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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZETATALK POLESHIFTNING.COM CHAT: [8-21-2010] Money, SETI, Woble crop circle, Hotspots, Superbugs, Spend Uranium, Countering NASA, Bolivia dead fish,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2010
      Money, SETI, Woble crop circle, Hotspots, Superbugs, Spend Uranium, Countering NASA, Bolivia dead fish, Victoria/Mineappolis UFOs, Denmark during tsunami, Victoria tsunami, Winged Globe, African contact, Salvage post pole shift, Azores quakes, Cell phone outages, Michigan oil spill, Japan mega quakes 7 of 10 media response, Seattle booms, Australia safe locations, STS babies, Cover-up leakers, Hazy skies, Chemtrail stoppage, Guadalajara/Brandenburgo UFOs, Cloud orbs
      [Zeta response ] Do all 3rd density planets use money? Seems money on our planet is the source of most problems. I don't see how a octopus type life form could use money. Definitely not carrying a wallet around in the water. Can the Zetas comment on 3rd density and money? Do all 3rd density forms have money or just humanoids? I am a political science major working as an intern for a candidate running for US Senate. I have learned in a couple weeks that money is all that matters in politics. It doesn't matter who is the smartest, who would be the best senator, who is the most honest: all that matters is who can bring in the most money. It makes me sick! Is it safe to say US politics is corrupt?? Has US Politics always been this corrupt or is this something new? Capitalism seems more powerful than Democracy, if you have the cash it seems easy to buy an election. Or is it the voters fault that they don't look into the election more?
      [Questioner ]In Service-to-Other societies, money is not used at all. Communication and caring operate to distribute goods and services. On Service-to-Self worlds, money is also not used but is rather replaced by the rule of the strong. The strong brutalize and control the weak, and therefore own them. But on young worlds, where the choice between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self is being determined, neither of these modes exists exclusively. So what determines the distribution of goods and services? The concept of ownership naturally evolves, as regardless of the lifeform some sort of nutrition is required, some type of shelter or optimum location is invariably involved, and relative health and strength of the individuals in a society is not equal. Thus, the strong will try to take advantage of the weak, or take possession of the best locations, or accumulate food stuffs. Those leaning toward Service-to-Other in these worlds, regardless of life
      form, will try to control those leaning to Service-to-Self by instituting rules which invariably include a medium of exchange.


      [Zeta response ] Can the Zeta's respond to the degree of devastation and affect on population they expect Japan to experience when the series of 8+ magnitude EQ's strike and what regions or cities would be most particularly affected? [and from another] Accepted and will be included with Steve Havas Q about Japan. Yes, this is significant! Displaying seismic activity on line until today's date August 18, there have been 26 quakes between 4.6 and 7.3 magnitude between August 13-18. I find it quite remarkable increase of tremors and earthquakes in the Mariana Islands. Why should so much seismic activity? Is the announcement of a major movement of plates?
      [Questioner ] Japan is at the juncture of several plate boundaries. The southern islands are situated on the great Eurasian Plate, and fare the best because this plate is massive and stable. The northern islands are on a tongue of the great N American Plate, but this tongue is likewise stable although it comes under extreme stress particularly at its tip, sometimes called the Okhotsk Plate. It is the pressure from the Pacific that is the issue, as the Pacific is compressing. Likewise, the Philippine Plate is at issue, as it loses in the compression game and in essence is pushed under and lost. The Philippine Plate is tipping, rising at the Mariana Islands and diving under the tongue of the Eurasian Plate that holds Indonesia. This tongue is itself being pushed down. Imagine the domino effect of the Mariana Trench folding against the Philippine Plate, tipping this sideways to drive the western edge under the tongue holding Indonesia, which is at the same
      time breaking and bending to subduct under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate.
      This is a domino pressure, happening almost simultaneously. The scenario guarantees that the islands of southern Japan will be doing mountain buildings, particularly at the point where these plates converge at Mt. Fuji. The pressure from the compressing Pacific is applied directly on the northern islands of Japan, however, where the Pacific Plate is pushing under these islands. Thus when plate movement begins, there will first be a tipping and pushing down and under the south of Japan, and then as resistance here is eased, pressure on the northern part of Japan increases until an adjustment is made there likewise. The great quakes to afflict Japan prior to the pole shift will be thus in the south first, followed by great quakes in the northern islands of Japan with consequent tsunami heading for N America. Just when this will hit, and how much time will pass between the quakes in the south to be followed by quakes in the north, we cannot say.

      [Zeta response ] By the end of 2010 one or more of the events depicted in the holographic presentation will occur, shocking the world and moving us to a 7. The Zetas have said a few times the poleshift will happen before 2012, so that gives us about a year and 5 month window. My Q- without giving specific dates for certain events, isn't the timeline basically down? will the shocking event that moves us to a 7 be the point where media and government start being more open? zetas too? if the elite that control media and portions of political power are heading for their bunkers, isn't the threat of them mowing down millions probably gone now?
      [Questioner ]Our prior statements about the pole shift likely happening prior to 2012 must be taken in the context that we are not allowed to give you the date, so even this warning must be taken with a grain of salt. We are constantly trying to get humans who linger in their comfortable coastal cities to move inland into rural area and get into gardening. Take our warnings in that context. The pole shift could happen at any trimester, and theoretically could happen after 2012. That said, are we at the point now, when a 7 of 10 will surely happen at least within months, when the establishment will no longer consider an informed public a threat? No, because the 7 of 10 has not yet occurred, and even when it has, the establishment will still want to delay informing the public unless they are firmly ensconced in their bunkers. Bunker living is very restrictive, and those in power and with great wealth like to move about, albeit in safe areas, and enjoy the
      fresh air and to have the ability to entertain themselves with travel. When the public is informed, it will not be through formal means like the major media.

      [According to the STO ZetaTalk space angels, planet earth can expect an increase
       in many more UFO/ET sightings before the catastrophic 12-2012 PoleShift] 

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