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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    The problem is what is a Planet X. I quite agree. It seems that the label refers to radically different things in different people s minds. To conventional
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      "The problem is what is a Planet X."

      I quite agree. It seems that the label refers to radically
      different things in different people's minds. To conventional astronomers
      it refers to a so-far undiscovered planet that orbits the sun in the outer
      reaches of the solar system beyond the orbit of Pluto. To Nancy Lieder and
      her followers it apparently refers to a large planetary body that they
      believe entered the inner solar system in 2003 and is still inside it
      although its existence is being covered up by the political authorities on
      earth. Some people say it is Sitchin's planet Nibiru, some say it is a
      brown dwarf (which is sort of mid-way between a planet and a star) and some
      say it is a red dwarf (not a planet at all and actually a small star). And
      now Dex has suggested that Planet X could be an artificial "bio-satellite".

      There are a lot of disparate ideas to reconcile here for anyone who
      may wish to produce a single, coherent, definitive answer to the question
      "What is Planet X?". That is not really a project that attracts me though.
      I am more interested in the psychosocial phenomenon of a group of people
      arising at this time in world history who are choosing to believe in the
      physical presence of a celestial object which they are calling Planet X and
      choosing to believe too that this cosmic intruder is threatening the earth
      with a cataclysmic pole shift in or around the year 2012AD. In spite of
      their vagueness and indeterminacy about what and where Planet X is exactly,
      they do appear to have a semi-coherent body of shared belief about it and
      therefore, although their idea of Planet X is not a part of the commonly
      accepted public-domain reality that most people believe in, apparently it is
      real to them. The question in my mind is, Why?

      I think this question is important from a sociological point of view
      because the idea of Planet X is a revolutionary one. I say this because it
      stands in conflict with the established notion of physical reality in which
      most people already believe and to which global human society is stolidly
      committed. Planet X does not conform to the accepted laws of our
      established reality and therefore belief in Planet X is not compatible with
      belief in established physical reality. In order for the world to accept
      the existence of Planet X the world's prior belief in its established
      physical reality would have to be overturned. This, in my view, is what
      makes the Planet X proposition as revolutionary as Galileo's proposition
      that the earth went around the sun.

      The Galilean Revolution succeeded because Galileo's proposition
      proved to be more in accord with the observed behaviour of the heavenly
      bodies than the old Ptolemaic belief system was. It was the "look-and-see"
      principle in action. But the Planet X adherents have denied themselves the
      same opportunity for physical proof because part of their belief system is
      that the physical evidence for Planet X's existence is unavailable for
      public inspection since it is being effectively covered up. Furthermore
      Nancy Lieder's group maintain that they themselves do not want the general
      public to have such a form of proof although their reasons for this are not
      clear to me. Yet, whatever their reasons, the bottom line appears to be
      that for the general public at large no physical evidence and no physical
      form of proof for Planet X's existence can exist.

      It is possible - even natural perhaps - to wonder how that group can
      possibly hope in their wildest dreams that any but the most gullible of
      sapheads would subscribe to their physically-unprovable belief system. But
      again I am not interested in that question. I am interested in
      understanding why they believe what they are choosing to believe. What is
      their belief in Planet X doing for them? Just calling them "gullible
      sapheads" does not really answer that question. Clearly they are people who
      are willing to believe in Planet X in the complete absence of any physical
      proof of its existence and even in the presence of physical evidence which
      contradicts its existence. To the normal public who adhere to the belief in
      the established physical reality they appear to be indulging in a fantasy
      and I would say that they must be doing so anyway because the common human
      world that we call "reality" is made essentially out of fantasy. It is
      whatever we care to imagine and believe in at the same time. And people are
      free to indulge in all sorts of fantasies on the internet so it should not
      surprise anyone to find that this is what people actually do on it. But why
      this particular fantasy? What is its appeal to its subscribers? What need
      or desire in them is it satisfying?

      I shall not attempt to answer these questions here and now as they
      are too big and deep to permit any quick or simple answers. I will just
      mention for now that the symbolic approach of depth psychology provides a
      possible inroad into the mystery. For example, one could ask why Planet X
      is conceived to be a red dwarf. Why red? And why a "dwarf"? What part of
      the human spiritual/psychic anatomy does this symbolise? And how and why do
      these believers find it such a formidible threat to their world.

      I suppose that in sum what I am trying to get at is simply that not
      only is the Planet X-scenario an extraordinary idea but also the people who
      believe in it must possess an extraordinary psychology too. And because
      belief in Planet X is incompatible with conventional belief in established
      "physical reality", their extraordinary psychology could form the basis for
      an evolutionary divergence occurring at some future time in the human


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      All legitimate opinions..I agree basically with many of them and others I
      have know way of knowing how to refute them. I don't think it's people's
      imagination, I feel it's just something we don't know about yet.

      The problem is what is a Planet X. Is it a bio-satellite world? Is it
      artificially constructed? As we approach an area in space changing density
      do we phase too closely to what was invisible and now manifesting visibly
      because we begin corresponding vibrantly to a world during the shift that
      causes a magnetic/gravational disruption engendering a polar flip, thus,
      fulfilling the Prophecy's related?
      Or are speaking of a Null Zone according to Jim Hurtak, and mistakenly
      interpreting it as the Planet X in space.
      We'll find out soon enough.
      I believe it's a controlled scenario wrapping up these cyclical changes that
      allegedly re-positions' our star system nearer the center of our galaxy and
      placing us within a 5th dimensional wavelength of time. A different time
      cell that require's vibrational corresponding bodies.
      If many of us are to survive, this may help us understand why the tampering
      with our bodies.
      We're being given choice's to stay or leave for other worlds and working
      aboard ships in space and it's true, some won't require physical forms to
      continue their spiritual journey. All this has been communicated to me
      directly. It's important for people to believe or it may limit the potential
      attainment we can acquire during this opportunity time of changes.

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