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ET Missions..What a Dandy

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  • Dex
    Dex The verdant creatures are very uniform in height, ranging from about five feet two inches to five feet four inches. They are slenders by human standards
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2010
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      The verdant creatures are very uniform in height, ranging from about five feet two inches
      to five feet four inches. They are slenders by human standards and have dark eyes that
      shine out from slanded openings that are not much more than slits.
      Their noses are very small, with tiny black dots that appear to be nostrils. Their mouth
      not more than slits, no teeth, small lips.
      The ears are slightly larger than human ones im propotion to their size and they are
      pointed. Remember Mr. Spock of the Star Trek Tv series? No body hair.
      The skin color is uniform with everyone in the ship, almost a multiracial element,
      grayish, whitish, greenish.
      All beings are wearing flowing robes, beautiful garnments. They are all very nice, gentle,
      accomodating for all emissaries they invite on the ship.
      Their human Emissaries are from all over the
      word, Hundred of prominent citicens world citizens have been recruited
      to serve to help smooth the way for the eventual extraterrestrials terrestrials contact that
      is planned to occur by the end of the first decate of the 21st century.

      You or I can be part of this mission, can wait to be inactivated and move this mission along. I use a method they gave me when I want to see them, sometime it works,
      sometimes it does not. You should see their huge ship, if you look up and call them
      they will show it for you. Only for few seconds, they dont want to create caos on
      earth, until the time is ripe, they say, and people are more sure about the existence
      of extraterrestrials, know that they are not here to hurt us, at the contrary.


      Dex replies:

      A Hidden History...
      "Industry violations shutdowns..not allowed to operate."

      For the record.

      Amazing...first time hearing that description...so, I'll share something with all of you. After becoming familiar with several different intelligence, including the High Spiritual..I was contacted, in the mid-80's, one night by a group of five humanoids. The humanoids had amazingly large dark round eyes, white skin, large round heads, and wore Greek flowing Toga's with sandal's that strapped up their leg's. Just how history has shown the depicted attire during those ancient days.
      Their concern was about a Nuclear Power Plant in an area close by where I had moved too. A Plant contaminating the land and 3 waterways that was being used for dumping radioactive cooling water. Their (ET) primary concern besides cancer not confined to just the locals. Cattle ate from the grass and eventually they too became 40,000 head contaminated, was more about the radiation that would affect the genetics of the Children.

      Well, I was sent on a mission to put them out of business, if they chose to ignore the many predictive warning's demonstrating these ET's meant business.

      I involved the DoD, Highest NSA Official's, Space center's, C.I.A...and as a result of the demonstration's I was told by Gov. investigators, the Government became paranoid. Eventually, what I had been informed by the ET's was proven and investigated and turned out worst than imagined.

      Yes, when warranted, they do supercede. The Government was given the opportunity first to correct the alleged problems and when they failed to do so, alternative action was taken. It was a hell of an experience that should have been in a book.

      The action taken was truly justified.
      The Plant was decommissioned because it's worth was less than the cost to keep repairing it.

      True story...

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