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"New Electric" Breakthroughs Arriving

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      For info.

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      "New Electric" Breakthroughs Arriving

      We'll get to the Unemployment data in a minute. That's routine stuff and sometimes the nonroutine is much more important. We can finally start to reveal what's happening with the predictive linguistic forecast from www.halfpasthuman.com which has for the past 2-years, or longer, referred to something in modelspace that best translated into "the new electrics."

      Confidential sources now tell us that both China and India are about to unveil new electrical devices which will break the grip of the global energy & power cartels with breakthrough technology that bends the rules of physics in new and game-changing ways.

      One device, due out from China shortly is described as a "battery charger" which will support a fixed 2 KW load on a continuous basis. Yep - that unit which has an anticipated price point in the $2,000 (USD range/current exchange rates) also features a projected lifespan of50-years and is a zero emissions device.

      Apparently, the new devices use certain rare earth/strategic metals and are the motivation for China putting the brakes on strategic mineral exports recently. This also plays into the reports that China's interest in going to the moon is more than a passing fancy. There may be desired materials there.

      The purported existence of a Chinese over-unity device suitable for commercialization may also play into why China "Renews opposition to Iran sanctions" on the one hand, while Iran's leadership is promising February 11th will reveal a strike against 'global arrogance' and we're left wondering if more than opposition to antigovernment demonstrations is in play.

      We hear the Chinese technology is not precisely perfect. Seems that due to the physics involved, the unit doesn't scale well; meaning that optimum efficiencies come in the 2 KW region and so larger installations, like homes, would need multiple units if air conditioning is required. More to the point, it works best when fed as a DC output into a large battery bank and yes, the Chinese have been getting large in battery development (which breakthrough US efforts continue in Utah in the quest for ever higher energy densities for storage media which run the gamut from conventional lead-acid to the more exotic zinc/air and the class called 'super-capacitors.'

      (I'll skip my personal involvement in battery instrumentation, but I know enough to know that absorbed glass matt batteries (like the Concorde AGM's) are the battery of choice for F-15's while long-life lithium is the choice for high altitude remote video gear....really remote and really mountainous terrain video gear, LOL)

      And the technology is not likely to land in the US; at least immediately, since China is planning it's own version of 'power to the people' with goals of developing vehicle conversions and other 'schools' for distributing the technology benefits.

      Significantly, we hear that the key IP (intellectual property) was set for patent approval several months back which fits like a glove with the predictive linguistics.

      When the announcement comes, we're not looking for the Chinese to sell it as an 'over-unity device' (produces more energy than consumed), but simply they plan to call it a 'battery charger' and thus not offend conventional paradigm adherents who would have a problem acknowledging something out of their immediate understanding.

      Our sources tell us that the only issue now is time-to-market since over-unity applications have been claimed in other countries by companies like Lutec Australia and here in the US the efforts of The Orion Project have also been directed toward the fundamental breakthroughs in over-unity engineering.

      The other project is described as an Indian-backed project which relies for its precious materials on deposits (at/near - we're not clear from our sources on this) the disputed Kashmir region along the hotly contested India/Pakistan border.

      Our sources tell us this machine is different than the Chinese. for one thing, it reportedly is capable of variable load handling. Thus, it will be more adaptable and we hear more scalable in size. rumor has it that certain Swedish officials are holding talks with the Indian company because there are unique power issues in the high latitudes and the Indian project may deliver under more adverse conditions.

      According to our sources, the Indian company unit can be scaled to 10 KW within the same box and uses different technology so there's potentially a ton more IP to be developed in the field.

      So, as we go into the carefully orchestrated decline in the global financial markets occurs over the balance of the year, we expect new rising stars in the FOREX markets may be theRenminbi and the Rupee.

      We're left to speculate whether Venezuela's recent devaluations are based on good intel or the market separating wheat from chaff.

      In terms of 'what good the rickety time machine' we figure it doesn't get much better than this and our thanks to the confidential sources who are keeping us up to speed on 'the new electrics'.

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