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Question: “Who Are The Illuminat i?”

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  • Brel
    For Info. A Special NEW YEAR s Message from CHRIS EVERARD, British Film Director and producer of the ILLUMINATI series of motion picture documentaries:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2010
      For Info.

      A Special NEW YEAR s Message from CHRIS EVERARD, British Film Director and producer of the ILLUMINATI series of motion picture documentaries:

      Question: “Who Are The Illuminati?”
      I started making my series of motion picture documentaries about the global network of secret societies which we call The Illuminati a full ten years ago. During that decade, I have travelled the world 4 times, visiting authors and researchers, piecing together information which would enable me to EXACTLY IDENTIFY the people who control the worlds of banking/finance, government and the military. I asked the same simple question “Who Are The Illuminati?”. For the most part, I was told that the people running The Illuminati were anonymous . Many authors mentioned the same family names which cropped up time and time again – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers etc. And, as many of us know, following the publication of THE BIGGEST SECRET by DAVID ICKE, many millions of people who had woken up to the worldwide, scandalous, cruel and evil exploitation of the Earth s resources and poorest people were told that The Illuminati were actually Reptilians who had established a network of underground bases – some of who could shapeshift from reptilian form to human form in a matter of seconds – a feat which no other biological entity known on the planet can achieve. None of what I heard fully satisfied my quest for the WHOLE TRUTH.

      During this last decade, I have carefully and calmly investigated each and every one of these viewpoints and sought to find the SOURCE for this information.

      I have now IDENTIFIED the actual families who control the puppet politicians, who CONTROL the Presidents, Oil Cartels, who CONTROL the merchant bankers – and, up to the publication of my own research – these families have seldom been mentioned – smugly continuing their age-old business of raping the planet whilst millions of precious man-hours have been wasted by people who had partially awoken and were now fervently opposed to one another in e-mail Flame Wars arguing about whether Reptilian-Human creatures staged the 9-11 disaster or not.

      Question: “Where do the ILLUMINATI Live?”
      My research reveals that the people who have sucked dry the continents of India, Africa and are presently asset stripping South America are – not surprisingly, super-wealthy. The real ILLUMINATI family wealth is not counted in the billions, nor trillions – they are so wealthy, that virtually every penny which changes hands in any business trasaction on the planet has a cut for them – consequently, these people have established micro-states with dozens of castles and palaces – they have wealth which makes the claim that Bill Gates is the Richest Man on Earth laughable. The Illuminati families own entire countries.

      Question: “What Are The Names of the Actual People Who Run The ILLUMINATI?”
      All books previously published on the identity of The Illuminati have overlooked the vital role of the Sovereign Houses of Britain and Bavaria – books such as Bloodlines of the Illuminati do not even mention the Saschen-Altenburgs, the Schiesweg-Holsteins, the Saschen-Coburgs, the Hesse-Cassels and other super-elite Illuminati dynasties...

      So, to make 2010 start with a bang, I have not only made a new film which addresses these questions, but I have also written a very comprehensive booklet which will be sent to everyone who buys my film free of charge.

      Bonus Booklet: Chris Everard & The Illuminati :
      My new ILLUMINATI motion picture documentary is the world s first political documentary film series to go into FOUR volumes. Volume IV is more than just a 2 hour film – it includes a PDF booklet which will be emailed to all purchasers – – I publish – for the first time – not only the names of the ILLUMINATI, but I also identify the ANTICHRIST – the sick being who instructed Hitler to inflict untold suffering on tens of millions of people.

      Bonus Video Interviews:
      I have also filmed 90minutes of bonus video interviews as a New Year s gift to all the loyal subscribers of the Enigma Channel – in these bonus videos, I discuss the SOURCES for the Reptilian hypothesis which fractured the Truth Movement into it s disparate parts, following claims by Arizona Wilder that some people – including best selling authors – were actually shapeshifting into reptilian-human hybrids . This bonus material will be broadcast on the Enigma Channel in January 2010 and will show ancient manuscripts from my personal library – manuscripts which have been used as instruction texts by black magicians working for the Royal-Political elite as they serve THE ILLUMINATI throughout the ages. Book your ringside seat now: http://www.EnigmaTV.com

      David Icke Giveaway:
      I have three boxes of THE BIGGEST SECRET book by David Icke and I shall give these away free until stocks last – those who will get the book sent for free will have a confirmation email from me prior to posting – I am shipping the books and the DVD completely free of charge – no matter in the world where you live... I pay all shipping on all orders all out of my own pocket.

      Get Ready For the REAL Truth:
      I am not someone with a Christian axe to grind – I walk my own path to the Godhead – after all, before Guatama Buddha was a Buddha, he was a Hindu – and people s spiritual path should be FLEXIBLE – not cemented into Christian or Islamic dogma. And thus, I do not allow Churchianity, or any religious creed colour my judgement... I also am NOT a pacifist – I know violence is ugly, but at the same time, I believe that in some cases – such as where children are being butchered – violence can also bring JUSTICE... I disagree that Loving the Reptilians or the concept of Loving the Illuminati will solve all the world s ills. In fact, I consider this to be part of the con trick which has held back the real Truth Movement from taking political control during the last decade.

      I follow the Truth... The REAL Truth... And as many of you know from watching my films, I investigate the historical data thoroughly, bringing forward long forgotten photographs, documents and footage which prove that the world most certainly is ruled, raped and ravaged by a tiny Elite... My new Illuminati film is no different – I try and leave no stone unturned as I turf out the bollockology of the New Age movement and piece together the horrific manifesto of The Illuminati – a manifesto dictated by DEMONS.

      Here is the DVD order page – my film is released on 10th January 2010 and will be shipped promptly:

      I wish you all this night a very HAPPY NEW YEAR (but not for the Illuminati – nor the buggars who have been surepticiously leading us astray and working for their intelligence services).

      British Film Director and Editor of FEED YOUR BRAIN MAGAZINE

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