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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZETATALK POLESHIFTNING.COM CHAT: [7-31-2010] Last Weeks crop circles, Conscious forgetting, Falcon HTV-2 failure, Planet X photo, Nevada, Planet X sling orbit,
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      Last Weeks crop circles, Conscious forgetting, Falcon HTV-2 failure, Planet X photo, Nevada, Planet X sling orbit, Moon Swirl crop circle, Disclosure, Zeta summary, Rattle wobble crop circles, UFO near Sun, Bigfoot, Occulted Moon, Uruguay UFO blitz, White Baby in Africa, Rapper rules, Weatherman angst, TV show clues, Themis space quakes, Human race extinction, Coldwave in S America, Dark Twin, the Lift, Graduation missed, California safety, Corporate STS, Ohio safety, Karachi crash, Rattle progression crop circle,

      [Questioner ] Father's Day weekend - from June 18 to June 20 this year - when 54 people were shot in Chicago. Ten people died, including a toddler. But no leads due to the "no snitch code", a street code, reinforced in rap music, that no one tells anything to police. Can the Zetas comment on how this, and gangsta rap, might be related to any STS alien counseling or life on STS planets?
      [Zeta response ] Certainly a rule that inhibits citizens from seeking protection and relief from the police when they or their loved ones are threatened smacks of the Service-to-Self rules that the brutal shall rule the weak, with no recourse. The basis of such rules is to keep law enforcement from doing their job, so that gangs can conduct what is in essence leveling wars designed to establish who is the most brutal and thus entitled to leadership. We have described these leveling wars as something the Service-to-Self do when encountering each other. Collateral damage of small children, relatives of antagonists, or neighbors or shoppers just walking down the street is considered justified, as he who would be king thinks of himself and his agenda as the top priority. Right from the rule book on Service-to-Self planets, yes.
      [Zeta response ] A summary of proceedings around the world could include the Earth changes, where we have inferred a 7 of 10 would arrive by the end of 2010. Rising from a 2-3 at the start of 2008 and arriving at a 5 by the end of 2008, this scale is clearly not linear. We are currently at a 6 and our statement is that a 7 of 10 would "shock the world" and be unmistakable. Such a move on the scale would involve either a roll of the S American Plate to press islands in the Caribbean down, or do likewise with the Indonesia tongue to press Sumatra and Java and the Malaysia peninsula down, or rip the New Madrid fault line. We have declined to say which of these events would occur first, or when, but can only say that at least one of them will occur before the end of 2010.

      Meanwhile, the Earth is in a daily wobble which involves pushing the magnetic N pole of Eath away daily when it comes up over the horizon. This wobble has been complicated lately by an occasional and temporary lean to the left or lean into opposition. So the N Pole of Earth has also been pointing away from Planet X to the left or toward Planet X on occasion. All of this makes where the Sun rises and sets very erratic, so extremes are noted. This trend is not going to change or go away, though other variations on the wobble may emerge. About this we can say no more as we prefer to keep the establishment discombobulated. All this dither has on occasion placed Planet X into an optimal position to be viewed as the Second Sun.

      Meanwhile, back at the cover-up, panic is rising. The favored excuses to explain the Earth changes the public is increasingly becoming aware of have failed. Global Warming was discredited when it was revealed that the data was cherry picked, by none other than the UN spokesperson. Al Gore is in hiding. The fond hope that the Sun would progress to a solar maximum so that solar activity could be touted as the cause of electromagnetic disturbances has died as the Sun refuses to wake up. The hope of blaming increasing earthquakes and shifting ground on solar activity is hopelessly dashed. As an object next to the Sun, evident to everyone, becomes a real possibility, they can only plan a quick dash to their bunkers or hope for early retirement to be granted. They have no plans for how to explain the matter, as they know the public will be enraged.

