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  • Dex
    Cross posting: From MK @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Dear Phatzie and Everybody else, I have some things that will interest you. First, however, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2010
      Cross posting:
      From MK

      Dear Phatzie and Everybody else,

      I have some things that will interest you. First, however, I need to deal with the topic of Christopher Story. I know Christopher from phone conversations and emails. He is very British, proper, erudite and courageous. He has been threatened over the coverage that he puts up. Because of the things that have happened to him (immersion in the black world unexpectedly), he tends to stick to currency, banking and topics that he is conversant in. I do not know why, but he won't engage on the topics of ETs etc. He has been putting out very dangerous stuff and he cannot afford to be seen as anything other than an expert on currency etc. He won't be drawn into discussions on this topic. I believe that it is self-protection and well-warranted.
      I am not surprised at his response. If you had run it by me, I would have told you that he would not talk about that topic.

      Now, on the Indiadaily.com technology section, I found an older posting that said that there was evidence found in a ruin in a MAYAN jungle that ETs visited the earth about 5,000 years ago to help us survive a cataclysm. This same site also said that ETs will be visiting the world en masse around 2012 (but not on the date that NASA gave).

      A group of people in Phoenix Arizona reported to Mufon (I think) that they encountered a HUGE Pyramid-shaped UFO. The beings in the UFO were two varieties (4 foot tall and 7 to 8 feet tall). The people watching the UFO said that they felt themselves frozen in place. Telepathic communication came from the ship (they could see beings in the windows of the ship) that calmed them and assured that the visitors came in peace. When they seemed to calm down, the ship landed. Two of the very large beings stepped out. They telepathed that they were coming soon in large numbers to help the earth survive a coming disaster. They wanted the people to know that they were aware of their fears but that their species had no bad intentions towards humanity and were going to help us, but that we needed to be peaceful.

      I asked my slitty-eyed friend who was very reluctant to tell me anything because he has been threatened by the Lizards/Greys not to disclose what he knows. That seems to be changing however. He said that beings are coming from all over the galaxy to let earth know that they exist. They are aware that humanity cannot free itself from the Grays/lizards on their own so they are coming to help. Earth is not a prison colony nor is it quarrantined--at least not as far as he knows. Any being can come here as long as they don't mess with humanity in a bad way. The council of worlds has repeatedly told the Lizards and the Grays to stop EXPERIMENTING ON HUMANS. Unfortunately, these species are not particularly obedient or respectful hence humanity's need for help.

      He said and this is very important...that if any humans attempt to harm the visitors, we will have lost our last chance to prove that we are capable of becoming greater beings and we will be wiped out. He indicated that the governments of the world have been told TO TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT ETs and they have refused to do so. This is why they are coming to visit.

      There are catastrophes coming. He confirmed that. I hope that this helps. I will provide more as I learn it.


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