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  • Dexxxaa
    Now we re realizing the problems attached ...Thanks George...Very important to be aware. Mine is more than just an opinion. I ve been reluctantly thrust in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2010
      Now we're realizing the problems 'attached'...Thanks George...Very important to be aware. Mine is more than just an opinion. I've been reluctantly thrust in front lines of this undesirable scenario, and not until you've been 'approached' for recruitment will you learn more of the truthful scope about this jewel revelation. I can't connect the dots for you because, now, I walk a fine line with these controlling beings.
      All anyone has to do is get to close to this aspect of truth, and you'll wind up on their security list, whether you be a Disciple, an Anointed, a journalist, a public nuance, makes no difference to them. No exceptions.
      The Grey alignment says they're allowed, but just how valid can the contractual arrangements be when an immature species like ourselves delve into ignorant agreements with something we couldn't have imagined the outcome of, especially, with what we're going to loose as a result of turning over the world to new handlers. Lower level cosmic handlers. Eroding freedoms, and a cleansing most disturbing.
      Unfortunately, our world is blind to the method tactics used for this sublime takeover.
      Anyone remember gifted Darren Brown?
      Can this process of theirs be stopped? Is there something to change their minds. We'll see.
      The fortunate ones are those who'll be leaving (escaping) the events.
      "There's good out there" better listen to them when you feel intuitively what they tell you is the right way of being.
      One way to turn the tides is to quit with the corruption beginning in the High Places, relinquish some of your wealth for economy's sake and do right by the people of our planet. All of us can live with abundance and controlled births. However, thanks to the selfish suppression not allowing our planet to know we have a fully functional galactic willing, providing we and the invading species quit lying, to admit our planetary administrations' into a altruistic public exchange sharing with the Councils of other Worlds, IMO isn't asking too much, especially, when were depleting and contaminating resources that sustain life and loosing control of the situation. A real bio-logical program of failure. As always..we have a choice. The challenge is do we have enough unobstructed time to accomplish this first very important step? The dilemma hasn't finished out, we can still succeed.
      Everyone is involved with this testing and periodically must be reminded, the ultimate outcome will be God the "Victor'. We're all doomed to perfection.
      (Note: The essence of my statements is for the Officials that read these forums. Do something...Like disclose.)

      George wrote:

