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  • Dex
    Something of a battling nature is going on Dean...we can t help the fact because you haven t experienced it doesn t make other people s experience s not real.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2010
      Something of a battling nature is going on Dean...we can't help the fact because you haven't experienced it doesn't make other people's experience's not real.

      These people have been trying to alert us to these facts on this forum and other forums for a long time, but, it seems some of us would rather blow it off as illusionary exaggerated claim. It just can't be with the way they think about it some of us would rather assume.

      The thing I liked most about John E. Mack was when he finally conceded that mainstream researchers thought the experiencer didn't understand what they experienced with their contacts and would rather believe it had to be something different in a way more acceptable to their paradigm way of believing.
      He said...I think the experiencer is the one who really knows what happen's to them better than the researcher. He came to that conclusion after studying many many abduction cases.
      Mack was killed by a car while crossing a street after attending a UFO conference in Europe.

      Our lives have been threatened exposing secrets..either by human security cover up's or ET security, Men in Black, etc...The good news is, some of the highest experiences with our Divine, like the Anointing and the dispensing of gifts will still continue until the finalizing wrap up for advancing this life station. It is it's appointed destiny this time around.

      For those who can see..remember how we were instructed...When out in the field, be as wise as the serpent and gentle as the Dove.
      The war is between the Sons of darkness and the Sons of Light. Men are the instrumentation used either way in the struggle for a liberation long over due.
      Too many have remained trapped here and the Truth will set them free.
      The adversary, the anti-life life forms, whatever they are?..we were told about...goes about devouring like a Lion whom it can.
      What the wise men of ancient times learned and recorded in history of this observed scenario, IMO knew exactly what they were talking about.

      I have been spared Reptilian contact, but, have received information directly about their opposing the disclosure we desire. Whatever it ensues, they are a major problem. We've got to find a way working out the issue's with these specie's.

      All of you have to be careful with how you dispense information exposing their nature, if negative, and what you think may be their agenda. Revealing of the location of their bases is something security will interfere in your life over. Extreme threatening can result from that.

      More importantly than knocking on Satan's door during this lifetime, as it was predicted how close we'd come to realizing the truth of this aspect in our dust world experience during this lifetime concern's the ruler's who, as Jesus once said to a crowd, 'the ruler of this world comes as I speak to you and he has nothing in me', ought to expect receiving what's necessary for your continuation and participation with the higher Star Orders of the Living Light programs.

      If you can learn to pull in the Light with right mental and heart (feeling) alignment's ( resonance) you'll draw unto yourselves the greater energy attachments that will illuminate your body form consciousness.

      This knowledge is the knowledge being blocked by the lower world programmers.
      It is the destiny of all worlds in accordance with it's evolutionary stages to inevitably merge with it's galactic counterparts and that is what this is all about. The resurrection of a whole planetary star system and in order for you to continue with this advancing program, seeking understanding for the spiritual nature of what you are will help the higher teachers reach you with the things that we render unto God.

      You're here to prove to yourselves the Redeemer Lives!


      Well Dana,

      My physical etheric body was drained of energy (not completely) when I
      was around 45 years old, and I lost consciousness. I woke up in about an
      hour feeling very weak & exhausted. A week later, I asked the Tibetan,
      Djwhal Khul (through a friend), what had happened and DK said that I had
      been attacked by a brother of the left hand path (black magician) on the
      astral plane, and he gave me instructions for preventing it from
      happening again, consequently, everything's been lovely ever since.
      I suppose some hostile ETs might know how to do this also, which
      involves utilising a "deva of the shadows" as a go between to
      withdraw the energy, and you don't need technology to do this, but
      as far as removing the physical etheric body completely, forget it,
      because it's what keeps your heart beating, keeps you
      inhaling/exhaling, and oxygen to the brain, etc., etc.
      I certainly don't pretend to know what the cause of your
      difficulties are, or what's really happening, but I do know what
      they're not caused by from a metaphysical perspective.
      There are several outspoken members on this forum who aren't very
      well educated, which is evident in their thoughts, and don't believe
      that there are "knowers" and "old souls" in all fields
      of endeavour, but ignorantly claim to be wiser & more knowledgeable than
      the wisest souls who've ever lived. Ignorantly arrogant is an apt
      Most people who have problems with ET encounters would seek out a
      psychologist, or ET abduction group, or whatever, in order to find the
      answers to their problems, and not continue with the abuse. Apparently,
      you won't find out the answers you need from members of this forum;
      all many of them want to hear is how terrible things are for you, which
      its firm evidence in their minds that hostile ETs are among us and are
      abusing the hell out of a multitude of human beings.
      P.S. Many of the spiritual members on P4C are aware that the astral
      plane has been undergoing purification (like everything else) ever since
      the harmonic convergence in August of 1987, and that is why I sense that
      they're aren't very many low-vibrating, hostile ETs or black
      magicians around. I'll believe the astral plane has been infiltrated
      by hostile Reptilians when a member of the spiritual hierarchy says so,
      and not before.
      And, for those who have ears to hear: myself, along with many others in
      the UFO & Exopolitics movement over the years have been very outspoken
      about the satellite government's collaboration with ETs and their
      abuse of human beings, and we haven't been attacked by hostile
      aliens or MJ-12 hit-men, so, we don't need any warnings from anyone
      that are lives may be in danger for speaking out.

