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  • nathaniel x vance
      Dear Group, I wonder how many of us are cognizant of what the Zetas call the Sun’s three (3) Magnetic seasons? According to them, the Sun has three
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2011
      Dear Group,
      I wonder how many of us are cognizant of what the Zetas call the Sun’s three (3) Magnetic seasons? According to them, the Sun has three magnetic seasons in which each has an effect on our planet earth. The three seasons are December, April and August. To note, they say that August is the most strongest or deadliest. Just a short time ago, there was a Cropcircle which depicted this.
      Considering the Zeta’s 7 of 10 Sequence predictions, I am wondering if any of you are particularly intuitive that sometime around this coming August , that their prediction will come to fruition?
      My Guess is yes that they will!

      [Questioner] And what this crop circle means? It's different not as others.
      [Zeta Response] The clue to interpretation of this stunning crop circle is the emphasis on 3 parts which we have stated refers to the magnetic trimesters. Almost equal in duration occuring apprximately four months each during the Earth year they differ in strength. This design is relating them to the wobble and the pressure the Earth is under while attempting to lean her N Pole away from the magnetic hosing from Planet X. The trimester ending in April is the mildest. This is followed by the strongest trimester the Summer trimester ending in August during which the wobble will be most forceful. Then the force eases for the Fall trimester ending in December.

      [Questioner] The Zetas mentioned increasing illness going into the shift. Now a mutated ecoli-strain (EHEC) which is resistant to current antibiotics is making the rounds in Europe http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/uk/1600-hit-by-new-ecoli-strain-16007055.html Do the Zetas want to comment on the current outbreak?
      [Zeta Response] Germs are opportunistic and also mutate. As is known from frequent ecoli outbreaks in the US this is also related to agriculture methods. Cattle are penned and fed corn and thus their manure is concentrated and sustains ecoli growth outside of the gut. In a natural setting the ecoli in manure quickly dies as the manure is exposed to the sun and air drying and crumbling. Rain or water wash in the cow pens puts ecoli into the water system often used thereafter to irrigate or water crop such as spinach or lettuce. Then the ecoli is in the stems and leaves of the salad! During times of drought such as many parts of Europe are experiencing water for gardens is drawn from atypical sources thus ecoli within the cucumbers of Spain is not surprising. As always the extensive use of antibiotics in herd management can allow resistant germs to flourish. A return to more natural agriculture is the cure but is unlikely to be adopted until after the pole

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