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FW: Re: Greys Called the DOW

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  • Dex
    There s nothing substantial with anything you ve said...Wishful thinking... I don t think these people are making this stuff up Dean... You see the atrocities
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2010
      There's nothing substantial with anything you've said...Wishful thinking...
      I don't think these people are making this stuff up Dean...

      You see the atrocities that are occurring in our world as well as I do...
      What makes you think it stops with our planet?
      Look at the kind of creatures people are witnessing. I'm not sure were
      talking exclusively about ET's.
      Whatever they are, it's a non-theosophical aspect and some of it benign to
      our existence and may attempt to wipe us out if we don't ponder the
      befuddlement it engenders through some of these abduction cases.
      It's obvious you're of no help denying the reproach of those whose very
      lives were lost or threatened for revealing truth about the danger we're
      all involved.
      Collectively, as an awakened specie, we can demand through our petitioning
      right as an evolving humanity with the Galactic Orderings of Light to end
      this subjugation and suppression once when we realize that that is
      The denial of this novel enslavement I believe is one of the greatest
      methods used for ensuring it's controlling continuation.
      How can we welcome the power and abilities of benevolent intelligence when
      we're denied the right to know of their existence?
      Who do you think is behind this great suppression?

      Jesus once said, as I speak to you now, the Ruler of this world comes, and
      he has nothing in me.
      This mind force is still around and refuses to relinquish it's authority to
      a free Galactic system of life.
      The destiny for all evolving worlds is that they eventually join in
      membership with the greater world council's.
      Our planet wasn't designed for poachers. What befuddle's me is how the set
      up for taking on ET refuges failed in it's good intention's.


      Dean wrote:


      If it were possible for the DOW, or other karmically ignorant ETs, to
      create technology that could affect the soul, which it isn't, but
      for the sake of discussion, we'll say that it was developed, the
      fact remains that benevolent ETs, including 5th dimensional, would
      eliminate the ETs and their technology from existence, and if Hurtak, or
      "star intelligence," say that "fallen Watchers" "run
      programs" that "require souls to participate in," that's
      another metaphysical falsehood that implies our omnipotent God and His
      omnipotent soul creations are impotent, so, those with "privy inside
      information" are just spreading rumors and are metaphysically
      "Watchers" that have "fallen" "run programs"?
      Right! Sneaky "programs" that interfere in our souls'
      existence and God's creation? Sure, you betcha. Some people will
      believe just about anything, so, be careful about spreading nonsensical,
      fear-generating, metaphysically unsubstantiated hearsay.
      Also, posting messages that demonise ETs isn't allowed according to
      P4C guidelines, even if it was reported by someone else (Alex Collier),
      however, nothing was said by any of the monitors about that, because
      you're a good man, have been around for a long time and your just a
      little "befuddled" at times.
      If prayer & spiritual living were all that's needed to ensure that
      the DOW leave our souls alone, that's some very nonsensical
      technology, but it suggests that agnostics and atheists' souls are open
      for attack, which is just another subtle way of "proselytising"
      for Jesus Christ, which is also against forum guidelines.
      Thanks for your reply.

      P.S. Pardon me if I've misinterpreted your thoughts again, but we
      don't need "riddles" here, just the facts.
      And Juanita, pardon me too for being impatient with people who
      continually presume to speak from a superior altitude of being over
      members of the spiritual hierarchy, but they're not being very wise
      and certainly aren't humble either. The fact that
      Theosophy/Neoplatonism, among other free-thinkers?, explains the
      esoteric side of Biblical theology is just too much for some people to
      deal with, but it does away with the fear-generating nonsense of one
      life to live in conjunction with a world savior that must be believed
      in, otherwise, you'll spend an eternity in hell.
      ? http://reluctant-messenger.com/origen6.html

