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Jordan Maxwell's Wake Up Calll

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    The Takeover of Planet Earth: Project Camelot s Interview transcript (Brief excerpt) JM: Yeah. [laughs] But when I was 19, I ended up in Los Angeles – at 19
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2010
      The Takeover of Planet Earth:
      Project Camelot's Interview transcript
      (Brief excerpt)

      JM: Yeah. [laughs] But when I was 19, I ended up in Los Angeles � at 19 years old with seven bucks in my pocket, incidentally. I had no idea where I was going, where I was. I ended up in Los Angeles on a Friday night with seven dollars in my pocket. You know, I was a stupid kid, but I lived through it.

      Later on, a couple months later, after I got a job and things were working out for me, I was in North Hollywood one morning, on a weekend morning, and I went into a restaurant. The place was crowded and there was only one seat available and that was at the counter, so I sat at the counter. There was a young girl sitting next to me, so we started talking.

      Come to find out she only lived about two blocks from me and I only lived about two blocks from town, so she had walked downtown and I had also. So we started hanging out together. I�d meet her downtown; we�d hang out together. This was back in �59 and I was 19 years old.

      When we would walk home, I lived two blocks closer, so she had two blocks farther to go, so I never knew exactly where she lived, but she knew where I lived. One night she came over to my place and said: My dad wants to see you. He wants to talk to you.

      And of course that put me on alert. I said: I don�t want to talk to your dad.

      She said: No, my father is a very important and interesting man. He wants to talk to you. He�s got something to tell you.

      That sounded interesting, so I went with her, and when we walked up to the house which was only a couple of blocks away, we walked up to the house, just by chance, he happened to be coming out of the house.

      The moment I saw him, an incredible feeling came over me of some kind of a euphoric, strange [and] wonderful feeling that I got, being in his presence. It was as if I were in the presence of a great prophet or some spiritual man. I felt it, and I loved the feeling. I mean, I can�t describe it, but I loved the feeling. It was an other-world feeling. I noticed that he was very much in control of himself; he knew exactly what he was doing.

      He motioned for us to come in. We went in and the girls sat on the floor by the fireplace. They sat on the floor. He sat on one end of the sofa, I sat on the other end of the sofa. The wife was in the kitchen. I never did see her that whole night.

      So we were talking and he was, you know, he was asking me how I liked living in California, and do you have a job and how do you like your job, and just small talk. And I was beginning to feel a little of the apprehension was going away. I was beginning to feel a little bit better being in his company, but I knew there was something about this guy that wasn�t right, but I loved the feeling.

      I�m 19 years old, so I�m not sure what I�m doing, but I�m just talking to this guy who�s dazzling me with his presence of mind and the presence he presented.

      And so we�re talking about all kinds of things and then, when he felt that I was sufficiently at ease, he said to me very nonchalantly, he said: Remember when you were eight years old back in Florida and your father built the new back porch and your uncle helped him? And remember, your dad used green lumber that smelled funny? And he built the new back porch? You remember that?

      Tears started to come to my eyes, and I didn�t want to show tears in front of my girlfriend, but he was scaring me because he was right and he knew it.

      And he said to me: Well, did that happen or didn�t it?

      I said: Yes, that happened.

      And he said: Also, one night when you were in bed, you got out of bed and you went out on the back porch and you were looking at the Moon and the Moon was full. Do you remember that?

      And I said: Yes, I remember that.

      And he said: And you were picking the wood because it smelled funny. It was green lumber; it smelled funny, and you were picking it with your finger. Remember how you picked a piece of it, and you were smelling it and tasting it? And he said: Remember doing that?

      And now I�m really scared because it�s frightening to me and I said: Yes.

      He said: Well, did you do that, or didn�t you?

      I said: Yes, I did.

      And he said: Well, how would I know that? How would I know what you did?

      And I said: I don�t know how you�d know.

      He said: I know because we were there. You just didn�t see us, but we were there watching you.

      And I thought: Well... [laughs]

      And he said, because he could tell I was not buying it: Was I correct in what I said?


      Well, how would I know if I wasn�t there? He said: We were there.

      I said: Who was we?

      He said: That�s not important right now. What�s important for you to know is that you�re in California, because we brought you here. We brought you here to Los Angeles.

      I said: You brought me here?

