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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZETATALK POLESHIFTNING.COM CHAT: [8-14-2010] The Call, Mustard Gas depots, G1.9 NASA backoff, Biobio River in Chile, Clang crop circles, Contactee pets,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2010
      The Call, Mustard Gas depots, G1.9 NASA backoff, Biobio River in Chile, Clang crop circles, Contactee pets, Phillipines safety, Trimester crop circle, NASA cover-ups, Alaska Stevens/O'Keefe crash, Simons death, Last Weeks timeline, Killing consequences, Quake proof homes, 675 foot invasion, Asteroid hits, Black Sea heating, Giant frauds, Bosnia pyramids, Hurrican season, Rattle wobble crop circles, American Indian lore, European tsunami warnings, STO rules.
      [Questioner ] We learn that it is a bad thing to kill. But we all kill bugs for example. And we are designed to digest meat as an option. So what will be the konsequences for my soul if I kill a man / animal / fish / bug / plant / krystal? I know, this depends very much on circumstances and motives and it is always my personal decision. Could You recommend a guideline? Where can a line be drawn? Is there something we should know?
      [Zeta response ] All who are Service-to-Other hesitate to harm another life, even if that life is plant life. Amoeba and bacteria act to defend themselves, but feel no pain, lacking a nervous system. Fish, fowl, and reptiles likewise act on instinct but do feel pain, which is a clue to urgency and a guide in what direction to move. However, they do not feel anxiety, a sense of dread or hopelessness. Mammals, including dolphins and whales, have strong nurturing instincts, which involve feeling anxiety for the young. Without this anxiety, a feeling of dread or remorse when things go wrong, the young would not get the protection needed in order to survive. Is it appropriate to kill some form of protein in order for yourself to survive in good health? Until you reach the point in your development where you can manufacture these proteins and other substances in the lab, you have no choice. We have stated that early Zeta ate bugs and moss. Our advice is that
      whatever form of protein you chose to consume, you kill quickly, and stay away from mammals if this is your leaning. Should you shoot a bear if it is attacking your family, or another man if the other intends to do harm to your family? We have addressed this issue elsewhere, and explained that even a Service-to-Other entity can find itself in this position, and should not hesitate to act. To do less is to doom innocents to harm.
      [Questioner ] Will Asteroid 242643 cause any damage to earth, if so will it be northern or southern hemisphere?
      [Zeta response ] Clearly this particular asteroid is not expected to come anywhere near the Earth, as the recent near pass is 60 lunar distances away. The term Near Earth Asteroid was coined for those asteroids which are far outside of the Asteroid Belt, and thus have the potential of impacting Earth. But should an asteroid approach Earth in a trajectory that would imply impact, what then? We have stated that the Council of Worlds would not allow the Earth to be destroyed by an errant asteroid or other such happenstance. The Earth is scheduled to be a schoolhouse for 4th density entities for a long, long time, and is a world full of life, a treasure. This statement shocks those who beg for the pole shift to be averted, for Planet X to be pushed aside somehow. The difference is that the passage of Planet X is a natural event, periodically happening to the Earth, and one which all reincarnating souls are being counseled to address. It is not an extinction
      level event, but at most the end of an incarnation. To understand the Council's logic, think as a teacher. You want the schoolhouse to continue. You do not want to remove the opportunity for self study, for learning, the opportunity to react to a crisis and by so doing either reach out to help others or withdraw to only save the self. Stopping the pole shift would do the latter. It would remove an opportunity. It is for this reason that tornadoes, cancer, starvation during drought, and lightning strikes are not prevented on Earth, which is a schoolhouse. If an asteroid is small, and would be nothing more than a glorified fireball, then it would be allowed to impact the Earth. But an extinction level event or long term disruption of life on Earth would not be allowed, as then the lessons stop!
      [Questioner ] What lies behind the concealment of piránimdes of Bosnia? http://www.bosnianpyramid.com/images_new/BosnianPyramidOfTheSun/BosnianPyramidofSun.jpg I remember something I read about Egypt, where they say they have discovered other pyramids and ruins that still remain hidden. What interest behind it? Why the mystery?

      [Zeta response ] Yes, the region around Bosnia has some legitimate ancient pyramids, but not all hills are a former pyramid. There are buried pyramids that have been discovered in Australia, China, and certainly in Central America. The buried pyramids in other parts of the world have not yet been discovered, and we decline to mention them as the fascination with the former handiwork of the Annunaki is altogether deplorable. These were not gods, but peers of mankind, utilizing intimidation of emerging man so as to continue to enslave man. Gods do not need to rely upon intimidation such as ripping beating hearts of out living breasts, for all to see. Other than the Great Pyramids in Egypt, which were sighting devices, pyramids were built as imposing structures in order to intimidate emerging man. The age of these structures only indicates the relative time period when the Annunaki were in the area, mining for gold or using the area for transport or
      storage. These ancient pyramids are of no more importance than mankind's current strip mining activity.
      [Questioner ] We know this planet as the skyworld, the place we come from. They are revolving around our sun for the fifth time since we been here recording. If you were on that world one revolution of our sun would only be 1 year. Peacemaker left to the skyworld and said he would return when it comes back. I think he will be 1 year older than when he left. They are in a different time/space dimension. Any comments?
      [Zeta response ] Time passes with the same parameters on Planet X, Nibiru, as it does on Earth. Where Planet X does not have a day or night, out in space, but continuous dim light from the deep rifts in its ocean beds, and where the Annunaki consequently do not sleep, their life span is approximately that of mankind. But the legends you speak of are not literal, but figurative. There are however remarkable correlations with the periodic passage of Planet X and American Indian lore. The Christian religion, and even Islam, speaks of a time of peace when Jesus will return. We have explained that this too is not to be taken literally, as it is speaking figuratively, and relates to our statement that the Earth of the future will be a home for those in the Service-to-Other.
      [According to the STO ZetaTalk space angels, planet earth can expect an increase
       in many more UFO/ET sightings before the catastrophic 12-2012 PoleShift] 

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