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    (Note: And I guess Shady says Davis has his opinion..Enjoy Stephen..Someday we ll know the truth of it all...Shady also included... If you haven t listened to
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      (Note: And I guess Shady says Davis has his opinion..Enjoy Stephen..Someday we'll know the truth of it all...Shady also included...
      "If you haven't listened to Art Bell�s interview with Vance Davis do listen to Part 10-12. The NSA/Intelligence guys calling in and testing Davis on his NSA clearances. And military procedures.

      Art ask�s them if they believe Davis� past the Test. ALL of them say yes.. Davis knows his clearances and military procedures. They endorse him as REAL!!"...

      Link to 701st MI Brigade, Augsburg, Germany home pageOn July 9, 1990, six U.S. military intelligence analysts form 701st Military Intelligence Brigade at Augsburg, West Germany, at that time the biggest NSA (National Security Agency) listening post in the world outside the U.S. tuned into Soviet communications, all with Top Secret security clearance, deserted their posts.

      They went AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave).
      This was the first, and only such case in the history of the U.S., which has attracted the media worldwide, and started severe U.S. defamation campaign.
      They were: Spc. Kenneth Beason, Jefferson City, Tennessee; Spc. Vance Davis, Valley Center, Kansas; Sgt. Annette Eccleston, Hartford, Connecticut; Pfc. Michael Hueckstaedt, Farson, Wyoming, Pfc. Kris Perlock, Osceola, Wisconsin; Pfc. William Setterberg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Beason 26, and Davis 25, were the oldest members of the group. The others ranged in age from 19 to 22.
      On the right is the aerial image of 701st MI Brigade installation at Bad Aibling, some hundred kilometers to the south-east of Augsburg, near Munich in Southern Germany, that is linked to their site. This station was closed in September 2002.

      From there, they made their way to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where one of them bought friend's VW "hippie" wan.

      NAS PensacolaThe group then drove to the Pensacola suburb, Gulf Breeze, Fla, where most of them, at Curtiss Station in nearby NAS Pensacola, had done their basic training, and some of them stayed in the home of a local psychic, Anna Foster.
      Five days after their escape, a broken taillight on the van resulted in a routine traffic stop, and Michael, the driver of the van, was detained by police when a computer check indicated that he was wanted for desertion by military authorities. The remaining five were later, brutally rounded up by a squad of military hunters that had a license to kill.
      When captured, they were taken to Fort Benning, Georgia, and kept in solitary confinement, incommunicado, until their presence was leaked out to the press, which has driven Senators Casman and Dole to react. As all attempts on defamation have failed, this has created a mayor embarrassment to the U.S. government, it's president George Bush, and Collin Powell, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and future U.S. President.

      Surprisingly enough, three weeks after their arrest, instead of being severely punished, even executed, by the military tribunal, they were discharged from Fort Knox, Ky, with full honors. For punishment, following Powell's dissent, they were reduced to the lowest rank and forfeited half a month's pay.
      Military officials refused to discuss the investigation. A Pentagon spokesman stated that the six were a member of a "group" called "The End of the World," but later retracted the statement, saying that there was no such group as far as they cold tell.

      Two years later their case become declassified, but 1.400 out of 1.600 pages of official documents and notes upon group's Ouija board sessions remain inaccessible to the public.

      link to the Vance Davis site In 1995, Vince Davis (his image on the right is linked to his site), one of the six, published a book around 200 declassified pages titled "Unbroken Promises" in which he explains background and details of this event. In it, Davis, a graduate of Valley Center High School, reveals that he enlisted in the Army shortly after leaving home, and that after training in cryptography, he was requested to join NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland, which was a most uncommon event because the usual path was to first serve abroad for at least 3 years.

      Vance Davis (as well as the Gulf Breeze Six were discharged with HONORS from the NSA in 1990.)

