is deliberate so that if the Republicans manage to manipulate the vote counts the public will not be surprised. Remove these errant counts from the polling averages and you see the true leaning of the public. Despite these attempts, the electoral map, based on polling averages, shows that Obama will win handily and the odds makers have never said otherwise. Any plans to manipulate the outcome is known by us, and we and Nancy are working with the Puppet Master to ensure a valid election. <

      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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