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Re: [ufodiscussion] Thoughts On The Oil Disaster.

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    That was a very thought-provoking piece Bre. Thanks for sharing it. I must say that some aspects of the Gulf oil blowout do seem very suspicious to me and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 17, 2010
      That was a very thought-provoking piece Bre. Thanks for sharing it.
      I must say that some aspects of the Gulf oil blowout do seem very suspicious
      to me and they beg dark questions in my mind. Like the question of why they
      even needed to use any oil-dispersant at all in the first place. Surely
      they needed to keep the oil and the water separate for ease of handling, not
      mix the two together by pouring in millions of gallons of the most toxic
      chemical dispersant available on the planet for good measure. I find it
      strange that no-one in the oil industry, in politics or the media seems to
      have picked up on this point either. So, what's the game?

      The Disclosure-Conspiracy idea postulated by Dragon is imaginative
      and, in a universe where anything is possible, who can discount it out of
      hand? But a space-war that we aren't supposed to know about? How could
      even the powers-that-be keep that a secret? I feel it is more likely
      (although not certain, of course) that TPTB are creating a pretext for
      forcing through cap-and-trade, which is one of the essential requirements
      for the creation of a global funding-mechanism to support their one world
      dictatorship. This has been practically shipwrecked by the Climategate
      scandal which effectively torpedoed their man-made global warming scam that
      was the original pretext.

      Anyway, another insightful blog-piece about it has appeared on Jeff
      Rense's site at: http://www.rense.com/general91/proof.htm

      Called "Some Things Are Hard To Prove Even With Proof", by J.
      Speer-Williams, it is written in the relaxed, laid-back style of the
      Southern States and sort of meanders like a river towards its essential
      points. But like a river it does get there eventually and I think anyone
      who has the time to take the journey will probably find it worth the read.


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      Cross post.
      For Info.

      I'd asked Al if I may share this beautiful piece of work w/another group,
      and he said yes.


      "Send it anywhere you like! Please put my e-mail address on it if you do.

      "There's more to this oil leak in the Gulf
      than meets the eye", I said to Joe. Ol' Joe Clark is the driver for the
      car service that picks up our receipts twice a week. The armored car was
      loaded with our bags of receipts. We were sitting on the front porch,
      drinking a
      cold one. 'Just coasting until payday', is the way Joe described it.

      "What is this stuff?", he wanted to know.

      "A gift from our friends from out of town,
      They smuggle it in through the Neutral Zone", I told him. "There's a planet
      somewhere out there in the Ford galaxy where it looks just like the Rocky

      "Tastes like Coors."

      "It's a vast universe. Full of

      I don't think he bought my explanation.

      I went on to share my thoughts about the

      Fact: The controlled press is not hyping
      this event and using it as a loosh generator.
      Fact: The controlled press is carefully
      avoiding placing the blame on any one person or any one company, even though
      BP's name is all over it. There are no bad guys that we are being driven to
      hate. This could have been passed off as a terrorist incident, but if they
      then it didn't work.
      Fact: The incident itself happened at a
      particularly auspicious time of year for black magic. There's something
      the transition period between Aries and Taurus that lends itself to dirty
      done on a large scale.
      Fact: The company is already known to the
      regulatory agencies and others as a company with a poor safety record. The
      company's poor safety record is a frequent topic of news reports, interviews
      company employees, public records, and eyewitness testimony. The public
      perception is that the company, and that rig in particular, was an accident
      waiting to happen.

      Now, let's pull all this together, I said
      to Joe. Given the history, if true, of the company's terrible safety record,
      what are the odds that the accident would happen on that particular date?

      Ordinarily, when a company or a government
      commits an enormous blunder, the cover-up mechanism kicks in. The guilty
      persons, if ever identified, are quietly promoted or dismissed, depending on
      circumstances. Not in this case.

      In this case, I think that the open
      admission of lax safety is part of the cover-up. It is much more preferable,
      perhaps, to be seen as incompetent than for the truth to be known. After
      those individuals who are being labeled as incompetent are mostly out of
      of the US regulatory and enforcement agencies. It seems that there are no
      barriers to the truth about lax safety and incompetent management and bad
      judgement. They are, it seems to me, using this to hide a larger

      The larger truth would be that this event
      was industrial sabotage done by a competing company or other hostile
      organization? Photos of the burning rig show
      a large hole in the helicopter landing deck. The fires are on the other side
      the rig at the moment that the picture was taken, so the hole was not caused
      fire. A laser beam, perhaps? More than one beam, since the hole in the
      helicopter deck didn't start any fire or cause major
      destruction. A different beam or beams did the real damage.

      Whose beam was it? And why? The very
      existence of such a beam weapon would be secret, and part of what is being
      covered up. That, and the fact that a hostile force of some kind caused the
      destruction. That's a war we're not supposed to know is going on.

      What was the destruction of the rig
      supposed to accomplish? Given the aftermath of the event, it would be
      to say that the Law Of Unintended Consequences was at work, and that the
      destruction went far beyond whatever they intended. We've already seen how
      difficult it is for the dark side to be successful now that the earth is
      operating at a higher vibratory rate. Combine desperation with a flat
      curve, and disaster is a natural consequence.

