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  • Dex
    Mine if I chime in? Since this is posted on an open discussion forum I hope you don t mind? My comment s below...The reason I want to comment is the Secret of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2010
      Mine if I chime in? Since this is posted on an open discussion forum I hope you don't mind? My comment's below...The reason I want to comment is the Secret of the Saucer's contact information has very little bearing with how the Church's interpret Lucifer. I think what Orfeo was told is by far more accurate revealing how a race can fall into a world of hard knock education to re-learn the redeeming values build into our being.
      If we violate the immutable Laws of Creation, we violate the laws of our own being and therefore through God's creativeness allows us to be the Judge's of our own selves when the time warrants' it.

      Dean wrote:

      Hello Steve

      Plotinus more than adequately refuted the Gnostic's interpretation
      of an evil, fallen Lucifer in "Against the Gnostics; or Against
      Those that Affirm the Creator of the Cosmos and the Cosmos Itself to be
      Evil."� Blavatsky adequately refutes it also as is shown further
      below. Consequently, any ETs that promulgate this bogus ideology to
      contactees are taking advantage of a thoroughly brainwashed
      (disempowered) portion of society & automatically identify themselves as
      connected to the dark side of life, such as the Illuminati &
      Rothschilds, etc. It's fear-generating nonsense.
      It's due to the inculcation of a false, literal theology on humanity
      over the centuries that prevents a multitude of Christians, Catholics,
      and Muslims from realising that they're living a bogus ideology,
      which is composed of several falsehoods all linked together:
      1. According to Gnosticism, an evil Lucifer Created the physical Cosmos,

      Dex- Where does it read that?

      however, it says in Genesis that God created EVERYTHING, and that after
      He created the earth & every living thing therein, He "saw that
      everything was very good," consequently, an eternal hell doesn't
      exist, and an evil angelic Lucifer* is not only a contradiction in
      terms, but a foolish desecration of Venus, the Morning Star:
      Dex- Just another misinterpretation by not being fully informed.
      planetary Logos of Venus is actually one of Seven Spirits before the
      Throne of the solar Logos, or God of the Solar System, who is the Most
      High from many human beings perspective, but obviously is only one among
      billions of comparable solar Logoi in the universe. In the beginning was
      the word of God, and the word was OM, the "most sacred" word,

      Dex- In the many varying cultural's there are about 72 Divine names for God I've learned.

      which He is still sounding forth and can be heard by those with the ears
      to hear (clairaudience) as illustrated by Tibetans & others.
      2. The "only word of God," according to brainwashed & unthinking
      Christian/Catholic Church Fathers, predicates we have one life to live,
      however, among several other obvious references to reincarnation, Jesus
      inferred otherwise when he asked his disciples: "whom do men say
      that I the Son of man am?" -Matthew 16:13-referring to Biblical
      prophecies that prophets & others would "come again" i.e.,
      reincarnate (Plotinus & others have shown that this Bible story is a
      common theme in all religions illustrating the immortality of the soul &
      reincarnation); verse 14: "And they said, some say that thou art
      John the Baptist; some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the
      prophets." Suggesting that his soul had incarnated as one of the
      aforementioned three contradicts the only begotten Son doctrine for
      those who can think for themselves. Anyway, by asking the question,

      Dex- I think you took this passage out of context. Why?
      The passage continues...He (Jesus) said to them? "But who do you think I am?"
      Simon Peter answered and said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."
      There's another passage indicative of reincarnation where the Disciple's believed prophecy hadn't yet fulfilled with predicting the return of Elias, (Elijah) and Jesus said to them Oh! but he has returned already..and the Disciple's were heard murmuring among themselves they thought Jesus was referring to John baptist as Elias re-incarnated.
      No body's perfect Dean, including the clergy. Many misnomers' and misinterpretations and accusations' of contradiction's have taken out context the writings as we do ourselves, you, me, people's paraphrasing and personal interjecting take with how to understand them.
      There's more to meet the eye with these writings I've personally found. Example is you and others might say something's contradictory and I might not see it that way at all. The point is who understands the text better? No...I've discovered there are levels of interpretation. And it seems the clever author's wrote them intentionally that way so that through the Spirit's program's of special revelatory revealing, in the body or out of the body, is a key reserved for the initiate's and the sincere diligent researcher of which my guess is helps preserve the dilution and contamination from the profane of the world. Keeping the inner secrets hidden until the Chela's or neophyte's appointed time.
      Because of these mysterious factors and the deep communication's conveyed through the writing levels leaves a lot of room to interpretation error.

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