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Star Seed Linage Traits

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      Fellow Star Seeds,

      Last night I was talking with Asheoma about things and we got onto a conversation about how many of the Star Seeds have attributes and characteristics of their heritage that they often don't realize is not a Human trait. I was fascinated by Asheoma's comments and asked him if I could share with you guys. Of course he replied "By all means! Why do you think we are having this conversation to begin with?" LOL

      So anyway, here are some of the things Asheoma told me about. He said many people on the group will be able to relate to some of the characteristics and it may help them to figure out for themselves their own heritage. He said to remember that many Star Seeds are mixture of different species - so a person may have some traits from many different Star Species. Hope you guys find this as fun as I did last night!


      1. Tendency to pick things up or use hands with only the thumb and middle and fourth finger. The index finger tends to be held up or out of the way the same way the pinkie is often held aside.

      2. Mathematical calculations of things not necessarily related to math. For example, siting in traffic can result in normal planning of how long it will take to get home, but someone with Zeta genetics or energy heredity can find their mind flooded with mathematical equations of things such as the amount of energy output of vehicles not in motion, or the heartbeat calculations of the way stress impacts the other drivers. Music also tends to be viewed as a math.

      3. Curiosity about the logical reasoning behind emotional responses in others. This is not the same as what Humans tend to do with our own interactions. This is what Asheoma called a "subtle yet intensely deep" desire to fully understand the root of emotional responses others are having to a situation which does not involve the Star Seed themselves.


      1. Profound sensitivity to cold - often will physically hurt. This is due to the warm and dry nature of the home world. It is also the reason the skin of the Reptoid People represent the animals on Earth after which we have named these Star Beings. This sensitivity goes beyond the normal human discomfort that comes from colder climates. People who have a Reptilian linage can not physically handle even short experiences of cold climate as it often results in headaches, nausea, and severe joint, muscle, and skin pain.

      2. Bluntness / Truthfulness. This trait often leads to misunderstanding of these descendants to their Human relatives. The trait is not driven by ego or power. It is very open and honest communication style which that Species spent "millions" of years cultivating and respecting. There is a tendency for cultural misunderstanding both directions when this is not understood for what it is. Those who are Reptoid linage can "pick up" a "hidden truth" better than any bloodhound. They can see deeply into the true nature of written and verbal communication. If they see that someone has hidden information from them within the communication (or has omitted important details), the red flag shoots up and the person is often viewed as an enemy. Asheoma said this was "vital" to the survival of that Species as they experienced a tremendously arduous civil war on their own home planet a very long time ago. They had to develop these instincts because they were turned against each other (ego beings against the lightworkers). Honesty is the highest valued trait to this species.

      3. Cryptic sense of humor. Not sure really what Asheoma was talking about with this - Zeta tend to be pranksters a bit and enjoy shapeshifting stuff or fun things. But he said the Reptoids have a "criptic" sense of humor and if you have this trait, you know it and probably have wondered where it came from. He said it is NOT like any other humor he has ever encountered :-)

      "Praying Mantis"

      1. Compassion extending beyond normal bounds. Asheoma described this as almost a "Mother Teresa" expression. He said that in fact, she did come from the Praying Mantis linage. These people will often sacrifice daily their own needs in order to help others. Asheoma said this trait is one they are born with and teachers and parents often notice this first. Humans often tell these Star Seeds that they are "letting others walk all over them." But this is not the truth. Asheoma said this trait is NOT the same as the "victim" role an abused human will assume at times. He said these Star Seeds gain joy from being of service to others and to Source. They are also very humble about the process and will shun attention paid to them and attempt to focus the attention on Source or on the larger objective at hand. Asheoma said this trait of humility actually came from many years of development as a species where their light and energy was so bright that it would draw attention to themselves - and sometimes that attention was not good as there were dark energy beings who would "pounce" on entire colonies of these Star Beings. Asheoma said that as a result of this, they learned to cloak their own energy patterns without changing their nature of purity. They blend into the scenery of everyday life. Asheoma said that it is only after a person gets to really know a Star Seed who is a Praying Mantis heritage that they will see how bright their light really is.

      2. Communication for these Star Seeds is unique. They often hear language as sound - musical and often with beats or timed. Their speech can give them away at times because even with the Human language, they will slip into a cadence of sorts that is not Human.

      3. Music tends to hold special meaning to these Star Seeds. Their Star Relatives learned to hide communication within their music. This was also done as a way to mask themselves from predators and as a way to pass on important communication without it being intercepted. Human music tends to confuse these Star Seeds at times because they will sense that the music is deeper and may hold important information. Humans do tend to insert energy into their music, but the message is often muddled. To those who are of this group, they will become agitated after spending energy to carefully listen for the communication only to have discovered it is basically "child babble" or "empty." On the other hand, music which does contain true communication or deep information for others is highly valued.


      1. Physical inability to handle intense sunlight. Earth sunlight is more intense than their home world.

      2. Healing abilities. More than the standard Human, these Star Seeds have an internal knowledge of what is causing illness and how to restore health. They often find themselves led into professions such as doctors and nurses or emergency workers.

      3. Teaching ability. These Star Seeds often have an easier time sharing their knowledge with others. They tend to have harsh emotions towards others who horde their information if the sharing of the information will benefit society.

      4. Justice. These Star Seeds come from a culture that thrived under a very fair system of internal justice. When they observe justice not being handled with compassion - or if they witness injustice, they are very upset and will work hard to restore justice to the situation.



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