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RE: Highest Strangeness UFO Cases in Scotland Pt. 2

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  • Dex
    Unfortunately, even though the topic I assume is being regarded off topic...I love learning the information. I ve discovered these description s are actual
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      Unfortunately, even though the topic I assume is being regarded off topic...I love learning the information.
      I've discovered these description's are actual processes that involve our ET's as well. They have shared in their way some of the enlightenment they too experience in their life programs.
      Maybe, not so off topic after all.


      Well Skolyer, you, apparently, don't get it either. You see, someone
      who's fully clairvoyant� not only is able to see an atom�, but
      also the spirallae within it, which is much more scientific than any
      theorising by a physicist, especially a materialistic physicist.
      You also don't understand that the human mind is capable of knowing
      "ideal truth exactly as it is", and the fact that individuals,
      like Plotinus, had "many" conscious out-of-body experiences in
      which they viewed & communed with the cosmos & heavenly life therein is,
      apparently, beyond your belief that they could possibly know something
      as a result of those experiences, after all, the Enneads weren't
      pre-requisite study in school, so, there can't be any truth or
      validity to what's written in there.
      We also aren't educated about the laws of attraction, karma &
      several others that govern the mind in our public schools, because
      it's a part of the dumbing-down process to exclude the importance
      stuff, but that doesn't negate the validity of the laws, nor the
      existence of the human soul, as many people are aware.
      Plotinus adequately explains where science fits in, which is ignored in
      academia for the same reasons:
      "Knowledge has three degrees-opinion, science, illumination. The
      means or instrument of the first is Sense; of the second Dialectic; of
      the third Intuition. To the last I subordinate reason. It is absolute
      knowledge founded on the identity of the mind knowing with the object
      External objects present us only with appearance. Concerning them,
      therefore, we may be said to possess opinion rather than knowledge. The
      distinctions in the actual world of appearance are of import only to
      ordinary and practical men. Our question lies with the ideal reality
      that exists behind appearance. How does the mind perceive these ideas?
      Are they without us, and is the reason, like sensation, occupied with
      objects external to itself? What certainty would we then have-what
      assurance that our perception was infallible? The object perceived would
      be a something different from the mind perceiving it. We should have
      then an image instead of reality. It would be monstrous to believe for a
      moment that the mind was unable to perceive ideal truth exactly as it
      is, and that we had not certainty and real knowledge concerning the
      world of intelligence. It follows, therefore, that this region of truth
      is not to be investigated as a thing external to us, and so only
      imperfectly known. It is within us. Here the objects we contemplate and
      that which contemplates are identical-both are thought. The subject
      cannot surely know an object different from itself. The world of ideas
      lies within our intelligence. Truth, therefore, is not the agreement of
      our apprehension of an external object with the object itself. It is the
      agreement of the mind with itself. Consciousness, therefore, is the sole
      basis of certainty. The mind is its own witness. Reason sees in itself
      that which is above itself as its source; and again, that which is below
      itself as still itself once more.
      You ask, how can we know the infinite? I answer, not by reason. It is
      the office of reason to distinguish and define. The infinite, therefore,
      can not be ranked among its objects. You can only apprehend the infinite
      by a faculty superior to reason, by entering into a state in which you
      are your finite self no longer-in which the Divine Essence is
      communicated to you. This is ecstasy. It is the liberation of your mind
      from its finite consciousness. Like only can apprehend like; when you
      thus cease to be finite, you become one with the infinite. In the
      reduction of your Soul to its simplest self, its Divine Essence, you
      realize this union-this identity." Cosmic Consciousness: 122-123.
      (Extracts from a letter written by Plotinus in response to a formal
      inquiry from the philosopher Flaccus).
      If you can't understand it as he explains it, that doesn't
      negate the truth of it.
      The reason I'm pointing this out to you is that you're
      presuming, like a few others, that the philosophy of Plotinus & the
      metaphysics of Blavatsky or Djwhal Khul are bogus simply because you
      haven't read, or you disagree with, or don't understand
      what's written. All right, that's fine, but for anyone to claim
      that the philosophy & metaphysics they haven't read, or can't
      comprehend isn't invalid & thus doesn't apply to them, is being
      somewhat foolish, since they really don't know exactly what it is
      they're disagreeing with, and if you haven't got any metaphysics
      to back up your contrary opinion, then, of course, that's not much
      of a credible rebuttal, but it may be all that some people can do is
      simply say: I disagree. That's all I saw in your message.
      Here are more examples of the importance of the intuitive faculty that
      we aren't educated about in public education:
      "All things can be known in the vivid light of the intuition."
      The Light of the Soul, Book III, Sutra 33: 315.
      "Intuitive knowledge is developed through the use of the
      discriminative faculty when there is one-pointed concentration upon
      moments and their continuous succession." The Light of the Soul,
      Book III, Sutra 52: 362.
      "From this intuitive knowledge is born the capacity to distinguish
      (between all beings) and to cognize their genus, qualities and position
      in space." The Light of the Soul, Book III, Sutra 53: 364.
      "This intuitive knowledge, which is the great deliverer, is
      omnipresent and omniscient and includes the past, the present and the
      future in the Eternal Now." The Light of the Soul, Book III, Sutra
      54: 366.
      All of this is outside of the current psychological paradigm, which is
      going to change very soon.

