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  • Dex
    DonD wrote: {Note; contactees - such as Dex apparently is - aren t contactees simply because they say they want to be in their conscious mind (gee, wouldn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2010
      DonD wrote:

      {Note; contactees - such as Dex apparently is - aren't contactees simply because they say they want to be in their conscious mind (gee, wouldn't THAT be great if it were so!), nor do the prohibitions that prevent conscious interaction apply to them - generally speaking.}


      That is very true and it was desired that I encounter the negative so that I could more fully understand what encroached in our lives through rampant possessions' in the environment and why the (star intelligence) were called in to assist us out of the mess.
      The craft occupants' worked with human, in appearance, counterpart 'teams' to co-mingle and subtilely intervene in attempt's to cut us out from those experiencing a negative spiral due to their alcohol and drug abuse. It was everywhere.
      I was one of those that went with nature and dropped out due to the people's madness but the ET thought I could be useful helping others with their problems. So, they some how managed to plunge me back into the crowd.

      Yes, it boil's down to Devil's and Angel's. The angelic's needed to protect the ET missionaries as well as the contactee's. They wield more power than people from other world's.
      Missionaries, scientist's and security team's.

      This is the best I can describe the truth I learned for why they came to Fremont, Calif... and about how our soul's are involved with what happens to us in the aftermath.
      I don't think very many are ready for this core aspect of why are they here?

      I might contact coast to coast to try to find out if anyone wants to know what it's like in the new embodiment's..the hybrid and the bodies they use. The Coma Berenice's people gifted me with the actual transference..I think it was because I was impressed with the little people's agility and what I was surprised about is the energy in the bodies. I had amazing speed and a high joy, and there were other discoveries.

      The Sacred Lady's (Medjudorji, Fatima, etc,..) appearances' have been announcing for some time to the world...Satan was released and more powerful now than ever before and we had better take care in order to survive It's devouring.
      Who do you think the Men in Black are?
      Anyway, I have a lengthy story to share and it seems to encompass it all. It's not possible to understand the specie Grey who I shared bodies with..unless you can do the same...what a unique introduction, Can you think of a better way to get to know a species?
      There's another group whose antic's have spoiled the whole bunch..yet, these differing specie humanoid's are nothing alike, yet how are you to ever know their differences.
      Maybe, that's another good reason they did with me what did, so that I would share the experience with others.
      Why I haven't is people aren't as open as they'd like to think they are and it would have been another ridicule among the ridicule's.
      We're being re-created from 'within' higher level sources and this is a hard concept for me to convey.
      We're being made into the Light images of other star intelligence's of greater creation's.


      I and my classmates be came aware of the beings when in the fourth grade. I believe they arranged a showing when we took a recess break and were outside playing when suddenly our attention was drawn to 2 of their brilliantly orange shining ships hovering in the air. When we all stopped doing what we were doing and began watching them..in a synchronic link, the two moved to make a letter C in the air..it was like they were saying to us...seeeee?
      Then jets were scrambled to intercept and when they entered the cloud formation momentarily, we couldn't see the jets and the jets couldn't visually see out of the cloud formation's, the two craft backed out in space in a split second. After witnessing that, we sensed they weren't from here, thus, our education, consciously began.
      Way later in the years I was on a radio program sharing that and other experience's, a friend of mine was taping the show from Sonora, Ca...A strange thing happened...He later told me
      that he for some reason played the tape backwards, either by mistake or intentional I don't recall, but lo and behold, found a message on it. He said it was the ET's and they said on the tape they didn't mind my sharing that experience, but, they didn't want my revealing the location where it happened. Alien magic again...
      He still has the tape.


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