      What follows is the transcript of interview with Vance Davis by Alex Merklinger on Mysteries of the Mind 07-18-2003 (Alex Merklinger's site is linked to the Mysteries of the Mind logo). For any purpose it is a verbatim transcript, except that irrelevant parts of conversation, that occur on every live show such as this one, as well as most questions, were deleted, and that few repeated statements were grouped, to enhance the focus of statements that were made. Subtitles were added to simplify referencing. Vance Davis speaks in first person and some of Merklinger's important comments are separately marked.
      This interview was conducted in an iterative way, each new passage offering more insight or a different reference frame, so it can be read on many levels, but reading it one must try to bear in mind that History is a master pattern that goes fulfilled regardless of efforts of opposition of any kind, and time that is needed to do it. It's small portions were and will be repeated until the whole History is accomplished. This is why those who deal with history with lowercase "h" insist on their, for others mostly senseless actions and same explanations. They presume familiarity with this principle and personal vicinity to god of some kind.
      In this interview, Davis describes in detail how and why all this has occurred, and what is to follow. Among other things he explicitly states why President George W. Bush will die in his office, who was and is behind the past and current world events, and that the antichrist will appear on scene in 2006.

      Davis's statement about this last event might seem exaggerated but, as time goes by, new events and information pile up making it more and more coherent. Here are two examples.


      -Merklinger: Vance graduated from civil mind control school when he was 15. Upon entering the NSA Vance was reeducated again.

      Vance Davis:

      What I learned was why history happened, who history was, why or when history was. The dates in the book are not all that accurate. Those are accepted dates not factual dates.

      To give an example.
      The founding of this country did not occur. The founding fathers were already meeting many years before the advent, the war against England occurred. There was already a plan in place for the founding of new country. It was not just a spur because British soldiers shot someone or the stand-back. It was the series of events that happened over the period of 60 to 70 years. And they have been planning for the long time.

      What was funny is that George Washington is a blue blood. He gave up his rights in England to be over here. He is a relative of princess Diane, or an ancestor. He is from the same family. Her family was original throne holder in England, and they were French. Throne holders now are German

      We are not 6000 years old. In fact, certain portions of government know of cities, places around U.S. There is a policy, not low, policy, that mounds cannot be dug up in the U.S. If you are caught digging up the mound, you are fined and that area is closed off. There are many mounds in New Mexico and any one of them is on Federal Property. There are many of them in Arizona.

      What lies underneath the White Sands in New Mexico?

      We have deep penetrating radar on satellites. We can reach pretty far. They have developed that to determine where the bunkers are in the world, and now they use them for drilling sites.
      Link to the White Sands Missile Range website Early on I sow an satellites photograph, they were looking for an expansion on White Sands. There is a bedrock underneath the White Sands, but what is on the bedrock are concentric circles, the four of them, connected by free lines, what's called Broadways. Underneath the mountain what is at the edge of White Sands towards a western side, there are buildings, and the buildings go into the mountain side.
      They are not ours.

      (click on the image of the White Sands on the right to link to White Sands Missile Range website).

      They do not use word UFO since '60. They do use AVC, what's in for Alien Visitation Craft.

      UFOs and AVC have not been under the control the U.S. government. It is a private contract with one organization and civil companies. The government does not control that information any longer. That is controlled by the private contract, Stateside and outside, it is international.
      This gives the government the deniability rights.

      The society we live in is a society that keeps us happy, fat, and wanting for more.

      The human race was not created, born, linked to the apes, we are survivors of a great war. The human race as we see ourselves today, even our ancient relatives, were basically put on this planet and cut-off from the rest of the Universe.

      If you look at it at this way, we are at outer edge of civilized Space. Individuals and people coming from the inner ring would look at us as we looked at Native Americans when we came over here. We are low class, we are not civilized, we have low technology, we are very barbaric, very warlike.

      Jet, at the same time we are very unique. We are very special in the scheme of the Universe and civilized galaxy.


      We are not allowed as humans to space travel after certain point. If we took a human to the Mars, I guarantee you, something will befall us. They will not make it, or something else will happen, or it will happen to the equipment, or we will even not take-off.

      (on the right is the image of Gullies in Sirenum Fossae Through on Mars that is linked to the article


      THAT THERE IS A LIFE ON MARS elsewhere on this site).

      This we have got from different sources.

      We have a special gene, that cannot be copied, cannot be manipulated. They have tried. We were told that is called the Jesus gene.
      Human race has the power to destroy, but also the power to create. I was taught other techniques in NSA that can be taught to anyone, and have the ability to, basically, maneuver and manipulate our environment.

      Why every time that someone discovers it the which hunters show up?
      There is a control mechanism that sees that nothing happens without their knowledge and nothing happens for long without them getting control of it. Because once you discover your power and your connection to God, they cannot control you any longer. You are persona non grata.

