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Re: [ufodiscussion] Obama President & Galactic Diplomat

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Dex, You say: I m convinced someone ( a group) with a greater clearance level is dictating what he can or cannot do...I m sure it bode s not well with him,
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 30, 2010
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      You say:
      "I'm convinced someone ( a group) with a greater clearance level is
      dictating what he can or cannot do...I'm sure it bode's not well with him,
      but, what can he do?"

      If the situation is as you say (and I think it is) then his duty is
      clear. He should assert his authority as President over this upstart
      clandestine group that has usurped his power and he should see to it that
      the miscreants are duly prosecuted, convicted and punished. And if he
      should find that he is unable to do that then he should resign from the
      presidency and tell the people why he has been unable to fulfil his campaign
      promises to them, i.e. because a coup has taken place and the elected
      President is not really the chief executive officer of the nation in fact
      but that the system of government is a fraud.

      But he has not done either of these things, has he? Instead all the
      signs are that he has consented to be this clandestine power's flunkie and a
      stooge puppet-President of the USA. And in so doing he has already betrayed
      the people who elected him to office on the basis of his false promises.
      How can he be trusted to represent humanity's true interests honestly and
      faithfully in any human-ET negotiations?


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      From: Dex
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      I think I've learned to see more going on behind the scenes and no longer
      is the pen stroking as freely exercised as was before. There's much more at
      play and National Security interfacing with our rightful constitution
      limits our ability to involve our selves with foreign decisions.
      The Military Industrial complex has a hold on everything since the nation
      is convinced that's the right thing to do so they can protect our national
      interests from terrorist invasion.so our hands are tied for now. A well
      planned maneuver.

      Our president is stuck with domestic problem solving for the time being.

      I'm convinced someone ( a group) with a greater clearance level is
      dictating what he can or cannot do...I'm sure it bode's not well with him,
      but, what can he do?
      I'm waiting for a breakthrough of some kind that helps unite us in our
      purpose sustaining our liberty's and freedom's.
      With help from the men and women from above we might get right sooner than

      > Dex,
      > You are a good pal and I like you a lot but I feel I must tell you
      > that I think you must be out out of your mind to judge Obama by his fine
      > clever words instead of by his actions. If you can tear your mind away
      > his dazzling personality for a moment to look at his actions objectively I
      > think you will see that he has broken just about all of his campaign
      > promises and instead of bringing "change you can believe in" has continued
      > and even extended the previous Bush administration's disastrous policies
      > that have dirtied America and brought it low as well as disrupting world
      > peace and the rule of law. Here is the US President who gave a solemn
      > promise to the American people to "bring the troops home" from Iraq
      > immediately upon taking office but who opened up wars on two new fronts
      > instead (and picked up an unearned Nobel Peace Prize in the process)! He
      > promised to close Guantanamo Bay but it's still open and the barbaric
      > torture-practices that the previous Bush administration authorised are
      > being practiced, possibly on an even bigger scale than they were before
      > He is the Commander-in-Chief of the entire US armed forces and could
      > put a stop to these things with a stroke of his pen but he doesn't do it.
      > Why not? Whose permission does he need? Whose orders is he taking?
      > Evidently not those of the American people who elected him to office with
      > this very mandate.
      > Oh yes, Obama is intelligent - in a clever-brained
      > lawyer-politician's sort of way, just like Tony Blair has proven himself
      > be too. But all his fine and inspiring speeches amount to just a lot of
      > empty words that ultimately mean nothing real in the end. This man
      > has the blood of countless innocents on his hands and the desperate dreams
      > of countless millions of his fellow human beings who had placed their
      > and trust in him lie broken in ruins at his feet. He has quietly given
      > international, unaccountable police force Interpol absolute, supreme
      > authority and jurisdiction in the USA via executive order and thereby
      > it into a police state in principle. How long before American citizens
      > start to feel the might of this international gestapo bearing down upon
      > them, raiding their homes, killing them on sight and taking them away in
      > middle of the night never to be seen or heard of again? Obama is
      > over the descent of a new age of darkness over America and the world. Can
      > this really be the man who you think is qualified and worthy to lead
      > humanity into a new age of free cosmic citizenship?
      > Regan
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      > From: Dex
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      > Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2010 4:12 AM
      > Subject: [ufodiscussion] Obama President & Galactic Diplomat
      > I learned a lot today with witnessing Obama addressing the problems within
      > the Republican circle.
      > He was very clear and concise.
      > I saw more clearly the engaging politic game deliberately exuding
      > inaccuracies and it appears as a major source that divides the party's.
      > If the Republican's really believe some of their major complaining
      > statements made today of which clearly were obviously unrealistic, it's
      > a wonder the difficultly bringing them into a more comprehensive
      > understanding why it's necessary to give up gamesmanship so that we can
      > collectively form a better thinking forum all can partake in with
      > decisions that affect the outcome of our future.
      > Obama expressed himself exactly how I believe I would have with these
      > circumstances.
      > I think we're pretty much of like mind after hearing today's rhetoric and
      > sincerity for a united effort to help solve our life problems.
      > If the world were to experience a galactic revelatory landing and our
      > nations were required to publicly address the extraterrestrial reality, I
      > hope it happens during Obama's time. I think he'd be an excellent diplomat
      > considering the depth of the circumstances.
      > IMO I really believe the guy has a gifted intelligence.
      > Dex
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