      � "b. Five Rules for the Astral Plane. Before we take up the
      consideration of the second set of "Rules for Magic," I would
      like to make a few remarks anent the "eye of the magician," to
      which reference has been earlier made. One of the fundamental rules back
      of all magical processes is that no man is a magician or worker in white
      magic until the third eye is opened, or in process of opening, for it is
      by means of that eye that the thought form is energized, directed and
      controlled and the lesser builders or forces are swept into any
      particular line of activity. Among the coming discoveries, and among the
      next revelations of materialistic science will be one which will concern
      itself with the force-directing faculty of the human eye, alone or
      collectively, and this will indicate one of the first stages towards the
      rediscovery of the third eye, or the "Eye of Shiva." Shiva is,
      as we know, one of the names for the first great logoic aspect, and
      under that name much of esoteric moment. Shiva stands for:

      a. The Will aspect,

      b. The Spirit aspect,

      c. The Father in heaven,

      d. The directing purpose,

      e. Conscious energy,

      f. Dynamic intent,

      and in the consideration of these phrases the innate faculties of the
      third eye will become apparent.

      The "Eye of Shiva" in the human being has its position,
      as is already known, in the center of the forehead between the two
      physical eyes.

      It is not to be confounded with the pineal gland, which is
      distinctly a physical center or gland. The third eye exists in etheric
      matter, and is an etheric center of force, being made of the substance
      of the ethers, whereas the pineal gland is formed of matter of the three
      lower sub-planes of the physical plane. The latter, nevertheless, has to
      be functioning more or less before the "Eye of Shiva" becomes in
      any degree active, and it is this fact that has led writers of occult
      books in the past purposely to confound the two, in order to protect the

      The third eye is formed through the activity of three factors:

      First, through the direct impulse of the Ego [Soul] on its own
      plane. During the greater part of evolution the Ego makes its contact
      with its reflection, physical plane man, through the center at the top
      of the head. When man, is more highly evolved, and is nearing or
      treading the Path, the indwelling Self takes a more complete grasp of
      its lower vehicle, and descends to a point in the head or brain which is
      found approximately in the center of the forehead. This is its lowest
      contact. It is interesting here to note the correspondences with the
      evolution of the senses. The three major senses and the three first to
      demonstrate in order are, hearing, touch, sight. For the greater part of
      evolution, hearing is the guiding impulse of human life through egoic
      contact with the top of the head. Later, when the Ego descends a little
      lower, the etheric center which is active in connection with the
      pituitary body is added, and man becomes responsive to subtler and
      higher vibrations; the occult correspondences to the physical sense of
      touch awakens. Finally, the third eye opens and the pineal gland
      simultaneously begins to function. At first, the sight is dim, and the
      gland is only partially responsive to vibration, but gradually the eye
      opens fully, the gland is fully active, and we have the "fully
      awakened" man. When this is the case, the alta major center vibrates
      and then the physical head centers are functioning.

      Second, through the coordinated activity of the major head
      center, the many petalled lotus above the top of the head. This center
      directly affects the pineal gland, and the interplay of force behind the
      two (the correspondence, on a tiny scale, of the pairs of opposites,
      spirit and matter), produces the great organ of consciousness, the
      "Eye of Shiva." It is the instrument of wisdom, and in these
      three centers of energy we have the correspondence of the three aspects
      within the head of man.

      1. Major head center�Will
      Aspect�����.Spirit����...Father in Heaven

      2. Pineal gland���..Love-Wisdom aspect�Consciousness�Son

      3. Third eye����...Activity

      The third eye is the director of energy or force, thus an instrument of
      the will or Spirit; it is responsive only to that will as controlled by
      the Son-aspect, the revealer of the love-wisdom nature of gods and man,
      and it is therefore the sign of the white magician.

      Third, the reflex action of the pineal gland itself.

      As these three types of energy, or the vibration of these three
      centers, begin to contact each other, a definite interplay is set up.
      This triple interplay forms in time a vortex or center, which finds its
      place in the center of the forehead, and takes eventually the semblance
      of an eye looking out between the other two. It is the eye of the inner
      vision, and he who has opened it can direct and control the energy of
      matter, see all things in the Eternal Now, and therefore be in touch
      with causes more than with effects, read the akashic records, and see
      clairvoyantly. Therefore, its possessor can control the builders of low

      The "Eye of Shiva," when perfected, is blue in color,
      and as our solar Logos is the "Blue Logos" so do His children
      occultly resemble Him; but this color must be interpreted

      It is through the medium of this "all-seeing eye" that the
      Adept can at any moment put Himself in touch with His disciples
      anywhere; that He can communicate with His compeers on the planet, on
      the polar opposite of our planet, and on the third planet which, with
      ours, forms a triangle; that He can, through the energy directed from
      it, control and direct the builders, and hold any thought form He may
      have created within His sphere of influence, and upon its intended path
      of service; and through His eye by means of directed energy currents He
      can help and stimulate His disciples or groups of men in any place at
      any time."


      --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, <skolyer@...> wrote:
      > Dean I don't want to bore the rest of the group. But you just don't
      get it. Where I'm coming from is someone who thinks logically the way a
      scientist would. There is no way to deduce things intuitively. You can
      have intuition, that is one thing. But intuition has nothing to do with
      researching things using evidence and good logic to interpret that
      evidence. I'm not trying to discount your ability to be an intuitive
      but......... The fact that you can make a statement like, "....You,
      along with a few others, apparently, don't believe that the human soul
      (egoic lotus), or solar Angel, evolves over a thousand
      incarnations........." How the heck would you know this? Did you really
      deduce all that from what I said? But go ahead and believe that you make
      sense and can think logically if that is what you need to do. No
      problem. I do still read your opinions.

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