      Atop of that there are several battles going on within the human race in the way of the control, and we call them the Four Horsemen. There are four mayor groups fighting for the control of this planet before our handlers come back.

      We have handlers.

      We were told that there will be great war coming in next few years. We were told this while we were taught our history in NSA. They track history, and history goes thru patterns.
      People may change, faces my change, technology may change, but the patterns stay in place. There are the world wars that happen every 100 years. Destruction of some kind. It does not mean that it must be a physical war, it can be economic war, it can be anything. This are great upheavals that occur.
      NSA analysts track this patterns so those on top, that are sometimes called The Watchers, could keep track of what is happening.

      This has changed in period from 1983 to 1990.
      Truman has set-up the NSA so the U.S. could be step ahead of those who would control the world. Truman wanted a program because they sow something and they were told something by the Germans, and they were given documentation by the German special forces, when they captured them. They gave us a lot of stuff. In it they say that there is a spiritual war coming, and it is not the war between humans.

      I call it a game of Quinns and Kings. Quinns are not human.
      NSA implies that there is a war coming in and that we have to track this things. And this is what was in the Red Book shown to Gorbachev.

      We were been given History by the people that believe in the U.S.
      By 1988 that started changing. Our orders started changing, we started seeing orders coming from foreign parties. Certain portions of NSA and intelligence agencies have been taken over.

      When I took my oath I was set to protect the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies. By 1990 it was my believe and my partners believe that we had foreign power controlling our government.
      This power is not a nation per se. There is a group that has civil control, not total control, there is a comity of 12 individuals who pretty well dictate the economic process of this world, that have more control on the U.S. then the U.S. group, that wants to keep this control, really understands. They have been given major control here in the past 6 years.

      We were told how our body is a giant computer system, and that it can be corrupted. When we are born in the body that is created in the womb, our soul cannot inhabit that body totally until the age of 6. If you think about that when the children start to go to kindergarten? At that time children know all the languages of the world, if you put baby babble on the tape you will hear every language spoken. The brain of the child is trying to learn what you speak. Brain is self replicating, self learning organism that learns actions, abilities, how to react in civilized world, by what is seeing, touching, feeling, tasting and speaking.

      Reason why we were told to get out, besides that we could not fulfill our oath any longer, was our spiritual survivability. If we would to stay in we would be marked for ever, in a way that would slowly kill our hearths and our spirit. A device would be implanted that destroys our electrical magnetism within our body, that causes a docile or violent reaction, and allows you to be controlled emotionally by a handler, I am talking a military aspect.
      Your National Police Force that is fully being build, is going to be under the same privilege. The push-button army. It is been in production since 1959.

      Remember LSD experimentation? They have been testing drugs to see what is best to knock out the will of a soldier, that he has no fear, and they would give everything they have for ego. This drug turns your skin yellowish, it turns your pupils black. Unfortunately, it shortens your life expectancy by half. You are easily programmed, especially if you already have leaning towards violence, or towards authority.

      -Merklinger: A friend of mine, a doctor, was on experimental team, and he had to leave because he sow what is going on. What they were doing, I am not sure if they created this beings from scratch, or they took the human beings and then, almost, genetically manipulated them in some way, to turn them in to absolutely perfect fighting machines.

      Vance Davis:

      Failed. They used fetuses with early genetic manipulation. They have created some nasty stuff.

      -Merklinger: When this friend told me about that he told me under interesting circumstances. I thought that he was an absolute screwball, except that he was very famous doctor. When he told me this I could not get away from him fast enough. But then all of sudden, I started getting information from other people, saying the same thing.

      Vance Davis:

      In '1920s they wanted, basically, to have the same genetic code in all the humans. Eugenics, that is where this came from. And I believe there is one operation in ''70, called Operation Elite, that dealt with that, but it was handled thru University of Southern California, and some other colleges. I do not know much what the name was in '50, but that is an ongoing program.

      -Merklinger: You asked for proof. And you were given the proof.

      300.000 killed. They gave us a number of dead. It scared the hell out of us. The thing is that it started at 50.000 then gone up to 100.000 then to 292.000, I do not remember the number exactly any more of dead by the time the final count was done. There is no way to predict that. They gave us a total number, right away.
      And each day we were seeing it in the paper, oh well that is not it, but every day the number went up, and when it started to get close to that number we said, oh no, what do we do?

      (image on the right depicts Iran earthquake in 1990).

