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Re: Ascension Testimony in the New Age

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  • Dex
    Dean wrote: Thanks for all the info Dex. Just by-pass the physical body and balance your soul s karma. So, the life program doesn t affect the physical body
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2010
      Dean wrote:

      Thanks for all the info Dex. Just by-pass the physical body and balance
      your soul's karma. So, the "life program" doesn't affect
      the physical body for ascension seekers, just the personality (?) or
      soul (?) consciousness.
      How do you find out what your soul's karmic balance percentage is so
      you'll know how far you've got to go?
      When do you start and how long do they say it will take the average
      faithful soul? - Days, Months, Years?


      Dex replies:

      Correct Dean, it was never dependant of a Darwin concept.

      You don't, you can't possibly know and measure your own karma?
      They do..the greater aspects of God (Living Light ) know. God as the Son (Sun) knows the interior of every soul. Ethereally, our whole life is witnessed and recorded. We come into this world with angels, and we leave with them too.

      I'm not kidding these elusive, mysterious other intelligence has shown me incredible technologies that are keys to opening the magnetic bonding's of the body. They've demonstrated many of the communication Gifts we can experience with a variety of star ET's and that depends on the evolutionary ascendency advancement for the kind of mental communications we can experience.
      The Language of Light, the super holographic is the most advanced with the Lords of Light and I believe dependant on the Merkaba(h) synthesizing development. Another subject (Majestic's 12) hired tech Dan Burisch sought out in depth to understand and even to capture in a lab.
      Anyway, I'd like to share some technical information by J.J. who explains it well but, as I've been made a witness helping fulfill what's written I might be able to add more of what it really ensues from the experiences. It has to be experienced to understand the greatness.

      I'll share with the forum things that are quite beyond this evolution's imagination.
      As a result of my passing tests, I became known by many star groups and honored through introduction's with the local hierarchy.
      Then, my experiences with the Host went Higher.
      I eventually was able to meet Hurtak and with a greeting code, at the time, with an unknown language given to me by the Living Light, which according to Hurtak was a code that meant we were brothers'. He also said to me that day, he had been shown a future vision about me and later in the years it proved to be correct.
      This Great Living Light cannot be comprehended, it is the One we live and move and have our Being in.
      El Elyion...(Hebrew) meaning The Most High God. As I was becoming an awakened Son (Sun) Our Father arranged a meeting.
      Forum members want to know the truth of Contactees....well this is a magnificent aspect of the hidden truth of these contacts that have been occurring all over the world beginning with me in 1976...The time appointed for allowing the Whole Light Being to enter for measurement, judgement's and Light processing activations. They are our Counterparts. We are what they are and we are of their image and these physical (forms)expressions are similitude (likeness) life programs that we're not to violate while here, but creatively enhance by (1) gaining wisdom through experience. Those who violate are another discussion matter.
      Got to go....


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