      --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "Dex" <dexxxaa@...> wrote:
      > I read again what you wrote Dean, and I sympathize with you.
      > I, by and large, luckily have learned the greater truths through my
      experiences..this other stuff is a nightmare and hard to get over if
      > The reason why we haven't heard of the likes of these confessions is I
      assume because they haven't happened before in our history. Now is a
      different case. Too many coinciding experiences telling the same thing
      makes possible, whether we like it or not, a chance that it could
      contain some truth.
      > I like the way you think Dean..it's better than these cropped up
      images from a runaway ET who's technology affects the very core of
      Creation in suspect violation mind you,
      > Hurtak has mentioned mankind was intercepted by fallen Watchers.. They
      want to run programs, so, they require souls to participate in those
      programs...this is complex. Everyone else I've become familiar with
      privy inside information says things similar in nature.
      > Although it's written, our Ka, Divine double wasn't affected by the
      fall and dwells in the midst of Christ awaiting our reunion through the
      Anointing process.
      > In case what I'm doing hasn't been figured out yet, I'm revealing
      important things indirectly.
      > I deliberately talk in riddles.
      > I was shocked when I read what Alex said about stripping the energy
      layers' of our soul because I was aware of this aspect long ago from
      another contactee when it was revealed to him as a threat from these
      > His wife sent me detailed information about it and soon after my
      reading it..disappeared from my possession.
      > You know we have other energy vehicles that we re-synthesize with in
      the lower world processing and I assume it is these vehicle's that the
      intelligence have threatened to remove from our being.
      > I don't doubt they can do this, but, it has always been regarded as
      highly unethical taboo in this reality game, but, apparently, not to
      these guys and now 2 totally unrelated sources I'm hearing about it
      from. Wowie Zowie!
      > This puts the imagining scenario too destructive in my mind's eye.
      > This is a worst case because we always believed our soul wasn't
      subject with this war and I guess the intelligence thought they'd tell
      us another thing or two about how much control they have with that.
      > I'm hoping it's all a lie, The problem may be that those who have yet
      to be allocated to Deity, this Underworld intelligence are under the
      assumption the rest belong to them. I think religious concept's have
      tried to make sense of this information, but failed to convey an
      understandable theme. It's been a good attempt but the interference to
      this exposure has confused it for us.
      > The reason I rely more with conveyances from other ethical star
      intelligence, is (1), if they're anything like me, they have no reason
      to lie, it's unheard of, and (2) they too may have direct access to the
      real recording's of our history.
      > They're a variety of reason's but I largely depend on our Divine
      Sources. The Etherian's of God. The Ascended master's and Angelic
      entities. The Whole Light beings, the Living Sun's of Our Creator.
      > They guide and communicate when necessary.
      > Here's the thing Dean...if this reality is a reality of belief's? and
      we believe the propaganda issuing from the negative sources, does that
      allow their having control over us. Are we handing it to them and
      subject to their rule because we've accepted their concept's.
      > According to Jesus, if we believe in the graveyard, we'll enter that
      > If we deny the Deity, then there is no Deity, and if we deny the
      Deity, (our Creator) long enough, eventually I've heard the Deity will
      deny us.
      > In other words, it's imperative to over ride our limited intelligence
      that smartly challenges' the notion God wants to guide.
      > I think it'd be far better to learn to adapt and accept the
      possibility to the higher concept offering... the offering that wants to
      show us a way to our liberation and release from the reality games of
      earth worlds, so that we can more fully realize life is a 'GIFT' and not
      a game.
      > I feel being stuck in the reality creation of other's, and when it's
      deemed the fallen eye because it refuse's to learn the right way of
      being, we'll, it just makes it all the more complicated for me
      perceiving the people in this world as adult's.
      > Everybody needs to grow 'up'.
      > Dex

      > Hi Dean,
      > It is clear that you believe yourselve to have all the answers, and
      believe yourselve to have found the "All that is There Truth". It is not
      the first time, I have notice this kind of mentality displayed, and it
      sadens me to say, that from what you have written is it quite clear that
      you have quite a lot still to learn about humility and Judgement.
      > Kind Regards,
      > J
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