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Greys Called the DOW

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  • Brel
    Hi Dex, Dean is among lots of P4C members who seem to have very little interest in contact. No matter how much is laid out in front of them, they refuse to
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 30, 2010
      Hi Dex,
      Dean is among lots of P4C members who seem to have very little interest in
      No matter how much is laid out in front of them, they refuse to have
      anything to do with It.

      In about six months time, scientist Loyd Pye will be presenting evidence to
      the world, based on irrefutable DNA evidence taken from the 'Star Child'

      This particular skull originates from a Human mother and a not of this Earth
      Which will give concrete validation of the book of Genisis and Zacharia
      Sichken's work.

      They have known for 11 years now what they had in front of them, but like
      the software required to make the movie Avatar, the make up of this
      particular type of DNA testing has only just become available.
      They need to replicate It at least three times, for It to have scientific
      validity in the very conservitive scientific community.

      Very exciting times just up ahead.

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      Dean, I have to tell you...I don't think that way at all.

      You must have someone else in mind. That's funny... Apples and oranges when
      it comes to understanding how I think. Oh well..it doesn't surprise me. I'm
      beginning to see this as a common trait among mankind.
      We really need a better working telepathy. Such is the disadvantages with
      verbal exchanges.



      You point out that we must "seek the truth so we can be freed"
      and that you "use to ponder from what", and now you think you
      have your "answers."
      The problem is, however, that you base your truth on the wrong sources,
      i.e., ETs, or other so-called "star intelligence" [sic]. You
      very foolishly presume that ETs (& contactees) are more knowledgeable &
      wiser than members of the spiritual hierarchy (Order of Melchizedek) of
      planet earth; that the ETs told the truth & nothing but the truth to
      Alex Collier, and that contactees are more metaphysically knowledgeable,
      wiser & more experienced than any human soul (embodied or disembodied).
      Your disregard for theosophical metaphysics is, apparently, grounded in
      a literal interpretation of Biblical theology with regards to the
      "only word of God", and one life to live in conjunction with an
      "only begotten son"/world savior.±
      Therefore, it all amounts to a different understanding/knowing, as well
      as experience, that I & others have with regards to our immortal
      selves¹ existence in heaven who are unaffected² by anything that
      happens in the 3rd or 4th dimensions (our physical, lower mental, &
      astral bodies). The metaphysical facts are that our personality
      consciousness (rupa/form) & soul consciousness (arupa/formless) are two
      separate entities, the former composed of substance of the 4th ether,
      whereas the latter (source & energizer of the personality) is composed
      of substance of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd ethers (the egoic lotus*) and, after
      umpteen-billion years of the universe's existence, you can be sure
      that there isn't (suddenly) any new ET technology around that
      enables hostile ETs to affect the soul and "strip" it or
      "capture" (steal) it from God's manifested ethereal
      essence/consciousness (heaven) out of which our souls originate and are
      a part of. You, the Andromedans and Alex Collier are saying that there
      are no wise men/women on earth and God is impotent, which only
      illustrates how foolish & gullible theologically miss-educated
      Christians can be.
      If the ETs Alex Collier communicates with say that the "DOW"
      "strip off energy layers of abductee's soul bodies,"
      they're lying, because there isn't any technology in the world
      of form that can affect the egoic lotus in the formless world, except
      for a nuclear explosion. When they follow that up with: "This
      energy is then "fed" to infant hybrids in attempts to sustain their
      life," they're lying again [see 1st response]. And, when they
      say: "This same technology is also used to disembody, capture, and
      contain a soul for future use," they're lying a third time, and
      that's a metaphysical fact. The crown chakra in its entirety is
      necessary in order to activate the physical body, not "strips"
      of energy from it, and the metaphysical details of the stripping or
      capturing ET technology can't be explained, because, like the
      Biblical eternal hell, it doesn't exist, except to those who are
      theologically brainwashed.
      The problem that some abductees & contactees have is this: their
      metaphysical knowledge & experience isn't sufficient for them to
      know/realise how to separate the science-fiction from the recognised
      metaphysics or ideas put forth, and the latter convinces them that
      everything said must be true. So, you foolishly believe that God? is
      impotent, along with our omnipotent solar Angels¶ that are created in
      God's fiery "image," apparently, because of a core belief in
      an "evil" "Lucifer" or "Satan" and the "fall
      of man." The fact that human spirits/souls descended & took on
      "coats of skin" out of evolutionary necessity "so that the
      universe may be complete" (Plotinus) is just too happy & logical of
      an idea for Christians, mainly because it contradicts the "only word
      of God" as contrived by the Catholic Church and programmed into
      humanities collective consciousness over millennia.
      Regardless, needless to say, I'm not worried at all about what the
      DOW or any other ET allegedly wants to do with my personality, because I
      know that the human soul is immortal & can't be harmed by anything
      in the physical & astral realms, or 3rd & 4th "densities", as
      they're erroneously described by using the same terminology. And if
      you wish to believe that ETs are tainting Homo sapiens in multitudes
      with less-evolved hybrids, or whatever, you can certainly believe that
      too. You can also believe all the alleged sci-fi miss-deeds or horrors
      regarding the Anunnaki, Dracos, Reptilians, Zetas, or whoever else,
      throughout the galaxy, but your belief doesn't validate the
      humongous scope of the ridicules fear-generating heresay from ETs,
      whether Zetas, Verdants, or "Allies of Humanity" [sic]. There
      are just too many benevolent ET races with more advanced technology than
      the hostile ETs have to believe the foregoing. Because of what you
      believe, you're frightening the gullible and miss-educated by saying
      that the DOW, as well as Lucifer (or Satan), can harm your soul but, at
      the same time say there's a simple solution: "I think it best I
      continue to focus my interest in the spiritual of my Being, to help
      ensure my release from this novel enslavement of the Under Worlds."
      So, if everyone prays & adheres to right living then they'll be okay
      too. Thanks for the sage advice. Apparently, it's a new realisation
      for you Dex, but truly spiritual human beings on planet earth got the
      message put out by various sages' millennia ago and have been living
      their lives accordingly throughout history, consequently, very few
      worries, and no unpleasant abductions.
      You, apparently, have not enjoyed life very much, but many human beings
      have had very enjoyable lives (exclusive of money), consequently,
      haven't felt enslaved in the "Under Worlds" as you term this
      lovely earth, which has been polluted by foolish personalities under the
      influence of the dark side, however, due to the existence of Providence
      & karma,? they'll automatically reap retribution in future
      lives, after which they'll be given opportunities to redeem
      themselves in future incarnations, because God is loving, compassionate,
      forgiving, and not judgemental or damming (like many of His children
      Knowledge of the higher worlds & its attainment gives oneself a clear
      perspective on our immortality and the means (love & compassion) to
      reach relative perfection. So, when you studied the Bible you didn't
      understand what St. Paul met when he said to "stand in spiritual
      being." You say that you're a "profound thinker", but
      believe in a literal interpretation of Biblical mythology£ (rather
      than what it veils) along with the bogus dogma of one life to live in
      conjunction with a world savior. And, you believe what ETs say, rather
      than what Plotinus says in the Enneads, which places you in the
      pseudo-enlightened, abductee "under world" of manipulation &
      horror by Zetas, "Reps" and Dracos, etc., etc.

