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Encounters with the "Not so friendly" The WhiteSands event!

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  • Dex
    ... nightmare, that s from the Grudge 13 report..whoever this was didn t tell it right. The craft at white sands didn t land and it didn t look anything like
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2010
      Cross posting:

      > That's all bull!..That isn't what happened with the White Sands
      nightmare, that's from the Grudge 13 report..whoever this was didn't tell
      it right. The craft at white sands didn't land and it didn't look anything
      like how this report describes it.
      > The Socorra /Zamorra landing.. I was involved as a teenager. With a
      friend, we decided to work our way across the United States..from Calif. to
      New York were the plans. Our first stop was L.A...and our first encounter
      with the little girls in white suit's, that's what they sounded like out on
      the beach when we drove to L.A. arriving late at night looking for a place
      to sleep. Big adventurer's we thought we were. I was 16.
      > This is an interesting story..we found a beach we thought we could walk
      down to and sleep overnight, but, lo and behold, the strangest thing
      started happening as we walked down the path leading to the beach. The
      mysterious little girls started playing games with us. BTW this is
      lengthy..what I want to tell you is there was no beach, yet, we were there.
      One of those kind of cases. These beings traveled with us doing the darnest
      things imagined all across the states. Including landing in Socorra, New
      Mexico. They wanted us to hear about it in the next day News. We were there.
      > This High Strangeness experience should go in a book too. Among other
      encountering's an ET monitoring woman saved my life when we were in Kansas.
      I was incredibly exhausted and fell asleep at the wheel while driving and
      she woke me up, just in the nick of time.
      > Showlow, Arizona, we encountered two pretty young women that were awfully
      interested in us. They knew all about us and I don't remember telling
      anyone in that stop over restaurant anything about us. We had to ask for
      work for gas and food in every town. luckily, a gas war was on and was only
      around 25 cents a gallon. We had slept overnight in a hotel lobby that
      night and woke up to snow in the morning. Egads..no heater and no radio in
      my 53 Chevy convertible. Well, in the morning a mysterious stranger told
      the waitress to let us order anything we want for breakfast, he'll pay for
      it, on the condition he remain anonymous. That's when these pretty women
      came in, one sat down on my side and the other one sat down on Bruce's side
      and struck up a conversation. They weren't shy.
      > After only minutes of conversation passed they offered us an overnight
      stay with them in their cabin, I was floored, provided we'd be willing to
      collect wood with them. In that blizzard? It started snowing hard. Since
      for the day we were stuck in that little town of the woods...and couldn't
      find job to pay for our gas, we took up their offer. Mind you, these are ET
      women. Well, off we went into that blizzard. Maybe, I'll talk about it
      > I'm not a writer. Too may experiences to share.
      > The stories must remain accurate.
      > Dex
      > _http://hgn53k.blogspot.com/2008_11_08_archive.html_
      > (http://hgn53k.blogspot.com/2008_11_08_archive.html)
      > Imagine the stress!
      > Regards
      > Andy
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