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PPD, Project Preserve Destiny, Part II

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  • Dex
    (Note: Closer to the truth than realized?...Dex) Cross posting: === PPD, Project Preserve Destiny, Part II === or.. === Magnetic Hole Growing over the ocean
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2010
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      (Note: Closer to the truth than realized?...Dex)
      Cross posting:

      === PPD, Project Preserve Destiny, Part II ===


      === Magnetic Hole Growing over the ocean off the coat of Brazil ===

      Magnetic anomalies ? That is what they are calling it. The area off the coast of Brazil is experiencing the lack of the earths magnetic fields. Other such "Hot Spots" where fields are increasing. Well its seems that the Office of Naval Research has joined in the fray with their development of new SQUID's. This is a quantum interference device which is useful in several areas one of which is detecting changes in magnetism. Is the earth going to suffer a pole shift ? Well the increase of the heat beat of the earth says something is happening. It normally beats at 7.5-8 cycles per second but is up around 14 beats per second. Isn't this unusual ? No.. It is quite unremarkable when you factor in the changes in the solar system. From Uranus to the sun all the planets have been experiencing global warming. This is linked to the changes which are also happening magnetically. Each of the solar bodies is also experiencing magnetic anomalies. Why ? As we approach the equatorial galactic plane we are at a particular angle. This angular offset between our solar plane and the galactic equatorial plane is called the plane of the ecliptic. The angle that we are at will send some planets trough the galactic plane sooner than the others depending upon where they are in relation to the crossing of our solar system. This will send shock waves both visible and invisible through our solar system.

      What can happen.. ? We are seeing it.. and some.. some are feeling it.. We have just passed through one of the bands which the PTB's have not told us about. The subsequent passing through these bands of radiation will almost certainly cause more shock waves on each planet in our solar system. What they have not told us is that similar seismic activity has been noted on the moons of Jupiter. Still we are kept in the dark as to the goings on of this rare event which is unfolding in front of our eyes. Have the told us of the spectral anomalies which the our sun has demonstrated recently ? Have the mention the anomalies in the rings of Saturn or the cloud formations on Jupiter ? Nothing in a context that would raise suspicion.

      Pole Shift.. Global Warming.. ?

      Is it going to happen and is this the #1 causal reason for Project Preserve Destiny. Is it global warming ? Global warming is not something we are doing but it is a hoax. If global warming were due to mankind then why is global warming happening to Neptune and for that matter all the other planets of our solar system ? Only those who could convincingly hide the theft of the entire worlds economy and move it underground are behind PPD. It was planned for hundreds if not thousands of years. What would be the only place we could hide if we had a pole shift ? For 1000-2000 years of instability in the earths magnetic fields all life for that time would be lost on the surface. This is due to the lack of protection from the solar radiation both ionizing and non ionizing.

      But their is more..

      We have seen a systematic change to our belief systems. Our belief systems have been under attack for the past 100 years. Openly, forcefully, by the use of the law and educational systems. We have had our beliefs attacked because of one major reason. We are not alone. They have been hear for millions of years... Under the earth... The cities under the earth have yielded such artifacts as would not be believed by us here topside. They have discovered the "Next Energy Level". This new form of energy goes past Nuclear Fusion. It is the discovery of several more underlying forces which open the door to the quantum and sub-quantum realities. They already have been in communication with those in hyper-dimensional realities. These new power levels are like gasoline and matches to a young child wanting only to see what happens when they unleash these new powers. Hyperconductivity.. a quantum state which yields more power than what is input. This state, according to our physics, is a physical impossibility because it does not fit the accepted laws / dogmas which are foisted upon the masses. Hyper-conducting reactors which are able to simulate almost infinitesimal to the infinite masses. These virtual masses are able to generate gravitons through as series of projectors. They have used this technology to develop spacecraft capable of traveling superluminar velocities. How can this be when Einstein Blah Blah Blah. Relativity.. Super Relativity.. Blah Blah Blah.. Simply put, time and space can be localized on the event horizon. Meaning,.. that the craft which is traveling only feels a slight forward momentum even though the speeds are much faster. NASA pictures show craft moving 65000 to 150000 miles per hour then take immediate right turns as if the craft had no mass. This is not true.. The ships have mass but to the event horizon they only appear to be moving at a few miles an hour which means that the virtual mass and its resultant momentum is minuscule.

      Hyper-conducting reactors accelerating virtual masses is what the Nazi Bell experiments were all about. The shielding and the focus of the energies has only recently been perfected. Not only have we found a treasure trove of artifacts on our earth, we have also found them on the moon where we continue to data mine the moon more than we are their for the Helium-3. HE3 is what the new SQUID's use.. It is also part of the new Hyper-conducting super fluid arrays which feed graviton projectors. Hyper-conductors greatly differ to superconductor in the fact that they don't have the issues with eddy currents (small tornados) in the conducting medium ? Why ? Because hyper-conductors follow a certain geometric shape. The center is circular whilst the exterior shape is hexagonal. This shape changes the superconductor in the a hyperconductor by virtue of it inversion properties. It is why the call is sacred geometry. The central circle is the exact geometric size of the 6 points hexagon. This sacred geometry was brought forth in the Babylonian era where it was first noticed and copied by others.

      Who were these Babylonian's who brought forth technology, city building, coinage, crop management, water management, math, science, astronomy, astrology, astral projection, concepts of space travel. Yes, who were they really? They just show up 3500 BC from out of nowhere. They are 7 feet tall on the average. The brown skinned people of Sumer 4.5 feet tall see these giants, both physically and mentally overtake them. Who were these people.. Did they arrive from afar or were they here for aeon's. Were they the blue bloods or something else that excaped the ice age of 10,000 years ago. Were they the remnants from Atlantis or something else ?

      I have an answer... It is the same that have been with us. Task masters much like the Babylonian's and the Egyptian's. They who wish to cheat death. They who wish to cheat us all and make us in their image.... ??

      Project Preserve Destiny is about protecting age old lies which go back thousands of years.

      I have looked at the progression of technologies. And their are some things which don't fit. One is the car.. Simple as this is we should have seen the car progress into flying machines where everyone would be flying instead of using roads. Think of it.. No more roads which much up the environment. What hypocrisy by these so called do gooders. Yes, on the one hand they say carbon pollution yet we destroy our environment with roads and cars. What if we didn't have cars. What if we didn't need to use Petrochemicals for propulsion ? Well we don't... Its all about control. If they can keep us in cars then they can know where we are. Its easier to keep track of us this way. This is why everything we see, do, touch, smell, hear, sense... is all controlled. We are being manipulated on a grand scale. We don't have any choices... We are being herded like cattle being prepared for the slaughter.

      Reviewing Phil Schneider comments. I keep going over what he said. That we are just a sack of food to these creatures.. Billions ripe for the harvest..


      Boyd Bushman, In search of the Next Energy Level, New Physics..


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