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  • Dex
    (Note: Excerpts...Dex) snip Sandy Nichols: Oh yeah, and I’ll tell you something else. The skeptics and debunkers have kind of changed their tune as more
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2011
      (Note: Excerpts...Dex)


      Sandy Nichols: Oh yeah, and I�ll tell you something else. The skeptics and debunkers have kind of changed their tune as more and more white collar, professional type people began coming out and coming into this field, as well as more military people coming out too, doctors, pilots, and like for me, in the Life magazine article that was written a few years ago, they couldn�t make me out to be uneducated or to have come from a bad family because I came from a great family that was very well-known in the business world, and so this writer did a switch, and that was to make me out to be a spoiled little rich kid who was fantasizing about UFOs and aliens.

      So skeptics and debunkers are a dime a dozen and they�re going to spin a story, one way or another, if they don�t believe it. No matter what your education or background is.

      Bent Raynes: So that the people who are reading this, who may not know about your experiences, do you want to go ahead and tell them about some of the experiences that you�ve had over the years that have really puzzled you?

      Sandy Nichols: The crafts that I�ve been on, the technology is just unbelievable. Human�s are like in the Stone Age when our technologies are compared to their technologies. I�ve been taken up in what I call light elevators where you are put in a beam of light and then the next thing you know you�re in the craft. Another thing with light is that they�re walking you down a hallway and a light is illuminating where you�re at but there is no light, or it�s real, real dim light, in front of and in back of you, but where you are is brightly lit, but you keep on walking and then the next section becomes lit and the one you were just in dims down, and then this goes on and on. Then you�re taken into another room and that room is dimly lit and then when you get into the room and you�re able to look back at the doorway that you just came through the hallway, where you were, in front of the doorway, is still brightly lit while the room is still dimly lit. But the lit out in the hallway does not come into the dimly lit room. That light literally stops at the doorway and so they have a way to manipulate light.

      Now another technology that amazes me is that the UFO itself, and I don�t know if this pertains to all the UFOs, but my very first experience, which I wrote about in my book, is that when these little short, what I know now are grey aliens, came and got me, when I was 5 or 6, at my grandmother�s house over in East Nashville, floating me out of her yard literally through a wire fence into this neighborhood that had not been built up, the people had gone bankrupt or something, so the grass was high in all of the lots, and when I got to the craft itself I could almost sense that the craft was alive, in some way. Even though it looked like it was made of solid metal, like what we have.

      Now in an experience much, much later, because I went through a long period of denial that these things were occurring, but this was after 1996 that this experience happened. I was being taken down a round hallway. In fact, everything inside the craft is rounded. There wasn�t a square corner in there. I was being escorted by small greys on both sides of me. Then the next thing I know the small greys were not there and I�m not floating now, I�m actually standing on the floor in this rounded hallway, and it was not brightly lit but it wasn�t dim. And I leaned up against this curved wall, and it was not a smooth wall. It almost looked like the wall had veins or something like that, and so I leaned up against it and all of a sudden I heard, in a telepathic way, �please do not lean against me.� It startled me and I jumped forward and I turned around going, �Okay, whose talking to me?� I thought maybe it was a grey communicating with me, who was somehow invisible, but I realized that it wasn�t a grey, it was the wall itself communicating with me. I think that Katrina Wilson said (and other people have said) that they also get the feeling that the craft is alive, that part of the UFO is a living being of some sort. So I was standing there starting to have a conversation with this wall and the wall was communicating back with me and it was not some type of subliminal bull crap. It was a genuine live conversation, just like I�m having with you right now, but through mental telepathy or whatever. Then the next thing I know the two greys appeared and they came and got me and the next thing I know I�m floating down the hallway and I�m kind of ticked off because I wanted to continue having a conversation with the wall. (We both laughed at this point)


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