      Meanwhile, UFO activity increases, and telepathic warnings are sent to those below who see these displays. Flood dreams, a sense that one needs to move to higher ground or migrate to a different region are common reactions to such telepathic messages. The common man increasingly senses something is terribly wrong, especially if they see the Moon out of position or the Sun rising an hour early, with no mention of this in the media. They seek their prophets, as every culture has them, and research history and folklore, and quietly resign themselves to the possibility that cataclysmic changes might be in their near future. Beyond that, they plod through their life, as most can do no other if they expect to feed themselves and their loved ones. Those with the resources or opportunity to make changes in their lifestyle so that they might survive what they sense is coming often do so. But just as many, if not more, simply deny any unpleasant thoughts.
      [Questioner ] A question concerning UFO sightings. Do they hang around the sun, just to the point of not being able to see them because of the brightness. A few of my most recent pictures has me wondering if I caught one. Is it black ops, earthly produced?
      [Zeta response ] This issue came up when the moons of Planet X were spotted in images provided by the Stereo Ahead and Stereo Behind satellites. Those in charge of the cover-up quickly circulated rumors that these were UFOs, hiding near the Sun. We scarcely need the glare of the Sun to hide our presence, as we have explained in the body of ZetaTalk. Our motherships are right overhead, concealed by the bending of light rays around these motherships so what you see it what is above the ship, not the ship itself.
      [Questioner ] What will cause the human race to die out one hundred years after the shift? Will the Zeta's sterilize the remaining humans? Its in our genetic makeup to reproduce and we have done that after prior passages of PX and rebuilt the population. So why will this time be different?
      [Zeta response ] What is missing from this perception is the Service-to-Other mindset, which does not wish for one's child any but the best and which is capable of putting ego aside. Your population reproduction on Earth involves careless sex where unwanted babies are conceived, parents who see a child as an extension of themselves and reject any baby that does not have their genes, and large families as a source of labor power and brute strength during confrontations. Service-to-Other individuals do not think like that. Imagine that every babe born after the pole shift will only have a Service-to-Other soul. Those who are alive today will die out in 60-70 years, or certainly within 100 years. Their children will be Service-to-Other, if the child survives at all in the Aftertime environment. Those children that do survive will likely be encountering the hybrids or other visitors, if not already in contact pre-birth. If and when they desire children of
      their own, they will be aware of the hybrid program. They may even be intermarrying with hybrids. And if genetics from both human parents is desired, they are highly likely to request assistance so that the child can in addition have hybrid genetics that will allow the child to be a peer of those in the community, and not be given a virtual handicap by being merely human. The instance where fully human offspring propagate and are present at the 100 year point will be rare and fleeting, as their offspring would likely have a different opinion on child bearing.
      [Questioner ] I have a question for the Zetas concerning the hosing of planet earth. When Planet X hoses the earth, will that be the cause of the 7 out of 10 event that you saw in your holographic movie in the fall?
      [Zeta response ] Planet X has been hosing the Earth with magnetic particles, which is the primary reason for the Earth wobble, present since early 2004. As the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes over the horizon, it is pushed away, what we have called the polar lurch. This has gotten increasingly violent, thus the extremes in weather and tides. What will cause the 7 of 10 will be something additional. The closeness of Planet X has caused more than a press of magnetic particles from the N Pole of Planet X, it has forced the Earth to begin contorting to come into alignment with the magnetic field of Planet X in some way. Since the start of 2010, the Earth has at times been in a temporary lean to the left, falling to its side a bit. And lately, during July of 2010, it has even been moving into a position of opposition where the N Pole is pointed toward the Sun beyond what the seasons would dictate. We have described the end of the Serpentine Dance, so popular
      in crop circles. This slow steady daily roll, the well measured and recorded Figure 8 Earth wobble is now ending, to be replaced by something far more violent. In addition to this daily Figure 8, there will be erratic times when a sudden lean to the left or into opposition occurs, violent jerking around of the Earth. This has the effect of jerking the Earth plates against each other, so they move. It is this that will create the 7 of 10 scenarios.
      <http://zetatalk.com/ning/31jy2010.htm > 
      [According to the STO ZetaTalk space angels, planet earth can expect an increase
       in many more UFO/ET sightings before the catastrophic 12-2012 PoleShift] 

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