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Going Aboard a Star

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  • Dex
    From J.W. The Story Of Winifred Barton s Life. Part. 3 The climax of the GREAT WORK is like Universal Birth via Nebula in that the bursting of the cosmic egg
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      From J.W.

      The Story Of Winifred Barton's Life. Part. 3

      The climax of the GREAT WORK is like "Universal
      Birth via Nebula" in that the bursting of the
      cosmic egg releases the essence of the
      knowledge of the ancestors.
      The way out is a great adventure in the
      practical and skilful use of consciousness.
      With it we can create new value, new money and
      security for us all, now abundance through
      co-operation and new understanding of the power
      of consciousness.
      In self-righteous arrogance, we know there are
      those who believe in violence and will stop
      at nothing to achieve the total domination of
      this planet. We know all these dark forces
      already possess the power to destroy all life
      by m-litary s-icide. On most commercial TV
      channels the mind feels as if it is watching a
      long dark tunnel. leading into an underworld
      where crudity, and violence, and r-cial hatred,
      is still predominant.
      On the Star Ship at the round table which I
      have so often described in books, we watched
      the All Seeing Eye of Thoth open. We were shown
      how to prepare an ecclesia which would be of
      great value in the FINAL HOUR of the old world
      system: The end of the world as we know it.
      This is where everyone gets off the old train
      of thought and MIND takes on a whole new and
      positive direction.
      The Cosmic Cube formula upgrades the Egyptian
      Tarot into 21st Century specifications. On the
      same night as I received the formula I was
      implanted with the Star Child - Thoth. It was
      his function to splice his Higher Mind onto my
      earthly consciousness.
      The first move was to use divine love to
      unlock this 8.5 energy to form a core group.
      Then we formed a number of groups that were
      united across the country as cells in a body.
      In this way we worked in conjunction with
      other small groups and cosmic communities in
      the country. We were linked together by a
      grapevine system, often visiting and exchanging
      literature without anyone being jealous or not
      wanting to give full co-operation to a group
      of brothers and sisters, wandering like
      ourselves, to find our designated place in the
      "New Earth Era."
      The A-gels made it quite clear that COMMON
      OWNERSHIP is the only tenable cosmic solution.
      It is at once an e-olutionary instrument and at
      the same time a very practical solution to
      earths economic and p-litical problems. The UN
      has the power to bring this state about.
      The authorities were most displeased when we
      successfully demonstrated this practical value
      of common ownership, as IT THREATENED THE
      ECONOMY. But humble obedience to the inner
      radio could not be thwarted. Our group's love
      was such that we had to communicate the good
      news of overlapping dimensions to the world -
      in an harmonic convergence. We sang a 1000
      love songs to the people of the Earth, and
      finally 24 years down the time tunnel they can
      begin to hear our yin yang symphony of harmonic
      It is this pouring out of heartfelt love in an
      effort to communicate the deepest s-crets of
      our heart and mind to others that creates the
      real energy.
      This is how we built up the FUEL TANK that
      would take us smoothly through the COSMIC
      Come all ye Priests, Knights, W-rriors,
      Sovereign Lo-ds. Come all that hunger and
      thirst after equality and righteousness. Spill
      your love fuel tanks over everyone in the world
      - Light My Fire! The Messiah said.
      The only way out is by Truth and Love...
      expressed as the great adventure in the
      practical and skilful use of consciousness in
      perfect balance. WE FOUND THE EXIT TO THIS
      PLANETARY SYSTEM! We created new values, new
      standards of cultural excellence, alternative
      lifestyles, new forms of money and security for
      all. We revealed a whole new world of s-iritual
      abundance through co-operation and daily new
      insights and new understanding of the power of
      We saw why, in self-righteous arrogance, those
      in the outer world who believed in violence,
      would stop at nothing to achieve the total
      domination of this civilization. Others were
      apathetic and in a balanced world, the sin of
      ommission and the sin of commission is the same
      sin. We saw how these dark forces already
      possessed the power to destroy all life by
      military suicide and intercity oppression.
      To prepare ourselves for this FINAL-FINEST HOUR
      Ra Kahn gave us key points for detachment from
      the old narrative of s-n and death. Learn the
      correct use of consciousness, the only True
      store of value and source of wealth. Examine
      what attitudes towards money, ownership, and
      property cut off your spiritual contact and
      cause attachment to the centrifugal spinning
      world in your own life.
      Matter is an aggregate of electrons subject
      entirely to the control of mind. Splicing the
      New Earth Era, the Yin Yang Era, onto the old
      narrative was tough and it called for tough
      love. It challenged The E-ohim as never before
      in Universal history.
      Do not deny your G-dhead, allow it to reign
      supreme. Dedicate your talents and all you
      have of any value, skills, money, finite goods,
      real estate, whatever, to serving the ev-lution
      of life on this planet. DETACHMENT from the
      possessions and material values is the first
      step. Test your values and your ideals in real
      life situations working with others to
      spir-tualize business.
      Help to build worlds within worlds and make a
      firm resolution. COMMON OWNERSHIP and loving
      husbandry is the the cosmic solution. It is at
      once an evol-tionary instrument and at the same
      time a very practical solution to Earth's
      economic and politi-al problems. As we wake up
      we stop denying the power of Omnipotent Mind.
      Imagine we all have little strings on us and we
      are pulling this planet around in one direction
      or the other - centrifugal or centripetal.
      We become part of the Cosmic Congregation of
      our own free will. The True Man's heart is
      pulling for a new innocence, a new Earth Era.
      All we have to do is start pulling in a common
      direction into The Light. It is the RIGHT WAY
      TO GO.
      The Sephirothic Signature of THE ONE which was
      stamped in the fields of Barbury Castle,
      indicates the Great Work is complete. Clearly -
      and not just to The Initiates, this ROYAL
      SIGNATURE on the completed work of creation
      says "The Earth is The L-rd's and the fullness
      thereof." We humans had better believe it!

