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  • Dex
    You re far too text complex Dean..From my perspective, I ll try to help break it down to a layman s understanding by sharing my contact initiation and adding
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2010
      You're far too text complex Dean..From my perspective, I'll try to help break it down to a layman's understanding by sharing my contact initiation and adding some supportive information of what I went through during my years of introduction witnessing God and The Most High's Host. Exactly, like how it would be according to Jim Hurtak when he wrote in text a mind to mind conveyance experience with Enoch.

      All I ask is please refrain from the disparaging tongue.
      It is one of the reason's Power has been removed from us.
      What now appears to have become an axiom is an observation very important to remember..It was said..."What's important is not what we put into our mouths, but what comes out of it."
      I'm not asking for you to change your spots overnight, just exercise some kindness restraint.

      This is a very important sharing about the Higher Evolution's Light activating processes, and not to be taken lightly. Super luminary Light focused as a beam in the shape of the Hebrew Letter "Yod" is projected into our foreheads which activates a perceptual apparatus build within our brain network. The pineal "Eye". Thus, enabling us to receive Tele-thought Communications, also referred too as, The Language of Light, from the Sons of Light residing in other Reality Zones (Dimensions). This linking process connects us with the inner Minds, Lords of Light, of which we are their off-spring. They reign collectively as one Mind. Their Life programs are limitless and infinite. They can be anything imagined.

      These are the Minds that are One with the Son (Sun) Deity of our Being and God's Living Power called Shekinah by Hurtak. The Trinity of trinity's. This process begins developing the Merkaba(h) within our energy circulatory system. Ah..the Merkaba(h)...What is a Merkaba(h)? Light Vehicles of the Masters.

      1973, it was allowed to be shared in text for the world and made comprehensive for the scientific communities of today and in 1976, to witness, by those chosen directly from God. This was an experience witnessing the anointing process of Disciple's of old. Crowning them as the Elect of the Earth.

      I was made witness to these processes through the visitation of our Whole Light Beings.
      It must have been a hard decision for God to make when it came to me. I think back to the incredible things the ET's had to do in preparing me for the Gift that saved my Life. During this time I was attending college after serving in the Army, I was degenerating with an incurable injury incurred from the Vietnam war. i was suffering a lot of pain that required a special intervention. The story I carry ought to go in a book. It could help add to our perception a more respectful perspective for our physical working Counterpart ET's and about how they, for awhile,... dedicate their lives in these outer dimension's serving limited life programs.

      I'll get back shortly, very busy.


      Dean wrote:

      Well Ruzya,
      A most important fact is that there are excellent metaphysical books on
      ascension� that have been written by highly-evolved human souls on
      earth and have been around for many years, which have been utilised by
      millions of souls. You'll find that there are members here who
      don't believe that each divine, immortal, human soul (egoic
      lotus/solar angel/gaseous deva of the higher mental sub-planes/beginning
      dimension of heaven) evolves over thousands of incarnations [energizing
      fetus', creating a new personalty each time] until it reaches relative
      perfection, and that Jesus symbolically demonstrated this in the Bible,
      i.e., at his birth [control of physical body], baptism [control of
      emotions], transfiguration [control of the mind], crucifixion [control
      in 4th cosmic ether/lowest manifestation of solar Logos'
      consciousness], and resurrection [master/telepathically & clairvoyantly
      communicates with peers on other planets].� Beyond that is ascension
      which, of course, isn't the end of our evolution either.
      It's somewhat contradictory for anyone to claim a superior knowledge
      & short-cut with"the life programs" while at the same time not
      exhibiting any knowledge of the energizing etheric organ of the
      intuitive faculty, as well as ignoring the fact that millions of
      incarnated souls have been utilizing raja yoga for millennia to speed up
      their evolution with success, and are also walking around here among us
      today. Some of these individuals are members of the spiritual hierarchy,
      as well as authors of a few books on the subject of ascension and, if
      you haven't read much on it, what ascension boil's down to is
      achieving a certain percentage of atomic substance ["Light
      Quotient"] in our "Light-Bodies." The percentage of atomic
      substance needed in our Light-Bodies for ascension or the sixth
      initiation is 80%. The percentage needed for the third initiation or
      soul-merge [transfiguration] is 56%; the 4th initiation [Crucifixion/no
      longer incarnates again] needs 62%; the fifth initiation [Master] needs
      75%, and the seventh initiation requires 92%.
      There is no magical way to circumvent the gradual build up of atomic
      substance in our Light-Bodies and/or by-pass our existent solar Angel to
      merge with our unmanifested Divine Human Spirit/Monad on the 2nd cosmic
      ether. It takes unrelenting effort & daily meditation. Ascension also
      means that you've wiped your karmic slate clean for the most part,
      but not completely [see Sanat Kumara: Training a Planetary Logus*], so,
      you've got to factor in that also, which varies considerably among
      human beings. Ascension chambers are available for everyone to utilize
      and are at sacred locations around the earth, as well as on Starships,
      which in addition to the "Noble Eight-fold Path" & daily raja
      yoga� are the most efficacious means to ascension. Everyone should
      certainly utilize as many techniques as possible that they can handle on
      a daily basis to achieve ascension. The power of crystals are enhanced
      ten-fold and aqua-aura crystals, as well as rainbow quartz held in the
      palm of your hands are especially helpful in speeding up the process.
      P.S. There's no limitation on how far anyone can go in this particular
      lifetime, but ascension is still achieved in hard earned steps.

      � The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in this
      Lifetime by Dr. Joshua David Stone @ 1994.
      And: Connecting with the Arcturians

      And: Serapis Bey's Ascension Temple in Luxor


      � The central etheric channel must be cleared, which can only be done
      in meditation and there are no shortcuts, however, the power to speed up
      our evolution has excellerated greatly due to the incoming 7th ray
      energy of Aquarius (the energy of the dense physical plane, so, greater
      results can be achieved in a shorter period of time, which is determined
      by intent, and persistence. We will also see a greater number of new
      records in sports with new moves, most notably in gymnastics & figure

      --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "ruzya@..." <ruzya@...> wrote:
      > The bottom line is that many people on this forum would like some
      answers in terms
      > of preparing for ascension, especially from those that have had
      contact with E.T.'s.
      > We are assuming that the ones that have had first hand contact with
      E.T.s, will have some answers. I don't think that I am just speaking for
      myself here.
      > Ruzya

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