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Re: Large Sphere's Near The Sun

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  • Dex
    Simmering Frog wrote: So what is their purpose in being so close to the sun? Also, don t you think one or two would be big enough for Eras s population?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2010
      Simmering Frog wrote:
      So what is their purpose in being so close to the sun?

      Also, don't you think one or two would be big enough for Eras's population?

      Could be several reason's..one important one I can think of is if there are others they may be attempting to create a shield to help filter down the solar ray bombardment because as we (our star system) nearer's a supposed Null Zone in space it's causing the Sun's destabilization and increasing the kick off of more harmful radiation's.

      I'm cross posting the below:

      To other forums:
      All legitimate opinions..I agree basically with many of them and others I have know way of knowing how to refute them. I don't think it's people's imagination, I feel it's just something we don't know about yet.

      The problem is what is a Planet X. Is it a bio-satellite world? Is it artificially constructed? As we approach an area in space changing density do we phase too closely to what was invisible and now manifesting visibly because we begin corresponding vibrantly to a world during the shift that causes a magnetic/gravational disruption engendering a polar flip, thus, fulfilling the Prophecy's related?
      Or are we speaking of a Null Zone according to Jim Hurtak, and mistakenly interpreting it as the Planet X in space.
      We'll find out soon enough.
      I believe it's a controlled scenario wrapping up these cyclical changes that allegedly re-positions' our star system nearer the center of our galaxy and placing us within a 5th dimensional wavelength of time. A different time cell that require's vibrational corresponding bodies.
      If many of us are to survive, this may help us understand why the tampering with our bodies.
      We're being given choice's to stay or leave for other worlds and working aboard ships in space and it's true, some won't require physical forms to continue their spiritual journey. All this has been communicated to me directly. It's important for people to believe or it may limit the potential attainment we can acquire during this opportunity time of changes.


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