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Re: [ufodiscussion] Rendezvous With The Armored Car Driver--July 4 Weekend

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    That s very entertaining Bre. If he wasn t too young I would have said that Dragon is the reincarnation of Isaac Asimov! Or maybe Cordwainer Smith. Or Keith
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      That's very entertaining Bre. If he wasn't too young I would have
      said that Dragon is the reincarnation of Isaac Asimov! Or maybe Cordwainer
      Smith. Or Keith Laumer. Gee, I miss those old science fiction writers!
      But Dragon has done a good job of standing in for them and has brought a
      cheer to my heart.

      But nuking the crust to make drilling easier? I don't think so
      somehow. It's not just that it's a crazy idea that only madmen would try
      (since the powers-that-be are proven madmen in any case) but also that it
      seems completely impractical to me, since they would have to drill down into
      the crust anyway before they could plant the nukes down there. That would
      make the drilling harder surely, not easier.

      Of course this does not rule out the possibility that they did nuke
      the crust anyway for other reasons that we don't know about. However, as
      far as I can see we have no cause to think that they actually did do this.
      The effluent from the well could be radioactive simply because it originates
      from a great depth within the earth where, relatively speaking, there is a
      lot of natural radioactivity already.


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      Hi All,
      An interesting tale.
      I wonder what Richard Hoagland will make of the nuclear aspect, when he
      finds out.

      (more from Dragon)

      From: Al Gray <captaindragonfarstar@...>
      Subject: Rendezvous With The Armored Car Driver--July 4 Weekend
      Date: Saturday, July 3, 2010, 2:47 PM

      I was almost finished with routine
      paperwork when I looked up and saw Agent 44D, the life-size holographic
      that lives in the Z-Force main frame computer and is tasked with the job of
      delivering messages to me. This one was a verbal message.

      "Agent LD50 wants to talk to you."

      That was all I needed to know. She was gone
      with a touch of my remote and I called ol' Joe Clark on the secure line. Joe
      drives the armored car that comes by
      twice a week and picks up Z-Force Group receipts. That isn't all he does,
      it's all his supervisor knows.

      "It's LD50 and he wants to talk. Meet me
      there in 20 minutes." Joe knows where to go.

      A bit of background info for those of you
      who don't know how things are here in East Texas. This is Jim Bowie country,
      right. But sometimes you'd never know. Old Jim would roll his eyes in wonder
      he could see what the locals do when deer season arrives. Jeeps and camo
      outfits, night vision glasses, scopes; all that is to be expected. What I
      expect to see was what they call a deer stand.

      Now, anybody can sit up in a tree and wait
      for a deer to come into view. Even ol' Jim may have done that in his younger
      years. What he would gasp in wonder at, were he here to see, is the big
      box with narrow slit windows on it. lt's big enough to hold four men, if
      don't move around much, but two would be all right. They're painted a dismal
      green so as to fade into the natural surroundings. I'm sure that's what the
      buyers tell themselves, anyway! The "deer hunters" hide out inside and wait
      a deer.

      The "hunter" is out of the weather and more
      or less comfortable. He can send text messages to his buddies in another
      location. Even bring in a coffee pot. With a small dish antenna on top, you
      could even get reception for your laptop. I was looking at one at a vendor's
      place a couple of weeks ago. We shared a laugh over how ludicrous is the
      idea. And agreed that nope, that ain't the way that ol' Jim done it.

      What the vendor did not know is that
      Z-Force Group has one such 'deer stand' in a remote location. They are
      enough so as to not attract attention, so it makes a great cover for our
      purpose. And that was where I met Joe. We arrived at about the same time.

      The dismal green exterior paint is a real
      contrast to what is inside. High tech equipment. Compact by necessity, but
      advanced. The high definition video screen dominates the small room. And
      just as
      you saw on Star Trek, this is how we communicate with agents in distant

      I explained to Joe as we made ourselves
      comfortable that I had sent a message to LD50 asking him to find out what it
      that BP is hiding in the Gulf. The Controllers are not handling this crisis
      way one would expect. Why would they not grasp the opportunity to create
      or blame an outside force, or to move people into accepting some sort of
      legislation that is favorable to them? Instead, we get armed patrols on the
      beaches and the whole area is a no-fly zone. And now the story is fading
      the news headlines.