      �Condor�s� quote: 'Essentially, the agreement says that we won't disclose your existence if you won't interfere in our society, and we allow you to operate from a designated base in the United States.' Here the alleged Condor would have been suggesting that the aliens didn�t want us to disclose their existence. Why? Was it the fact that Cold War politics was so immediately us vs. them that the aliens didn�t want humans to learn about aliens during a time of mutually assured destruction (MAD) nuclear weapons stupidity? Or was it to allow those same aliens more time to work in secret without public scrutiny?
      In the interview, Sgt. Clifford Stone seems to affirm what former Navy intelligence briefer William Cooper read: that the US government allowed aliens three base sites in the Nellis Air Force terrain. One is the �Tall White� base reported by former airman Charles Hall, but what were the other two?
      In that 1989 interview, Stone suggested there was a human-alien firefight NOT at Dulce but in one of those three Nellis �base� sites (the famous incident in which 63 US guards were killed). Stone was allowed to read related briefing materials, and I have it from another source that Stone briefed soldiers in the Army about the incident. So, if Stone had it right, the key question is�was the firefight on a human base (i.e. the multi-leveled hangars and underground research labs on Papoose Dry Lake) or was it a base essentially conceded to the aliens? In the Tall Whites� case, Charles Hall suggests that the US military was doing periodic high officer visits to the Tall White base to monitor it and keep tabs. But in the other two cases, what was the arrangement? How many aliens, and how many humans were on the sites or had access to them?
      Stone further suggested that there are/were as many as 12 alien bases (by 1989), most not necessarily permitted. Which raises a question: What the hell kind of arrangement is it when aliens are allowed or able to base themselves here as they wish?
      Is that the norm on other planets? Almost certainly not. You may recall quotes, reportedly by other aliens, who warn humans NOT to tolerate alien basing on our planet because it can get too far out of hand. You become a kind of colony, a controlled territory, whether you realize it or not.
      Ironically, if Eisenhower permitted three alien bases on Nellis Air Force base range, it wouldn�t have been because he thought it dandy to allow an alien military power to settle in the United States. Instead, he would have wanted to prevent aliens from openly taking up in the USSR, instead, for obvious reasons. Former National Security Council staff member Col. Philip Corso said the US military was essentially forced to let the (gray alignment) aliens have a presence here. Some military brass may have thought �at least we can watch them, maybe learn more about them.� But gray alignment aliens would have used that very same logic to force their presence here. They could easily exceed the supposed 3 base limit and stage, abduct, or maneuver as they choose, within certain limitations.
      Meanwhile, we need to re-examine the alleged Eisenhower-term agreement to tolerate alien bases for one key reason. Which humans did the most to make that happen, and why? Outward indications suggest that the Rockefeller coup of 1953, which stole control of alien-related programs away from US presidents, was the linchpin in opening the door to alien basing. So, it�s logical to ask: Were David and Nelson Rockefeller influenced/controlled/or compromised by those same aliens? Were they �taken� as children, or are there breeding program interventions in their family---at some point in time? It would have been easy to have stolen them away at night in order to influence them and gain their affinity. We all see the grotesquely egoistic psychological vulerabilities of such people.
      Another key question is, why do gray-related aliens abduct and copy humans? What is their plan? Abductees clearly, unmistakeably report that the breeding program is an attempt to create late-stage human-looking aliens. But why? To infiltrate and influence, if not dominate human affairs? To manipulate us in a certain direction? We would be na?ve to think that a large, multi-planetary alien alignment mobilizes on so large a scale for purely altruistic reasons. They clearly assume that their logic, hence their plan is more important than our disorganized, undisciplined alternatives. Evidence suggest they may simply want to replace us, over time, with their more intelligent and partly loyal (more easily influenced) hybrids.
      The truth is, those aliens have such large mothership and undersea or underground-penetrating capabilities that they simply don�t need an actual base here. They can park a craft underwater off of our coasts or in large, excavated underground chambers. They can hover in orbit, behind the moon and elsewhere. So, given the fact that human science has already produced a minimum of security technologies to both monitor and ward off alien basing, we do not, at this late date, need to permit it here. Instead, open basing allows such aliens the convenient excuse to escalate their incursion to a more obvious, public profile--for propaganda and influence purposes. *I, myself, am convinced that our native neighboring aliens will breathe a collective sigh of relief when the gray alignment is finally told, sorry, you cannot, under any circumstances, base here.
      Stone says: �The greys will eventually come forth and try to state that they created Christ.� Stone, himself, insists that Christ was of larger origin and/or influence. Meanwhile, if Jesus actually existed, he certainly grew up here, not among aliens.
      Re: gray alien alignment attempts to develop sleeper abductee/agents among us, Stone says other, competing aliens may have tried to counter that. Stone: �I would say that we know of several, should we say, intergalactic fights that have taken place-dogfights.�
      Let�s repeat that. Stone is suggesting that he learned that aliens of this galaxy have skirmished with gray alignment aliens (presumably NOT of this galaxy) while trying to ward them off from our vicinity. Now THAT would be an interesting story to hear more about.
      Will our government make that clear to us? Or do we have to fear a disclosure that's framed only from the gray alignment perspective, as though �we� cut a secret deal with them. That would sweep the ugly parts of the story under the same rug that hides other crime in government. Which brings up another, related question. Given their superior technology, do abducting gray alignment aliens have data, video, recordings and other evidence of human crimes they can use to blackmail the current regime? Maybe they don�t even need it; maybe their operatives are already trying to influence events in favor of the gray alignment.
      Finally, you may have read reports (including mine) about aliens more advanced than those gray alignment aliens (a French report, Jim Marrs' story in Alien Agenda, etc.). One group of hyper-advanced alien sources whose comments I report elsewhere have noted that they see alien intervention on our planet as an efficacious way to introduce humans to alien norms and larger issues and the sciences, understandings that all advanced, inter-stellar populations must know about. That much is both obvious and logical, but it�s the nature of the intervention and the hegemonistic ambitions of the gray alignment that US national security planners reportedly worry about. (Corso and Robert Dean noted this explicitly) In short, it�s easy to see how more advanced aliens can sit and comment about the gray alignment�s intervention here yet remain partly ambiguous about how they, themselves, feel about it (if they, indeed, experience the same intensity of emotion that we do---we're a distant, unevolved species, to them). We can see that there would be much larger political issues surrounding a tacitly condoned intervention that, at a minimum, allows humans to decide whether to blow the whistle on, and stop, such an incursion. Some more advanced aliens wouldn�t want to see the gray alignment expand here, while others might think that the fact that humans need to undergo basic, necessary changes is a more important factor, at the moment.
      One last quote:
      UU: What part of the government would have jurisdiction in association with these aliens?
      "CliffordStone: They would probably be the National Security Agency, they report directly to the National Security Council. As a matter of fact, it sets in on the National Security Council.

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