      He said: Yeah. Why are you here?

      I said: I don�t know why I�m here. I just had to come to Los Angeles.

      He said: That�s right. We brought you here, he said, because what did you say to God? You talked to God that night. The night you sat on the porch, you said something to God. What did you say?

      I just sat looking at him.

      He said: I�ll tell you what you said. You asked God to let you do something important with your life. You wanted to do something of value and importance with your life.

      And I was about eight or nine years old, right?

      I said: Yes, that�s what I said.

      He said: Well, then we�re going to give you an opportunity to do something with your life now because you did ask.

      I�m still amazed, listening to him.

      And he said: What we have for you to do will not happen until the later part of your life, and I�m not going to go into it right now.

      He said: I�m not going to go into explaining it to you now; however, when the time comes for you to do what we have brought you here to do -- you will know what you have to do. By that time, you will be sufficiently knowledgeable on who you are and what you�re doing and where you�re going.

      And he said: All you need to know now is that we brought you here and that we will protect you wherever it is that we put you.

      And I asked him, I said: I still don�t understand what you�re saying.

      He said: You don�t need to, but one day, you will understand.

      And he said: So I�m here to start you on your journey.

      He said: I have a book I�m going to give you and I want you to read the book and that will begin your journey.

      And he pulls it off the shelf and gives it to me, and today you can still get that book in bookstores anywhere. It�s called The Complete Works of Charles Fort. [spells name].

      Even in England there�s a Fortean Society dedicated to the work of Charles Fort. A fascinating book. It�s a monumental work, very thick book: The Complete Works of Charles Fort.

      And he opened the book indiscriminately, just put his hand on the pages, because it�s a very thick book, and he opens a page and he reads a paragraph. He just opened the page and reads a paragraph � he knew exactly what he was doing, precisely what he was doing. I didn�t know because it looked like he just indiscriminately opened it, and he read a paragraph that just blew me away. I was knocked out by what he�d just read and I thought: Wow! That�s interesting.

      And he said: Oh yeah, the book is filled with that kind of thing. Let me read you another one.

      He opened it up again and just indiscriminately read something. Not indiscriminately! He knew what he was doing. I�m sure that he knew how to get your particular attention. What would be very interesting to you, I may not even see. But he knew how to play on my emotions, and he read about three little paragraphs, one after the other, and each one � to me � was absolutely mind-blowing.

      I was fascinated with him, with my new girlfriend, [laughs] and with this book, and then he said to me: You�ve always been interested in UFOs and other-worldly things, right?

      And I said: Yes, I have.

      He said: Would you like to see some UFOs up close tonight?

      And I said: I�d love to.

      He said: Well come on. I can do that for you.

      So I got up with him, and the two girls � my girlfriend and her sister � the four of us came out in the yard. It was about maybe midnight in North Hollywood, 1959, and he looks up into the sky and starts inaudibly talking. His mouth is moving as if he�s talking to somebody, but you can�t hear him.

      And as I�m watching him standing there talking to the stars, I look over at my girlfriend and she�s looking at me, and the look on her face was like: Yeah, this is my father, that�s him. Told you he was strange, didn�t I? [laughs] And that kind of thing.

      And her sister was looking at me, and I could tell what she was doing. She was trying to figure out: How is he taking this? You know, what�s going on in my mind? [was] what the little one was thinking, because she�s seen this before. She wants to see how I�m gonna react to this.

      And so then he looks at me and he said: They said that they will be coming from Griffith Park in just a minute. There�ll be three of them and they�ll be coming from the Griffith Park area. They�re going north and they said that they�ll be here in a minute for you.

      And I said: Who�s they?

      He said: You�ll see.

      Within a couple of minutes, three beautiful disk-shaped things, glowing, very faintly glowing, came over with no sound whatsoever, in a triangle formation, came over and stopped right above our heads and stopped.

      And when they did, you could see they were disk-shaped and it looked and appeared like it was a pie cut in six or eight slices, and each slice was a different color. What I remember distinctly is each color was like a laser color: vibrant orange, vibrant pink, very vibrant colors, six or eight colors on each one � and they were circulating, not so fast as to blend the color, but circulating. They were beautiful. They were about the size that the full Moon appears, so they�re not little lights. Full-Moon size. Three.

