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Re: [ufodiscussion] Re: [ufos-unbound] Large Sphere Near The Sun

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Dex, I don t want to get involved in any dispute with the Eagles Team (whoever they are) but having watched the video to which you linked us I find that I
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      I don't want to get involved in any dispute with the "Eagles Team"
      (whoever they are) but having watched the video to which you linked us I
      find that I cannot accept it as any kind of proof of the existence of Planet
      X, even if it is a perfectly genuine record of actual SOHO observations.
      The presenter points to a number of alleged objects, not just one, and he
      makes no suggestion in the video that any of those objects is Planet X.
      Since the SOHO-pictures are 2-dimensional we can have no idea of how far
      away from the SOHO-satellite those "objects" are located nor of how big they
      are. If they are real objects they could be small ones close by or bigger
      ones further away.

      Furthermore the presenter says that this is a SOHO video "from
      behind the sun"! That is impossible because the SOHO satellite resides at a
      fixed point in space (called a Lagrangian point) that is about 1 million
      miles from earth along the line joining the centres of the earth and the
      sun. This is a point of equilibrium in the gravitational fields of the
      earth and the sun to which any rocks drifting about in space will naturally
      gravitate. It is conceivable that the "objects" portrayed in the video
      could be such "drifters" which have been captured by the Lagrangian point
      where SOHO resides.

      Alternatively they could be the normal planets in their normal
      positions in space at the time. Alternatively again they may be other
      man-made satellites or ET-craft. Alternatively again the whole video may
      be a fake for all I know. Altogether, there are so many alternative
      possibilities that it is impossible for me to tell what those apparent
      objects are just by looking at that video. Call me closed-minded if you
      wish but as far as I can see it does not constitute any objective proof of
      Planet X.


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      From: Dex
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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Re: [ufos-unbound] Large Sphere Near The Sun

      Possible James...

      I posted this on the GT.

      I have a question for the forum members...

      If that sphere is possibly many times larger than our world...wouldn't that
      qualify it's description as a possible planetary size object X? X meaning an

      Assuming this is real, then if a sphere that large were to move closer to
      our world would it not devastatingly be disruptive to our gravitational
      I think now ridiculing the planet X concept warrants' a reconsideration and
      even an apology from the Eagle's Team for refusing to acknowledge the notion
      of such alleged reality.
      How much more needs laid out on their lap.
      It's obviously a real object and of very large proportions, so, proof came
      with the pudding.
      Anything more coming out debunking the notion I believe is an attempt to
      misdirect or is a flat out denial example from a closed mind.


      Dex it must be Planet X!

      From: Dex <dexxxaa@...>
      To: UFOprepare4contact <prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thu, January 28, 2010 3:53:20 PM
      Subject: [ufos-unbound] Large Sphere Near The Sun

      Possibly many times larger than the earth?



      Dex writes:
      > SOHO's Photos
      > Personal opinion is I think it possible they're bio-satellite worlds of
      > which house whole populations. They certainly appear the descriptive size.
      > They'll be used for transporting a portion of humanity when the time
      > comes.
      > I can't share with you yet what I'm being told by the entity's we dream
      > with and are amongst us here in this world. They're the manifesting
      > invisible's written about.
      > Don't forget, even though we allegedly have five energy vehicles requiring
      > re-synthesizing with, you are soul in a housing garment. Spirit is the
      > immortalizing, Living Light re-attachment.
      > Dex
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