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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dear Group, Take a moment if you would and peek at this amazing UFO VIDEO which was captured hovering over in of all places the Dome of the Rock in heavily
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2012
      Dear Group,
      Take a moment if you would and peek at this amazing UFO VIDEO which was captured hovering over in of all places the Dome of the Rock in heavily fortified/militarized Jerusalem, Israel! Are you aware or cognizant of Bible Christian scripture concerning the EndTime of the warmongering wicked, when it says in plain black and white daylight that the dreaded Armageddon war would be fought in this area in the Last Days? Reports from credible sources say this last battle between GOOD and EVIL really started at least several decades ago (1914 or 1948 ??), but thus far no prediction has proven right as to when it supposed to really end, and this is the 64 million dollars question that ought to be now asked, but no one seem to have any idea as to when the War of Armageddon suppose to end.
      Was this very conspicuous flash-dash-zoom UFO over the DOME of the ROCK here trying to relay to us earthly humanity that the ENDTIME at last to THE WAR OF ARMAGEDDON was finally soon at hand ??
      <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ-bNOy_CKQ>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------FROM ZETATALK.COM [
      Feb 5, 2011]Would Zs care to comment on remarkable video that was shot in Jerusalem. It's getting a lot of attention on YouTube. There are several videos showing the same from different angles. If it isn't a sofisticated hoax, what was the message?

      This was a genuine UFO sighting, a genuine capture. What was the message when the UFO dropped rapidly over Jerusalem, then in a burst of light suddenly took off to rise above the city? Jerusalem is the site of centuries of conflict between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It represents, as no other site can, religious dogma having a grip on humanity and forcing warfare upon people. This can be seen in the press of those in control of Israel at present, who are in a land grab from the Palestinian people, whom they repress and brutalize. The message is to all those who were listening to the telepathic message. Bring light to this matter, and do not operate in the Dark Ages. The conflicts are not over the right of this or that party to practice their religion, as is so often claimed. It is over territory, to be able to have a stronger influence in the region, as Israel is an ally of those wanting to lay claim to the oil of the Middle East. The message was
      that the Universe is not fooled, nor in sympathy, with those who brutalize others. They bring the light of insight to the matter, and are not about to leave! <http://zetatalk.com/ning/05fe2011.htm> ----------------------------------------------
      Also, another powerful source to consider as legit if you would.
      Saviours' Day 2010- The Time And What Must Be Done; The Wheel <

      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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