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Re: [ufodiscussion] Nasa Warns of 'Huge Space Storm'

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Good luck with trying to prepare for these upcoming events, Dex. Maybe you can do something practical to prepare for them in the USA but here in Britain there
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      Good luck with trying to prepare for these upcoming events, Dex.
      Maybe you can do something practical to prepare for them in the USA but here
      in Britain there doesn't seem to be much that any of us can do - apart from
      praying hard and reforming our characters that is. As a nation of 60
      million people crammed together on a set of islands totalling about 100,000
      square miles in area, we can't even feed ourselves on homegrown food and
      there's nowhere to escape to if geophysical disaster strikes. Our social
      infrastructure is totally dependent on electricity too, so if the sun should
      strike the earth with a really big CME a lot of Brits will die. There's no
      doubt about it. It's a stone-cold certainty.

      But how serious is this threat really? You can bet that government
      scientists the world over will have been thinking about this for at least
      the last nine years when the sun reached the peak of its previous
      activity-cycle and started blowing off CMEs like rockets at a firework
      party. Not one of them appears to have hit the earth and done enough damage
      to write home about. Some of them did make a few satellites malfunction I
      gather, but that is about all. So why should we expect things to be any
      different in 2012-13 when the sun will again be at the peak of its present

      This question becomes even more significant when we consider that
      the sun has made a very late and slow start to its present activity-cycle,
      with very few sunspots and solar prominences being visible on its surface
      compared to how many there would normally be at this stage of the cycle.
      Something seems to have changed in the sun's behaviour but solar physicists
      do not yet know what the change is. It's almost as if the sun has gone to
      sleep. They had a convention recently to compare notes, as reported in New
      Scientist magazine at:

      The article reports one of the scientists as saying: "The latest
      solar cycle was supposed to be the most active on record. The trouble was,
      no one told the sun.".

      So why is NASA now alerting us to the apocalyptic threat of a
      massive CME-strike in 2013 when the chances of that happening must be even
      smaller than usual? And they were never large to begin with. It seems to
      me rather like saying that in 2013 we could be hit with an asteroid of the
      size that wiped out the dinosaurs. Well, yes, it's true that we could, but
      the chances of its actually happening are extremely remote and if it's going
      to happen there's nothing we can do about it anyway. These cosmic events
      happen on far too big a scale for us to have any influence upon or power
      over. So what is the point in our worrying about them? Nevertheless, NASA
      appears to want us to do precisely that.

      Or does it really? Is this scary announcement in fact just a
      political maneouvre designed to influence the minds of Washington
      bureaucrats tasked by the Obama administration with making surgical budget
      cuts in the places where the voting public will feel the least pain?
      Recently NASA has seen its most cherished and prestigious projects axed and
      must now be fighting a rearguard action to salvage whatever it can from the
      federal budget so as to preserve its very existence. In order to install
      protection against CMEs in US satellites NASA will need a fleet of space
      vehicles to replace the retiring shuttles. So it needs that threat from the
      sun to secure its funding for the next howevermany years. However, as the
      scientist in the New Scientist report remarked, "The trouble was, no-one
      told the sun".

      Let's hope for NASA's sake that Washington bureaucrats don't read
      New Scientist.


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      (Note: Dan Sherman, Jim Hurtak warned about these upcoming events...so, I
      think it's time to try and prepare...Dex)

      Nasa warns solar flares from 'huge space storm' will cause devastation
      Britain could face widespread power blackouts and be left without critical
      communication signals for long periods of time, after the earth is hit by a
      once-in-a-generation “space storm”, Nasa has warned.


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