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[TimeStar] Videos of UFOs near sun

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  • Brel
    Hi Dex, Underneath Best Regards, Krsanna there should be a clickable link called Click for video. [ It s on you tube.] Kind regards, Bre. ... From: Dex
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 9, 2010
      Hi Dex,
      Best Regards,
      there should be a clickable link called
      Click for video. [ It's on you tube.]
      Kind regards,
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      Subject: RE: [ufodiscussion] [TimeStar] Videos of UFOs near sun

      > I'd like to see the video Bre...But where's the Url?
      > Dex
      > Hi Dex,
      > Check this video out, if U haven't already done so.
      > Very interesting.
      > What do U make of It.
      > Kind Regards,
      > Bre.
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      > Subject: [TimeStar] Videos of UFOs near sun
      > Several very good videos of UFOs that started appearing near the sun in
      > NASA photos on January 18, 2010 are copied below. NASA promptly moved the
      > photos out of their proper sequence positions of photos. After NASA moved
      > the photos, it is likely that NASA painted (altered) them. Fortunately,
      > the original photos had been captured from the live feed and videos had
      > been made. SOHO officially stated on January 25-26, seven days after the
      > first photos were discovered, that the unidentified objects were cosmic
      > ray traces.
      > NASA has been taking photos of the sun, where cosmic rays and plasma
      > eruptions are common, for decades. In previous decades the sun had been
      > much, much hotter than it was in January 2010. In all the years of doing
      > business in the space environment, NASA has felt it necessary to point out
      > cosmic ray traces, until the apparently solid objects in the sun's corona
      > appeared out of the "wild blue yonder," as the Air Force might say. "Give
      > her the gun, here we come?" An official statement that solid objects
      > reflecting light are nothing more than cosmic ray traces is comical, and
      > it will be a tragedy if intelligent citizens accept an explanation as
      > feeble as the one NASA offered.
      > Best regards,
      > Krsanna
      > Click for video
      > On Jan. 18th, several objects started to appear on many of the EIT images.
      > Commentary with video: These huge spherical UFO's started appearing around
      > January 18, 2010. They are on both the forward and rear images taken by
      > NASA's Stereo Spacecraft in space. They appear to be moving as they are in
      > different positions on many photos. Remember these are huge possibly at
      > least the size of Earth. Further, if they were planets or some type of
      > huge asteroid comets, they would already have been pulled into the sun by
      > the strong gravity the sun produces as in the case of the recent comet.
      > Notice also that they are reflecting the suns light just like a metal
      > constructed ship would do.
      > My best guess is that they are huge planet sized spacecraft either
      > observing the sun, or could it be that disclosure is now happening. Either
      > way, I await NASA's official explanation. Please help to make this viral
      > so that we can get this out to the world. This could finally be the
      > evidence that NASA can't cover-up or ignore
      > Click for video
      > Older video the demonstrates solar flare and plasma expelled from the
      > surface:
      > Click for video
      > NOTE: OK...I've been reading a few of the discussion threads that started
      > showing up on 1/21. There are a lot of theories...UFOs, planet sized
      > asteroids being pulled by the sun, expelled plasma, video anomaly, light
      > distortion, etc. I haven't made up my mind though the expelled plasma
      > theory seems valid. Take a look at the evidence and judge for
      > yourself...Lon
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