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FW: Enter Kryon, Stage Left. Part 4 of 4.

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  • Dex
    Cross posting: From BRADENTAPES Just in case there are those who do not yet know I will explain. In the 1940s a famouse physicist made a statement to himself.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2010
      Cross posting:

      Just in case there are those who do not yet know I will explain.

      In the 1940s a famouse physicist made a statement to himself. ( I forget
      his name).

      He said: When I go to sleep at nignt and have a dream I do not know it is
      a dream. Everything is solid and taqngeable and the people are real.

      However, when I awake I say to myself that I just had a dream....But how do
      I know while awake that I have not just entered another dream?

      He worked on the physics and finally conceeded that this was, in fact, a
      holographic universe. He got togeather with his fellow physicists and they
      too said that all the figures were conclusive......however in this period
      there was no way yet to "physically" prove their findings.

      In other words, in this era and the state of science, man would surely
      devise a way to prove it in this dimension.

      In 1998 physicists did just that!! Researchers at Hewlit Packard did just
      that. HP had been working for about three years on micro enginearing,
      mounting pc boards to molecules. Scientists at several universities were
      contracted by HP to create wiring that was microscopically small. And they did it.
      HP had a right to be proud of themselves, so they put all this on their
      web pages and my son guided me to their page. Si far so good .....right?

      Later, however, HP added a new divice purchased from IBM that increased the
      magnification of their project. They concluded that the molecules were no
      more than light produced by electomagnety induced pulses of light. WOW!!
      LOOK WHAT WE JUST LEARNED!!! They were very proud to show the world what they
      had accomplished.

      Immediatly the government stepped in and said that was top secret
      information and told them to take any of their findings off the web.

      From this day to the present the government began research on Holographic

      When I first saw what HP discovered I realized also somethig vital about
      our reality. The one we have always refered to as GOD....Is in fact our
      We literally had proven that God is a real entity. It is an energy that
      is self aware and creating its dream and ours as well.

      All that exists is God. every leaf ona tree, each blade of grass and US
      are all a piece of this self aware energy and are pieces of God. We
      smell...we feel...we taste and all of it is God. God us a manmade name but in a
      vision the name given to me was Masuvious. ( I may or may not explain this

      HP went to sleep then and no more was written on this matter,,,in other
      words they stayed quiet. I called several of their managers and tried to find
      out more but they denied that they had ever worked on micro engineering. I
      also got in touch with the science journal that carried the article and they
      too denied all information.

      So to conclude the serious nature of this discovered reality I come to
      realize that if the government were to find a way to project our "new" reality,
      we could find ourselves waking up one morning remembering only that we were
      slaves and they were our kings or deities

      I have always been a profound thinker and realised that simply by
      observing what science is creating we also are aware of the end of days as we know
      them. The one we call God will never permit man to become gods.

      Incidently we know that God has a sense of humor. He did create man did he

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