      They, on the board, told us three rules:
      1. Never believe what you are being told.
      2. Always confirm that what you were being told.
      3. Always follow your hearth for it will never mislead you.

      Following your hearth is one of the hardest things to do in this world.

      -Merklinger: They were discharged from Fort Knox. With honors.

      Government took 16.000 pages of information of Ouija board sessions and returned only 200. Most of this pages are in our book, Unbroken Promises. We were given lot predictions and every one of those were blacked out on this documents, and when they black it out they still consider it national security.

      Link to Uri Geller's website I was one of those kids who has been tracked. This is why I've got my clearance so fast. I did not realize that my dad got a clearance as well. And he did not know it.
      They call them Gellerini kids, after Uri Geller. Most of this kids were born from 1955 up to 1956. Nuclear kids what they call them.

      (Uri Geller's website is linked to his photo on the right)

      -Merklinger: They were the initial ones coming in. Then we got in to the millennium kids, then we got it to the indigo kids and now we are in the crystal kids. This are kids that are so advanced.

      I do not go to MacDonald's any more. It was three years ago. My kids like to go to play area. I sit there and within 20 minutes I have 20 kids around and they are all taking to me. And they know who I was. They see us, they see our soul, they know who we are. We do not know who we are, but they know who we are.

      -Merklinger: To whom those two gentlemen belonged?

      The founding fathers created an organization to watch the U.S. And they are called Watchers. They also had an organization that hey used to belong to, until those organizations were taken over and corrupt. One of them was called The Masons. Some of them were called The Odd Fellows. Many organizations that learned to use this abilities to make sure that the U.S. stays on it's path.

      It is interesting that Masons were started to be destroyed in eighteen forties, prior to the civil war.

      Prior the eighteen eighties Christians followed the Jewish traditions. Christmas become big in the world in 1885. Santa Claus was a Catholic figure in Germany, but Christmas become a big event that it is today in the U.S. On purpose.

      In 1990 the Watchers still had enough power to dictate what the President would do. That power is no longer there. We were told that, between 1995 and 2002 they will loose that power, and that they will go in to the woodwork and disappear.

      Between 1995 and 2002 you had Ruby Ridge, that thing in Texas, Oklahoma City, and all those were allowed to happen. Because their purpose is, we were told that in 1990, to create fear among the populace of the world and of the U.S. specifically, so that the people would give up their rights and their power, as given by the Constitution, to government to protect them.

      Jet at this time you do not know who has control. We have asked them, outright, if that means that the President and the Senate have no control, and they said:

      "Yes. They are perceived to have control and they perceive themselves to have control".

      -Merklinger: In George Washington's vision says that when the bad things really do happen, when we are

      overwhelmedly overcome, right on the edge of being defeated, and everybody is giving up, legions of white spirits would descend from the heavens to help us. Who are they?

      We were told in 1990 about Washington's vision.
      Since the civil war, U.S. is not been what it was created to be. Washington's vision speaks about that (link to the George Washington's Vision article is linked to his image).

      The human race, as we know it today, came from an ancient race. Known, at the different tongs, as The Teachers. They were ordained by The Creator to protect this Universe, they were given special powers, special knowledge of how things work, they could create, they could destroy, because once it was started life would be created, just naturally. They were benevolent, they were not destroyers or anything else. They were there to make things work, function.

      What happened is that, in their time, some of their groups got disenchanted with what was going on. They got bored and they started creating races, acting as God. They believed that they have reached the highest dimension in this level and they thought that they were the Gods.
      And another file that kept to true tenant of their ordained responsibilities did not like that. They had a council of 24 elders who got split and they had a war in Heaven.
      There was one that went against the other council and he was kicked out of their dimension of Space in this Universe and knocked to a lower level, to the same level as their creations, to board over them.
      That group is still around and they all are trying to get a key above the 9th dimension.

      What they did not realize is when a spark showed up in human race. Naturally.

      They came out and one group tried to genetically control the Human Race.
      The other group realized that they are no Gods. First group said:

      "We are and we will control this spark" because they felt that this was the same spark that they had.
      But it did not come from them. It came form a higher authority.
      That started the battle among the Ancients.

      Now there is a battle amongst those Ancients, and the Teachers disappeared.