      And I�m standing there looking at these gorgeous, beautiful, vibrant-color things spinning, and colors, and no sound, and I was absolutely mesmerized. I was just... I was enthralled by seeing this gorgeous, beautiful display.

      And I looked at him and he�s looking at me and he says: They�re pretty, aren�t they?

      And I said: Yes. They�re beautiful.

      And then he looks up and talks to them. He said: They�ve told me to tell you that they�re going now but they�ll see you later. And they did. They started moving and they went out north.

      Afterwards, we went back in and I said: What did I just see tonight?

      He said: That was us. We�ve been here for a long time, you just didn�t know it. He said: We picked you a long time ago when you were a small child. We have something for you to do.

      And I said: I�m not understanding exactly.

      He said: You don�t have to. We will let you know what it is you�re supposed to do later on in life, but just go on with your life, don�t worry about it. Whatever you�re supposed to learn, we�ll see to it that you learn, and when it is time for you do what we have for you to do, you�ll know. We�ll let you know.

      After that, I would go over there on the weekends to visit him and the mother and the two girls, and we would go out to the desert sometimes, go way out in the desert. The girls, with their mother, would go for a walk, and he and I would walk in the desert, and he would tell me about all the different alien lifeforms that are out there, where they have come from, the ones that are here.

      And he told me: You have enemies here. You have some very powerful enemies here from other places that have come, and they know who you are, and they know what you�re going to do. So just be careful in your life, but we�ll protect you.

      I didn�t know what he was talking about.

      And then one day I went over to the house one morning, and the house was totally open, and they�re gone. Everything was packed and gone and the girl never told me she was leaving. They�d never come to tell me anything. They were just gone.

      Now that I look back on that experience, I feel very secure in saying that he knew what he was doing. He said: I�m starting you on your journey, and he did. But after that was done, then he moves on.

      KC: Do you believe that you�re at that place, that juncture where he was talking about: You�re going to know...? Has another message come recently, or do you feel that you�re right on the cusp of something?

      JM: I feel along the beginning of something and I�m still not sure what all of this means. I�m not sure what it means. All I know is that I have some valuable stuff that�s going to really knock people out when they see it, but I don�t understand it fully yet. I�ve talked with Zecharia about it. I�ve talked with many other speakers and people that are in the speaking circuit that are knowledgeable on the subject.

      But my gut feeling... and incidentally, gut, G-U-T, is simply God in Scandinavian. GOD is English, dog spelled backwards. But God in, I think it�s Sweden and Scandinavian countries, is spelled G-U-T. So when you say you�ve got a gut feeling, that�s God in Scandinavian.

      But my gut feeling is that I don�t know the full picture yet, but I�m getting there now. After 48 years, I now know that my 48 years of study, day in and day out, researching, reading, studying in libraries, was for a reason, so that when the time would come, I would at least be sufficiently educated in this dark subject which I�m talking about. At least I�ve got some background in it now, to be able to understand the significance of it.

      And I think it�s really frightening to me. It actually is still rather frightening because, being human, and watching the world, where it�s going... and I already know the symbols, the words [and] the terms. I already know the history of the secret societies and the movements of the bankers.

      I�ve sat and talked with all kinds of people around the world; with Hakim, my dear friend Hakim, the Hammite priest in Egypt -- we�ve sat out by the Pyramids at night and talked about the ancient Hammite priesthood, and I was blessed in the Pyramid.

      Hakim blessed me in the King�s Chamber; I laid in the sarcophagus and he did a whole prayer ritual over me. I�ve sat, like I said, for hours and talked with him in private about things that have happened to me.

      So I am totally convinced that there�s nothing special about me, but I have been given the opportunity to be in the company of fascinating people, to learn monstrously fascinating things, and ultimately, I think that there is something for me to do. I�m just not sure yet what it is.

      KC: Do you happen to have an idea what race this man was from? Do you have a planet? Do you have any idea? In other words, do you think he was Anunnaki, do you think he was Nordic, do you think he was Pleiadian? Do you have any idea?

      JM: No, not really, because he appeared to be an extraordinarily ordinary-looking guy, just an ordinary guy you would meet. But when I was in his presence, it was monstrous -- the feeling. I knew: This is not a normal man.

      KC: Did his children have a different aura or a different feeling about them?