      --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, Dana Lillithe <ufochick@...>
      > No, I said I WOKE in my etheric body. I did not have these encounters
      > regular astral travel
      > . I have never had any problems during regular astral travel except
      > up odd places I wasn't trying to go LOL. Lets just say it's not my
      > But they all appeared to be in the here and now or close to it and the
      > settings were simply of places I could travel in my physical body. But
      I do
      > know the feeling quite well, there is a "feel" to being out of body
      > once experienced you don't forget. My first trip was in the 1980's
      when I
      > was a young mother and wife.
      > I have had my etheric body pulled out many times.. it is possible. It
      > one very dizzy and weak and sick sick sick to your stomach. All you
      can do
      > is go lay down and try to sleep. This was happening to me on a regular
      > (several times a week for several hours at a time and during sleep)
      > quite awhile. For me it was accompanied by a high pitched sound and a
      bit of
      > a feeling of being pulled on like a vacuume.
      > My etheric body was injured during some of these times when it was
      > from me and I had the corrisponding pain when it was returned to me,
      > although I had no memory of the experience. I actually had swelling
      > signs of abuse that showed up on my physical body from it, which
      > me. It was quite obvious what my etheric body was experiencing. When I
      > in my etheric body it affirmed the reason my body was being "borrowed"
      and I
      > fought like a crazed person.
      > It's very easy to say something is not possible... until I experienced
      it I
      > would have doubted it was possible. I understand there are different
      > of the astral. These experiences were purposefully done by technology
      > sentient Beings who have access to or reside in another dimension or
      > depending on which term you wish to use the astral plane. Could these
      > have been pretending to be reptilians? yes anything is possible but I
      do not
      > believe they were.
      > Knowledge is always enhanced and sometimes changed by actual
      experience. :)
      > My experiences in the last year or so have taught me much the hard way
      > made me realize how little I know of reality.
      > On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Dean Sloan jdsloan1@... wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Hello Dana,
      > >
      > > Please accept my apology for my somewhat unsympathetic reaction to
      > > alleged hostile Reptilian encounters during your conscious out-of
      > > astral travels, but karma�� is the key factor that determines
      > > one's life experiences, so, you'll have to figure out what
      > > you're doing & thinking to cause your negative experiences, which
      > > not due to bad luck or chance encounters.
      > > Actually, we have 3 etheric (rupa) bodies separate from our higher
      > > You forgot the lower mental, which along with the astral comprises
      > > personality consciousness. Our higher self (arupa) is comprised of
      > > higher mental body��, the intuitive (Buddhic), and the Spiritual
      > > (Atmic) bodies.
      > > 1. When we encounter anything on the astral plane that is
      unpleasant, we
      > > instantly return to the physical body via the etheric "silver
      > > cord" that's connected to our physical etheric body and it's not
      > > possible for anyone else, human or non-human to prevent us from
      > > that. There are non-human entities�� (not ETs) on the 7th
      sub-plane of
      > > the astral plane that can shape-shift their astral bodies into
      > > they want (hideous or appealing), and it is they who mentally
      > > those who karmically warrant being temporally restrained in astral
      > > after death, which is in caverns of the earth: it's perpetual mental
      > > torment, because they can't close their astral eyes in astral hell.
      > > 2. If our physical etheric body were to somehow be removed from our
      > > physical body, as some people claim it can be removed with advanced
      > > technology, our physical body would DIE, and you wouldn't return to
      > > your physical body, but you would return to wherever the physical
      > > etheric body was removed to, because of the silver cord connection.
      > > 3. If all it takes to prevent our physical etheric body being
      removed is
      > > angelic protection, then the so-called removal technology is
      > > and very bogus, just like the alleged "soul stripping"
      > > technology.
      > > So, those are the reasons that I'm really not sympathetic to what
      > > some people allege to experience in their lives, especially those
      > > haven't educated themselves in metaphysics, psychology & dream
      > > interpretation.
      > > Robert Monroe did a lot of conscious-out-of-body exploring, which he
      > > recorded in his books, and he never encountered a hostile alien, but
      > > did encounter two friendly ETs, one of which decided to incarnate on
      > > earth in order to experience what it was like in the physical world
      > > subsequently, realised that it wasn't a whole lot of fun, but
      > > that's another story: see Far Journeys�� for some of the
      > > discarnate human beings he encountered, from those who were addicted
      > > alcohol & cigarettes to Christians that were going to various
      > > and also his experiences with animals, as well as his higher (arupa)
      > > astral heavenly experiences.
      > > Those who disagree with the metaphysics need to provide the links to
      > > authoritative sources (not fear-generating, metaphysically
      > > miss-informing, whistle-blowers) for their particular ideas &
      > > and those who think there aren't any authoritative metaphysics out
      > > there, haven't done their homework and, possibly, don't have the
      > > mind-set for it.
      > > Best regards,
      > > Dean
      > > P.S. I've mentioned this before on P4C that some members here spread
      > > the false idea that we need to fear for our immortal selves
      > > which has been around for billions of years, but now, suddenly,
      > > are hostile ETs around with advanced technology that are going to
      > > our soul's existence simply because we happened to incarnate on
      > > earth this time around. Right! If anyone wishes to call Iamblichus a
      > > fool, they're certainly free to do so.
      > > "The soul, Iamblichus says, is an immortal entity, unbegotten and
      > > imperishable, indivisible and incorporeal, therefore, it could not
      > > come into existence at birth, nor will it perish at death.
      > > being indivisible, being essentially incorporeal, and having nothing
      > > common with the body, it can be affected by nothing, nor has it any
      > > concern with change or condition."
      > > �� http://www.scottmandelker.com/Articles2/metaphysics.intro.html
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ��
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > �� http://www.amazon.com/o/ASIN/0385231822/
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