      Vol.II Book IV, concerning the Cabala of the
      H-brews, there is a circle above the graph of
      the Sephirothic System. This circle is divided
      horizontally, the top half being white - the
      bottom half black. This circle is called the
      HORIZON OF ETERNITY. It also represents the
      highest crown in Celtic Alchemy. All
      intelligent energy follows the Sephirothic path
      to completion. This image gives rise to
      perfection. When that which is perfect shall
      come that which is in part shall pass away...
      in a great belly-laugh of JHVH, as the Mystery
      of Go- comes together in the Sephirothic
      It is the emblem of a Professional Deity, not
      given to overlook one hair on any head.
      Many years ago, an an-el came. He stood before
      me and waved the "Book of Thoth" - a simple
      version of the unfoldment of the Sephiroth and
      said "Do you believe in this book?" I replied
      "I know little about it." "Then study it. For
      this book is the path that will lead the people
      home." I have told this story many times to
      many people. At the time I was teaching
      esoteric Celtic Philosophy and could see little
      connection with the Sephiroth.
      The dimensional overlap, and the wars of the
      gods, is well recorded in the annals of human
      history. WWII is a prime example. As a British
      WWII vet (ATS) and w-r-widow, this is the
      window I have lived through, seeing both the
      dark side and the light side of the karmic
      WWII was the first open round in the battle of
      the Common Man vs. the New W-rld Order. It is
      the event best suited to free the human r-ce
      from bondage to the illusion of "casual"
      rather than synchronized events. The Sepiroth
      is the sky ladder of the Hebrew Cabbala. Once
      we have been through the time barrier and
      crossed the Horizon of Eternity (as I did in
      September 1973) it is possible to look back and
      trace one's journey through the various steps
      which lead from the Lower Kingdom into the
      Upper Kingdom of the ONE MIND. From this point
      we can see right through the past into the
      future and VINDICATE the Great Work.
      There are places where dimensions overlap. The
      Chateau de Lucinges" in Haute Savoie, France,
      was one such place. I had a school there. Here
      historical and modern men met in an
      interdimensional bubble. One of the key
      players in this game was Betty Carrol who in
      her youth had been a girl-friend of the young
      Adolf H-tler. He believed he was being visited
      by a great cosmic M-ster and receiving direct
      instruction from "The -ods." The last I heard,
      Betty was living in a Buddhist Monastery in
      Geneva. She taught me a lot.
      The Global Hierarchy knew that Hi-ler and his
      A-yan cult seriously believed that the deluge
      of b-ood he would bring upon the world would
      produce a ra-e of Superbeings. One might say he
      was ANTI-PODE of the SEPHIROTH. But no a word
      of this leaked out to the public. This era was
      part of the unfoldment of THE MYTH. The Myth
      is the unfoldment of the human psyche and the
      ending of the human curse which finally has the
      capacity to disinguish overt and covert
      history. The Matriarch is YIN - The Observer
      (-1) The Patriarch is YANG - The Actor, the
      Human Persona, I AM. Each one of us is both an
      actor in, and an observer of the Great Work.


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