      P.S. The term "density" is a misnomer when used to describe the
      ethers, however, it's been in vogue now for several years. The dense
      physical world (3rd dimension) is the only thing that's dense.
      Everything else is ethereal and is correctly termed less tenuous the
      higher you go, not the "highest density" as someone foolishly
      said, which is, of course, highly ridiculous, however, if so & so expert
      uses the term or expression, it must be appropriate. Right! Feel free to
      ask those who use the term to explain the densities versus dimensions
      correlation in metaphysical detail. Also feel free to continue
      discussing this from your profound thinking perspective where you've
      only recently realised what you need to do, and if you want to bring the
      "Zeta robot" hearsay into the picture, you're certainly free
      to waste your time philosophising or worrying about that idea too.

      ± http://www.truthbeknown.com/lifeofbuddha.htm
      ¹ Our individual focal point of energy?),
      ? Approximately one third of the souls incarnating on earth were
      created over a "5,000" year period beginning 21,688, 345"
      years ago (during the middle of the Lemurian root-race) according to the
      Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, consequently, they've been around a very long
      time: evolving while incarnating in several races & both sexes in the
      genetically altered Homo sapiens, which hasn't prevented thousands
      of souls from achieving relative perfection, unless you're a
      non-believer in the solar Angel and its evolution through periodical
      rebirth (reincarnation§). Therefore, fearing that our immortal selves
      might be destroyed while its energising a human being this particular
      time around, because of the hearsay that there are hostile, very
      intelligent ETs who've been around for billions of years and are way
      ahead of us in technology, consequently, we have to fear for our souls
      existence unless we pray & be spiritual, which sounds like
      Catholic/Christian dogma with a new demon (ETs). I'm guessing, but
      you probably also believe that the souls of agnostic & atheist
      personalities haven't any chance at all in continuing their
      existence & immortality, but will somehow wind up in "hell," or
      their souls will be "stripped" and "fed" to
      "hybrids," which just shows how judgementally foolish &
      metaphysically illiterate people can be, because of Biblical dogma.
      ² "The soul, Iamblichus³ says, is an immortal entity,
      unbegotten and imperishable, indivisible and incorporeal, therefore, it
      could not have come into existence at birth, nor will it perish at
      death. Furthermore, being indivisible, being essentially incorporeal,
      and having nothing in common with the body, it can be affected by
      nothing, nor has it any concern with change or condition." Only the
      metaphysically illiterate believe that something has happened in heaven
      or in the 3rd dimension to change the foregoing metaphysical truth.
      ³ http://www.esotericarchives.com/oracle/iambl_th.htm



      And: http://www..sacred-texts.com/eso/ihas/ihas16.htm

      £ http://pc93.tripod..com/mmag7dev.htm

      § "Thus in sum, the Soul, a divine being and a dweller in the
      loftier realms, has entered body: it is a god,* a later phase of the
      divine: but, under stress of its powers and of its tendency to bring
      order to its next lower, it penetrates to this sphere in a voluntary
      plunge: if it turns back quickly all is well; it will have taken no hurt
      by acquiring the knowledge of evil and coming to understand what sin is,
      by bringing its forces into manifest play, by exhibiting those
      activities and productions which, remaining merely potential in the
      unembodied, might as well never have been even there, if destined never
      to come into actuality. . ." PLOTINUS The Enneads, Book IV, Eighth
      Tractate: The Souls Descent into Bodyâ? [anyone who continually
      makes statements with the implication that they're more
      knowledgeable & wiser than Plotinus, Iamblichus, and Djwhal Khul, etc,
      needs to either publish a 10,000 word technical rebuttal to the Enneads
      & A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, or stop expressing their fear-generating,
      pseudo-educated opinions, which only illustrate that they're playing
      in a little-league ballpark and don't know it].

      * In corroboration with this: "I have said Ye are gods; and all of
      you are children of the most High" (Psalm 82:6). "Jesus answered
      them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?" (St. John

      ? http://www.scottmandelker.com/Articles2/metaphysics.intro.html
      â? http://www.sacred-texts.com/cla/plotenn/index.htm

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      > Alex C's Perspective...
      > The Race of Greys Called the DOW

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