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  • Dex
    Very Interesting Sarah.... I have a friend who was taken aboard a ship during the night back in the early 1980 s in the Mojave desert where I use to live. His
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      Very Interesting Sarah....

      I have a friend who was taken aboard a ship during the night back in the early 1980's in the Mojave desert where I use to live. His Dad was a waterman at the time. One night after I left the desert, a week before to head up north, he had an experience with a UFO with strange blinking lights not far from his home. I want to add, a month before this happened, he told me he got a message about a contact he was going to have.

      Well, during the time we were having extraordinary experiences so I believed him, but soon forgot about it. When I got back he was anxious to share with me what happened. One night, strange blinking lights out in the desert caught his attention. He told me when he saw this thing he went outside, got in the water truck and rode out to the tower to get a better look, but still he couldn't make out what it was. He said at least he could tell it wasn't a fire. So, he climbed down the tower to pursue it further.

      He said it was beautiful. Each time he'd get closer to the mysterious blinking multi-colored lighted object it would scoot a little further out and stop. He said it felt like it was trying to lure him out there. He said finally he got close to it when all of a sudden it disappeared and the power on the truck went out. He said he got the feeling whoever they were shut him down on purpose. Well, he couldn't get the truck started. so, in the middle of the night he began trekking it back home.

      He said it took him approximately an hour to get back and as he was approaching his home he could see a large ship with 3 tripod landing gears sitting right next to his house, but before he could get up close to this UFO, it lifted up, scooted across the desert skimming atop the grease wood bushes and headed north to Marble Mtn. then shot upwards and within seconds was out in space.

      The next morning his older son named Shelly said to his dad..I have something to tell you about last night. He told his dad he was sleeping on top of the hood of one of their cars because it was too hot in the house. He said he woke up in the morning back in his bed and remembered being taken aboard a UFO during the night. Shelly said while inside this craft there was a 6ft man with long white hair and penetrating eyes who asked him questions while a 4ft glowing hair blond female stood by with a pen of light recording the conversation. He said for some reason he couldn't take his eyes off the man.
      He said the man introduced himself by telling him his name, his name had something to do with a fiery gemstone and Shelly said he couldn't pronounce it so he asked the man if he could just call him 'Gemmy'?

      The man said that would be fine.

      He said they examined him.... After waking up in the morning he looked at his chest and could see a crescent moon shape burn mark on the right side of his breast and he had a puffy right eye that disturbed him for a little while.
      Anyway, during the encounter, the man told Shelly the ship was actually two ships in one that could separate so that each half could function independently as a single ship.
      They also discussed a planet of Bigfoot's. Another story.

      During the examination, Shelly was curious about the propulsion system and asked Gemmy if the ship had any gyro's. The man replied yes we do, in the floor and asked Shelly how he did he know that? Shelly said it was only a guess. The man explained to him the craft he was in was grown like a crystal in a vat under great amounts of power and pressure. Shelly was curious why everything appeared molded together. The chair, the walls, all appeared molded with no divisions that could be seen anywhere. It all looked like one piece. It had an array of flashing and blinking multi-colored light panels. Beautiful! I was fortunate to get Shelly to draw the insides of the ship for me and he happened to have artistic drawing ability I was unaware. The drawing was impressive.
      Shelly said the little female asked him to follow her... so... they both head down a corridor to a room, entered the room and she walked up to a wall that contained 3 maps. 3 dimensional star charts. These ET's said they were from Andromeda, she pointed to a star system on one of the charts and said to him...this is where you are from. Unfortunately, he doesn't remember where it was.

      Thank you Sarah for sharing. I hope this story helps support your testimony.
      In the 80's I was one of the contactee panelists at the West Coast Mufon Conference in Sonora, Ca. and was fortunate to share this story along with a little of my contact experiences. I was reluctant to tell everything because Walter Andrus was a little paranoid of the revelations. I was fortunate to have met William Cooper at the time too. Interesting experience.