      There was one teacher left. Not that one that was kicked out, but one very enlightened soul left. And that mighty soul came to pass the keys to Human Race. And that person is talked about in our history. He had a light about him.
      He is The Christ and he is to pass the key to us.
      We are now to take this place of Teachers in the Universe.

      So, either they destroy us or we take our abilities and take our place in Universe.

      We are the spark for the Human Race to make that decision.

      We were told that two founding fathers still live. You can tell who they are by their signatures. Signatures don't change.
      We were told on board that we will not pass this earth until our job was done.
      This is who those white spirits in Washington's vision are.

      2012 will be the final date that we have to make the final decision. And that corresponds with the Mayan calendar and many other sources throughout the history of the mankind.

      I believe, we were told on the board as a prediction, that the second Bush would die in the office. This fulfills the cycle of any President elected in year with 0 at the end will die in the office.
      And it also fulfills something else people do not talk about. The greatest, the man that is perceived to be he God's messenger in a sense, as they call it in certain occult circles, has to sacrifice his first born.

      -Merklinger: Our bloodline comes thru pre-Egyptian times, thru king David, thru King Solomon, down to Jesus Christ, down to Kathars over in France, down to the Merovignian kings, and then, when it came in to Great Britain, then it was usurped from them by, what we refer to now as, Windsors.
      That is the false bloodline created by the Roschildes. That was the ancient line that was against the House of David. And also anti Catholic Church.

      Saddam Hussein is gone because he refused to be under control. Not saying that he was a good guy, he just refused to be under control.

      For some reason they are trying to take out Bush. They are minting their power now, for the year 2006. The reason why 2006 is important is alignment of planets that is, on one date very, unique and very special. That is the sign they will have complete power to dictate what happens. And that is when you will see a person like Antichrist to show up with special abilities and power. You see that build now, at this point, because the world for that to work must be in utter chaos.

      We were told our bodies will change to that period, and I think it is happening.

      What we are seeing on the news from around the world, is all part of the play. It is absolutely nothing that we can really do about it. Decisions have been made by the forces much higher then ourselves. What we have to do is get thru it, prepare for it, be diligent, and be ready to move when we feel, when we listen to the hearth, be ready to move. There is a reason why, listen to your hearth. You will know. And people who don't know you during this time will walk up to you and say I was supposed to be by you.

      People are looking for answers, they don't know why, they do not know what are they looking for but there is something about that people will be attracted to.

      This people that are against us can read minds. And they have program that do that. If we knew what is supposed to happen, and when is supposed to happen, who is involved, to detail, they would be able to change it. We only know, at the last minute, what needs to be done. That is why we have to learn to listen to our hearts.


      In coming 9 years will see more of the focus on Earth then space travel, although space travel will be occurring but we will not hear much about it, it will be more black projects going on. Because there are certain people that believe that we will have to go in outer space, so they will quietly do that while the rest of world is focused upon world issues. Both sides, good and bad, believe the world would have to be unified. One of them believes that it has to be a choice of the people, and other one believes that it is going to be a choice of few elected, that can lead the people. And that is a big difference.

      So, you are going to see a struggle between leaders on one level, between business, in less then three years you are going to see eruptions of battles, near wars. You are going to see a struggle in North - South Korea escalate in next year and half.

      New European Union banner proposition You are going to see China and Russia going at it a bit more, on their western areas, you are going to see Europe getting together and splintering back over the next three years (new European Union banner, as proposed in 2002 by the Italian Chairman of European Commission, Germano Prodi, is depicted on the right).

      Prime minister of Great Britain is trying to keep their individuality from the rest of the Europe. It isn't going to happen. The next Prime Minister will be all for Europe.

      You will see a true United States of Europe created. When that happens our dollar is going to be worthless. It was a group of 12 people that bought all the gold.
      Europe is controlled by the group of gentlemen. Their focus is to create the United States of Europe for their power base, and they are not socialists, fascists, they are not communists. They are totally different bread. They are called Unionists.
      What that means is that they are for the union of the world against the common foe.
      But, the problem is that they are also the eugenicists. Most of this gentlemen, and at least two I know, are Hitler's kids. The rumor is that some of them have alien DNA.

      Their goal is to fulfill their God's purpose and that is to control this planet for the God when the handlers get here. The handlers are here because, with the population as it is, the aliens, that were left behind to manipulate and control things, have lost control.

      We have made them to change their view of us because of the spark that lies in us.

      http://www.deepspace4.com/pages/answers ... future.htm

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