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  • Dex
    I m really sorry to read this happening to you Phil. This is a most unfortunate developing aspect with a group I lastly was contacted by. Large wrap around
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2010
      I'm really sorry to read this happening to you Phil. This is a most unfortunate developing aspect with a group I lastly was contacted by.
      Large wrap around eyes..very white chalky skin.
      They monitor everything, they interject in our thinking whenever they want and are trying to assume a position in our lives.
      Making this short our choice is but one choice and that is if we don't like what their doing then we should leave. That's what they've said to me.
      I've learned there's a block in their level of thinking and it appears not a very high level. What irritates me most is I believe they're trying to maneuvered us into accepting them as new owner's for theirs and our program change here with the world.
      I think they interfere with other contacts we could be having with higher spiritual adamic star intelligence.
      Somehow this kind of aggressive Grey have either been appointed or of their own initiative have assumed the responsibility for the clean up of our world.
      Their attachments are incredibly a great nuisance. It's got to where they broke the trust I had in the variety I've met because they have the talent to assume any identity they want to appear and because of their invisibility power, we have no idea for real who's communicating to us.
      I learned of only one specie grey that played games like that...and it was through Paul Bennewitz's experience's. The originating hub of activity...Dulce.

      I have to say I would never have imagined an intelligence this aggravating..ever.

      What I'm expressing is a wonderment of the similarity with intrusive possessing cases of inhuman hissing, tongue wagging energy being demonic spirit's that you only learn about when provoked and take control of the body they've attached themselves to threaten you.
      A reptile act...Just what is really going on in our last days? They can save people from the catastrophes', but at what cost? I'm sure it involve's the ownership of our soul.
      They impede my progress and other intelligence have communicated my situation with this group and they highly recommend my avoiding them and to be strong about it.
      Their hounding feels endless and there is no peace with these beings.
      I really feel at times these entities are like the beings of our dreams that arrange the scenario's we run through..how much will power do we get to exercise (exorcise) there?
      If I choose not to participate, I enter for my freedom.
      This has become the strangest experience I could not have ever imagined. Is it a Gift or is it a curse? One thing for sure, it's a Pandora Box of unknown's.

      Now they tell me to prepare for contact..What a dandy for a prospector. I wonder if I'll hear my knees knock?



      From what you described, the greys are interacting with your son. Have you noticed any strange marks or puncture wounds on him? Does he talk about things he's seen or done or been told by them?

      As for contact with the greys, they can be stubborn in terms of showing up when you want them to. That's mostly up to them. I just talk outloud addressing them to show up, however my reason needs to be genuine and valid, not just because I want to see a ufo. There's no secret way to make contact. Just ask them outloud. If you're in contact you'll get a telepathic feeling acknowledging they heard you and they may show you a vision in your mind's eye showing what they're going to do. I address them as ET. But you need a specific question or reason to ask them to make contact and you gotta be sincere, genuine and use emotion, same as praying to God but they are definitely not God. They pick up on your feelings and emotional state as well as your well thought out question or reason. So this is a once in a great while thing to do. Not daily.

      THis isn't something to take lightly or think it will just be something fun to do. Trust me, You DO NOT WANT TO BE TAKEN!!! It shatters your reality. From what you've already described they are already interacting with your family. You may have been taken several times already but aren't consciously aware of it because of the amnesia they give us. I didn't know I had been taken all my life until they woke me up at age 43 and showed up repeatedly to confirm it. Then I began remembering encounters all the way back to age 4. If fear were measured from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most fearful, being taken is a 20. When I'm taken and consciously allowed to interact, I have to fight to keep my fear under control even though I know I'm under their control the entire time. I can act completely calm with them while my brain and gut are in a huge knot of fear. What keeps me relatively calm is knowing they always put me back where they found me. They'll operate on you and examine you without your permission because they deem it necessary with no explanation most likely for their reasons. Best I can do is hope it's not going to harm me and is for my own good because I won't allow myself to believe they'd purposely harm me because to accept they are truly malevolent is the same as giving up hope and I refuse. Hope is all I got. I'm not one of those who says the greys are our best friends nor our worst enemy. It's a bitter sweet relationship. I don't like a lot of the things they've done with me or to me or to other abductees\contactees I know. THey don't give us a choice. However they have helped me 3 times in the last few years because I learned I could ask them to and that they'd respond quickly. They are highly covert and secretive. In the last few years, if they don't allow me to consciously participate in the contact I'd never know contact had occured if it weren't for the familiar marks they left on my body. I badly sprained my thumb a few years ago. It wasn't healing years later. I started thinking the greys could easily repair the damage probably with a laser. A couple of weeks later I woke up with three red dots on that thumb. That's exactly what they did. Repaired it without incisions. I bet they just shined a laser on it on those 3 locations to heal it. It no longer hurts like it used to. A little over 2 years ago I went to the eye Dr. to get an exam and my eyesight had dramatically improved according to the test results. My vision was about twice as powerful as it was prior. How many people do you ever hear of having their vision improve with age and I'm 50 now? I don't wear my glasses as much as I used to now. Oct. '09 when the swine flu was looking serious and there were no vaccines I asked them outloud as I drove home, ET, if you have the swine flu vaccine, I could probably use it. Two mornings later I woke up and instinctively looked at my arm right where they gave me a shot. It was strange looking because instead of a tiny hole from a usual round tipped needle it was more like a short slit maybe 1/16 of an inch and was swollen up a good bit especially on one side and was red. It was swollen for about 3 days. Then on the 4th day I had a reaction and at midnight started shaking uncontrollably and my teeth were chattering uncontrollably. I shook so hard my feet and legs were going up and down in the air as I lay on the bed. I shook for 5 hours like that. I couldn't get warm no matter how many clothes I put on or how many blankets I had on. My wife thought she'd have to call 911. I was asking Jesus to help me, that's how bad it got. That was one strong shot. The next day I checked my temp and it was 2 degrees below normal. Normal by the way is what my life isn't.

      So I know they know everything I do like typing this post and hear my requests too. The one thing I don't know is why they take me all my life. The abductees I talk to are all watched by them 24/7. There is no privacy. You really don't want to be taken. Once you know you're an abductee it changes your life to a different life, not the one you were living before you knew. Most of us suffer PTSD because of it and have trouble sleeping. Some abductions are easy and some are very hard and traumatic. You don't want to know how traumatic. I'm being very kind to the greys in this post. My thoughts are not private because I'm an abductee. It's been this way my entire life.

      People want proof they exist. If they wanted you to have proof they'd show it to you, the individual. They're not a circus act for a crowd of the curious. I have implants from them. Even if they were removed, they'd just replace them, it still wouldn't prove they exist. They don't play by our rules, just theirs and they can be VERY stubborn. There's no stopping abductions. Once taken always taken. However, you can learn to adapt by getting inside their head. I had to learn to think like them to get them telepathically to give me some privacy and not take me just because they want to. When I go to bed the last thing I think is I don't want to be taken. That's a conscious statement to them of my free will. So wouldn't you know it the nights I get taken I forgot to think that, lol :) Then there's shielding, mentally and spiritually concentrating on forming a shield or bubble around yourself using God's holy light to protect you from all evil. Being taken against my will isn't my idea of having fun.

      You won't hear any of this on TV. That's because it's the truth. If you are still bent on making contact on purpose I've heard some people use a laser pointer to point or flash at lights in the sky to try to get a reaction from them. Of course not all ufos are the greys. So good luck.


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