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Destructive Mistaken Beliefs Can Lead To Greater Universal Control Intervention

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    (Note: A contemporary adage... This Can t Be Happening ...Dex) Iran warns world of coming great event Says evil hegemony soon will be defeated by power of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2012
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      (Note: A contemporary adage..."This Can't Be Happening"...Dex)

      Iran warns world of coming great event
      Says 'evil hegemony' soon will be defeated by power of Allah
      Sources within Vali�eh Amr, the revolutionary forces in charge of the supreme leader�s protection, also recently revealed an assassination attempt on Khamenei that was thwarted just in time.
      SepahOnline reports that last year during Khamenei�s visit to the port of Asalouyeh in southern Iran, Revolutionary Guards found pistols and hand grenades hidden by one individual dressed as a janitor in a barracks that Khamenei was set to attend. The supreme leader was then returned to Tehran immediately.
      Other sources within the Guards report that following Barack Obama�s letter to the Iranian leader last month requesting negotiations, Khamenei ordered Iranian officials to speak positively about holding nuclear talks and giving hope to Obama and other Western leaders that a negotiated solution is possible.
      This was apparent after a trip of U.N. nuclear inspectors to Iran this week, who called the talks positive.
      At the same time, his directive to the Guards ordered a speedy completion of the Iranian nuclear bomb program in which Guards� missiles can be armed with nuclear warheads. Khamenei believes once that�s achieved, Iran can test a nuclear bomb, letting the world know that Iran has joined the nuclear-armed club and that any confrontation will result in destruction of much of the Western world.
      The Revolutionary Guards not only can hit all U.S. bases in the Middle East with their ballistic missiles but also reach most capital cities in Western Europe. The Guards, with the help of China and North Korea, are working on intercontinental ballistic missiles. But more dangerous to America, as reported last July, is the Guards action in arming their vessels with long-range ballistic missiles and their expansion of their mission into the Atlantic Ocean, right into the Gulf of Mexico.
      Any Iranian military or commercial vessel easily could get right outside the U.S. coastline and in less than 60 seconds fire a ballistic missile armed with a nuclear payload and detonate it over U.S. skies in an electromagnetic attack that would plunge America back into the 18th century.
      Studies show within just one year after such an attack, two-thirds of Americans would cease to exist and the rest would live under dire conditions.
      The radicals ruling Iran not only have prepared for mass suppression of their own people as they get close to their confrontation with the West, but also have prepared to fuel unrest through their proxies in the Middle East and elsewhere.
      SepahOnline, with sources within the Guards, reports that Afghanistan will soon witness an increase in terrorist activities against U.S. forces. The Guards not only are training Taliban fighters in Iran close to the Afghan border, but are shipping armaments to forces in Afghanistan with an order to create instability by harming U.S. forces and destabilizing the Afghan government.
      Guards agents have also been ordered to do the same in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf counties.
      The Guards also announced the imminent formation of a defensive unit to deal with possible radioactive contamination. Although they did not say why, they could be preparing for a nuclear exchange with the West once Iran becomes nuclear-armed.
      WND previously has reported that the chieftains in Iran also are preparing to execute their own internal critics and opponents at the right time.
      This was similar to action taken by the founder of the Islamic regime in 1988, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
      In the book, �A Time to Betray,� the CIA spy in the revolutionary guards reveals the mindset of the Shi�ite clerics and how they aspire for the destruction of the world. They truly believe the end of time is here. As revealed last year, the Iranian secret documentary �The Coming is Upon Us� clearly indicates that the radicals ruling Iran believe the destruction of Israel will trigger the coming of last Islamic Messiah.


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