      I punched in the number code and the screen
      came to life. There was LD50.

      "Greetings, my friend. Have you an answer
      for me?"

      "You'd better sit down for this one," he
      said. So we sat.

      "The colored stuff you see on top of the
      water is not oil. Oh, there's oil there, all right. There's also volcanic
      and asphalt. And it is all radioactive. That's the big deal. That is what
      are hiding. This is why all the clean-up crews can only see BP-approved
      This is why they are burning the sea turtles, dolphins, and birds. This is
      they really are not interested in skimming and saving the oil. It is hot.
      Corexit is there to make it sink and disappear.

      "BP used nukes to get to the oil faster.
      Gotta save money, you know. It's not enough that they made 58 billion
      dollars in
      profit, not gross, but profit; over the last three years. Short cuts and
      lack of
      safety are already publicly admitted. That admission is to cover up an even
      bigger sin, the sin of nuclear explosions to fracture the rock so as to make
      drilling easier.

      "Haste makes waste, as the old saying goes.
      Couple that with greedy capitalists who are allowed to play with toys they
      understand, and you have all the ingredients for disaster. Disaster struck
      the form of ruptured drill pipe."

      "We knew that one already," I interjected.
      "We did not know about the radioactive oil and sludge. The radioactivity
      from the nukes?"

      "Yep. The good news is that there is only
      one bad news", he said with a grin. "Everything coming up is radioactive.
      the bad news. The rest is all good news. The bomb was a 'dirty' bomb, so the
      radioactivity will be short-lived. The other good news is that the hole in
      ocean floor is closing rapidly. It began closing two or three days ago and
      now at about 20% closure. There are naturally-occurring organisms that will
      the oil and other sludge and in time the problem will disappear. These tiny
      organisms feed larger organisms and so on up the food chain and the Gulf
      recover in a surprisingly short time.

      "The clean-up workers, they're being
      mushroomed. Keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em horse poop. They are a BP
      to be used and then thrown away. They have no clue about the radioactive
      of what they are cleaning up, and neither do the armed guards who stand by
      keep reporters away.

      "Sure, they get sick. They go to the
      doctor. The presence of benzene and other chemicals is admitted, but their
      effect and importance is downplayed. Again, this is a cover for an even
      evil; that of radioactive poisoning of these workers.

      "This is what they are hiding, Dragon and
      Joe. The radioactive nature of the stuff coming up. This is why they don't
      much attention given to the event, and the controlled press is assisting in
      cover-up. The press doesn't know the truth. They are deferring to the wishes
      the BP execs. 58 billion dollars is enough to get most anything done, or

      "Things ain't what they used to be, as
      Woody Herman once wrote in a song. With cell phones and the internet,
      a reporter today. They can only keep the lid on this for a limited time and
      it'll all blow up in their face. Pluto is the ruler of events like this, and
      Pluto is in retrograde right now. When he goes direct, the cover will blow,
      sure", I told him.

      "They know this, I'm betting", was his
      reply. "But now they have a bigger problem than that."

      "How could there be a bigger problem than
      that?" I thought it was a natural question to ask.

      "Here's the deal. The top of the Illuminati
      pyramid has always been off-world. Those from there who were here and
      the show, they've been kicked off planet. Like a mobster who still runs his
      family from the joint, they are all holed up in the interior of the moon.
      from that vantage point, they influence and control events down here. No one
      suspects. The moon, of course, is a hollow artificial satellite, but you
      that already.

      "No one knew the off-worlders were inside
      the moon until one of our other
      operatives discovered this a few days ago. He knows, and they know he knows.
      They tried to take him out but their beam missed him by about a foot and hit
      crystal wand on his bedside table. And they know that he told you. And the
      possibility that you will respond has them concerned."

      "I knew about the broken crystal wand", I
      told him. "Not until this minute did I know the reason why. And yes, they
      be concerned. They went after one of my men. There's no redemption from
      Something will be done."

      LD50 said that was all he had at the moment
      and he had to get back home or be late for supper.

      "What's for supper?"

      "Seafood", he said with a grin. The screen
      went dark and he was gone.

      Joe and I closed up the 'deer stand' and
      made ready to leave. I answered yes to his unspoken question about
      "Gotta get back to headquarters and contact some friends. That place will be
      ruin when morning comes."

      And so it was. And so it is.

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