      JM: No. No. They seemed to be very ordinary, and the mother.

      KC: But didn�t you tell me just recently, and correct me if I�m wrong, but I think you were out in the desert and you had something happen out there.

      JM: Oh! Yeah!

      KC: Very recently.

      JM: Oh yeah. No no, that�s a different story.

      KC: Well, is it completely different? Is it possible that there was some kind of...?

      JM: Well... No, you�re right. You�re right. There could very well be some kind of a connection with what happened to me just a few years ago and that original incident back in 1959. Yes, very possible.

      That was another extraordinary experience. I�ve had 36, what I call peak experiences. I mean monstrous experiences. That was merely one. But yes, I�ve had some very interesting and emotionally-drenching experiences out on the deserts of Nevada.

      One thing I will tell you, which is just my opinion: I am totally convinced for myself that at Area 51, that base we call Area 51, there is no doubt in my mind that there are extraterrestrial life forms there. No doubt in my mind about it at all, because of what I�ve personally seen and experienced when I was at Rachel�s. I�ve had too many strange things happen to me that were other-worldly, in-your-face, like one-on-one.

      And so there�s no doubt in my mind that what I experienced out there... We had an alien come in the mobile home. My friend, Paul Tice, and my lady friend from Hawaii, Ivy -- all three of us, an alien came in the bedroom. So there�s no doubt in my mind there�s something really off the wall going on out there at Area 51 that we are not aware of. But I�ve had many otherworld experiences out there, not just...

      You know, I can�t stand it when people say that this is all high technology of our government. No. I don�t buy that for a minute. What I�ve seen with my own eyes, I don�t buy it for a minute. If it has anything to do with our government, then what I have actually witnessed with my own eyes, if it has to do with the U.S. government, then it means that the U.S. government is in league with extraterrestrials, because what I saw is extraterrestrial in origin. And what I�ve experienced... KC: Thank you for that. That�s very, very valuable to hear you say that.

      Can you talk about the possibility of what these humans that are being created, what their destiny might be? In other words, you say they might not have feelings, etcetera, etcetera. And do you feel that perhaps this is working in with your, sort of, destiny that they were talking about?

      Because these subjects we�re talking about right here and now... I actually went to Egypt with you and William Henry and that group. I did have a short interview with you at that time. You weren�t willing to talk about that then. I think that now you�re much more willing. This message that you have seems to be culminating in what you�re saying, in this symbol that we talked about in the beginning of this interview. Is it possible that this is going to be the message: the unfolding of what you know?

      JM: My feeling is that the reason why I�m here doing what I�m doing is because of this mutation which is being foisted on the human race, it�s being forced on the human race. This change that the Masters of the Universe, so to speak, have in mind for the human race is being foisted on us.

      And I believe � again, just my opinion � that that�s my part in this cosmic scheme or this cosmic play, is to call people back to their humanity and let them know: You�re being led down the garden path into something you don�t know what�s coming. You had better get back to your roots of being human and start reestablishing your humanity � because the human race is losing its humanity.

      The way we were designed by the original creators was a beautiful thing. I mean, when you look at children and little animals, you have to know that whoever designed us designed humans and lifeforms to be beautiful, to be charming, to be a beautiful thing, to live in a beautiful world with children and gorgeous and beautiful things which uplift the spirit.

      But I am totally convinced that there is now on the Earth, again for lack of a better term, alien presence which are the enemies of the human race, and they are obviously enemies of whoever the original creators of us, because of the things I�ve been told � that the people or the entities who created us, the gods who created us, have enemies out there in the universe.

      They have come here to see what these gods are doing, what these aliens are doing. And they�re coming here saying: Mm. I see what they�re doing. They�re creating these creatures. Why don�t we move in? � like a gang. Why don�t we move in and take over and take this beautiful creation that these gods have created and mutate it into what we want? And so, to mutate the whole human race away from their natural evolution of society and humanity into a whole new kind of civilization.

      I think that that�s probably what I�m here to do, is to call attention to the world that you�re being misled by some extraordinarily powerful, occult, mystical, other-world technology that is changing the evolution of the human race from what it was supposed to be in its creation, as opposed to where the dark powers of the world are now leading the human race into a different world. And what they have in mind for us, you don�t want to know.


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