      Joe broke into my explanatory narrative
      with this:

      "What happens now? When and how will the
      hole in the sea floor be fixed?"

      "Can it be fixed?" That's the real
      question, I responded. "And do we have the technology and the political will
      fix it?"

      I went on to explain. We already know that
      there are competing forces at work, at least two. David Wilcock says that
      the Rockefellers vs. the Rothschilds. True or not, let's go with that for
      sake of having a name to use. Suppose that the technology to fix the leak
      and that it is in the possession of the Rockefeller faction, and that
      the ones who did the hit on the rig. The rig, of course, being British,
      would be
      a Rothschild asset. If what David W. says is true, the Rockie boys are
      for survival and that is the reason that the rig was attacked.
      Collateral damage to a few miles
      of shoreline or shiploads of birds is not going to be a factor they will

      To "fix" the leak right away would be to
      bail out one of the Rothschild assets. They won't be eager to do that. Their
      choice would be to wait until BP dies and floats ashore like one of those
      oil-covered birds. Clean-up? It can be done. Just another way of making
      They'll use BP's assets to pay for it.

      Now, another possibility, I told Joe, is
      that there is no way that the human race can fix the leak. Given enough
      the leak will stop completely on its own. When the pressure of the ocean
      is greater than the pressure of the whatever-it-is that's coming out, then
      leak will close. Or, Earth, herself a conscious entity, will intervene on
      own. Probably not until we have learned big lessons, though.

      Joe was eying the chips, and I motioned
      for him to have some. "These didn't come through the Neutral Zone", I told
      "They're from the local supermarket."

      "I'm not too sure that this beverage did,
      either," was his reply. I reminded him that it is a big universe, full of
      wonders, and went on with my story.

      As long as we're speculating, I told him,
      let's do some cosmic speculating. What if an even larger scenario is
      right in front of our unsuspecting eyes?

      'Splain, he says.

      O.K. What if this event is purposely being
      dragged out under cover of incompetency and fuzzy jurisdiction in order to
      maximize the impact? If the leak had been fixed and the oil contained right
      away, then the world's population, more to the point, the US population,
      go back to their soap operas and ball games. Nothing more than regulatory
      would have changed.

      Oil spills and oil contamination go on all
      the time. All sorts of environmental degradation and pollution and economic
      exploitation goes on all the time. We don't see it here, as the controlled
      keeps it away. Oil contamination is a major problem in Nigeria, but since we
      don't see it, it's harder to get people excited enough to do anything about
      When the oil becomes a problem for American workers, and American
      then we sit up and take notice. And if this event is being orchestrated in
      way, the effect is that the oil problem, and for that matter, the whole
      source problem, comes up for attention. Enough people get hurt, enough
      coastlines get ruined, and the people are ready for an alternate energy
      or sources.

      "You mean that this event is being
      orchestrated to achieve a certain outcome?", Joe asked.

      I told him not to discount the possibility.
      One man in the White House is not powerful enough to change our energy
      He only has about two years left before the next election. And even the ones
      are nominally on his side don't always come through when needed. You and I
      both experienced that situation, I reminded him.

      What if, sometime later on this summer,
      maybe August, after the oil has become a problem that has affected our food
      supply and our economy and people are desperate for a solution; what if, I
      he, Obama, uses that as an opportunity to announce disclosure? The ETs
      with the oil problem solution and it's ready to use. The earthlings will be
      involved in the process of stopping the leak and cleaning up the ocean. The
      will have proven that they are friends of earthlings, and with the
      working side by side with the ETs, bonds of friendship will form and the
      earthlings will see that the ETs look much like us.

      Exotic friends from outer space! Yeah! They
      look just like us but with cooler gadgets. And the earthlings will listen,
      things will begin to change. Seems to me that if they arrive and solve a big
      problem for the world, then they will have an easier time of being accepted
      if the government announced on a slow news day that we have some friends
      we'd like
      y'all to meet.

      Can't you just see the fear porn media
      spring into action? And the Armageddonists and other religious types.
      Scientists, too, would have their say. ET photos on the tabloids. ETs on 60
      Minutes, in the Rose Garden at the White House. They would be a commodity, a
      celebrated commodity. Chaos.

      Is this what Obama was thinking when he
      promised that the beaches would be restored? Is this why he appears to be
      totally unflappable, and even gets criticized for it? Does he know something
      that we don't know?

      ETs to the rescue, just like the cavalry in
      an old John Wayne western movie! You've seen 'em. They come riding up over
      ridge just as the settlers are running out of ammunition against those pesky
      Indians. In this drama, though, it's the darksiders who are the ones
      the settlers.

      If the ET leader looks like John Wayne, the
      I'll know I've signed up as an extra in the wrong movie!

      I looked at Joe to get his reaction. He was
      thoughtful for a long time.

      "Logic tells us," he said in his Mr. Spock
      voice, "that there are two possibilities. One, you are correct. Two, you are

      "Don't forget the third possibility", I
      said to him.

      "Which is......?

      "That both possibilities are

      Having found a point of mutual agreement,
      he said that it was time to get back to the shop. He was saying something
      Rocky Mountains on a planet in the Ford galaxy as he drove off, but the
      roar drowned it out. Soon he was gone.

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