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      Dear All,
      I was drawn to this group a couple of years ago after I had a series of unexplainable experiences to do with the Arcturians. An awakening, to be specific, that happened one morning as I was getting ready for work. While applying my make-up, a voice literally said, "Sarah, you are an Arcturian." At the time, I was working in a high end fashion retail store, and paying off my student loans. Not only had I never before heard the term Arcturian, I had never even heard of the starseed phenomenon. At first, I dismissed the voice, thinking it had only been my imagination, or perhaps I had heard a tidbit of a neighbor's conversation from the apartment next door. But later that day, while I was assisting a customer, the voice came again, only more insistently. It said, "Sarah, YOU are an Arc-Too-Ree-An." (The annunciation was almost funny, such that I felt like a dumb kid being told "You live in Ca-Na-Da.") I asked the customer if she had heard anything, and when
      she said she hadn't, I immediately wrote the word "Arcturian" on a sticky note. When I got home, I Google searched the term, and was astounded by just how much the description of the Arcturian civilization matched "dreams" I had had throughout my life. This, I could say, was like my re-birth; discovering that all along, there was a reason for everything I had felt about the world.
      Right then and there, I became a seeker. I imagine my feeling was similar to the way someone feels if they discover they are adopted. All along, their adoptive family may have been enough, but the moment they discover the truth of their birth, a quest begins to discover the true family. I wanted to find the Arcturians; to meet them; to see if any others are on Earth. Thoughts would come to me- when my family shunned my choiuce to go vegetarian, maybe the other Arcturians loved animals as I did. When I experienced missing time in childhood and my mom yelled at me for missing curfew, maybe Arcturians had been involved in that. When I couldn't bring myself to be rude to the others at school who were labeled misfits, and as a result, my clique of friends thought I was weak, so I decided to renounce my social life, maybe Arcturian compassion was at play. All the missing pieces of my life's puzzle, I filled in with the sweet but murky memory of the star
      For about a month, I threw myself into study of the Arcturians, reading books like We, The Arcturians, ET 101, The Pleiadian Agenda, and joining this group here. Time went on, and more and more books filled my shelf, more and more words filled my brain, and more and more homesickness filled my heart. When I met others who called themselves starseeds, a sad disappointment always overtook me. It's not that I didn't believe them, or that there was anything wrong with them; it's that they seemed as mystified by the idea of a celestial origin as I myself was, and often weren't interested in spiritual elevation, but merely in claiming superiority over "humanity" based on their awakening.
      Periodically, I checked up on this group, and found much inspiration here, but still not the answers or the bliss I was searching for. Then, last year, something truly miraculous happened. I met my master; a south Indian guru who has never once said he is an Arcturian, or tried to mystify based on an experience, but who actually gives the experience of universal consciousness to those who come to him seeking it. Since attending one of his programs in India last year, I'm no longer seeking to be elevated to another star or another dimension. For the first time in this lifetime, I love being alive, right here and now, on Earth. The community around this master is a beautiful and loving one; the divine energy he radiates is the energy of pure love.
      If you're hoping to go through the cosmic shift of 2012 as beautifully and smoothly as possible, I highly recommend you form a connection with Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The program of his that I attended was called Inner Awakening, and now I'm back in India again doing a program called Living Enlightenment. He is initiating us all into enlightened living physically, mentally and spiritually. He is not telling us he is god, but that we are god; that All are One. His mission is to raise the collective consciousness by awakening the innate enlightened energy that lays dormant within every human bio-memory. He says we can all fly, we can all awaken the non-mechanical parts of our brains, we just need to first come into contact with someone who has already done that. He is the one to do such a job.
      Check out his youtube videos- he has spoken on 2012, levitation, the Shiva Sutras, etc. All very powerful and beautiful discourses.
      With love,
      Ma Nithya Sudeviwww.youtube.com/user/lifeblisschannel

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