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    For Info. ... From: Brel Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 2:10 PM Subject: Avatar Hi Simon, Apart from my brother who lives in Moss Vale, NSW. who is an ex
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      For Info.

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      From: Brel

      Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 2:10 PM
      Subject: Avatar

      Hi Simon,
      Apart from my brother who lives in Moss Vale, NSW. who is an ex military policeman, and didn't like It,
      every other review has either liked It, or raved about It.
      Many, in many countries, seeing It more than once, particularly those who see it normal first time around.
      Many have commented that it's too much in one sitting.
      Thought came to mind that it's the third chapter, with 2001 A Space Odersey, and 2010 being the first
      two chapters.

      I can imagine people who are handicapped who see the movie, perhaps on DVD, will be fascinated
      at the possibilities, that the movie highlights.
      Instead of going on a plane and experiencing weightlessness via the upper atmosphere, U can induce
      meditation, and transfer your consciousness to an Avatar or suitable Vehicle where U can experience
      Limitless possibilities of Movement.

      It also appears to have an Energy of It's own, outside of being a mere movie, in that people who haven't
      been to a movie, ever, or for many years, are hearing about It, and then can't wait to see It.

      In my view, this means that 1.000's of 1.000.000's of people the world over, are being egged on by Their
      spirit guides to go and experience this Event.
      As has been said by others, It's all part of getting the populace ready for the real thing.


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      Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 1:26 PM
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      Hello everyone,

      I saw the film Avatar today - its quite a film, at times extremely sad, at times simply fascinating. The forest is indeed a place of iridescent beauty; much more so than our forests here.

      I saw it in 3D, possibly this is a better way to experience it. As a general theme do not expect to see fun incidents such as planks of wood sticking out and making you want to duck your head - that is for fun fairs. That said, there are times when things do point out towards the audience...

      The basic storyline is about a mineral company which wants to dig up a forest to extract a valuable mineral, but it just so happens that the location they are most keen to dig is where a tribe of people live. Oh, and it all happens on a planet about 6 years journeytime away (the central characters in the film hibernate on their way there).

      The film has a strong environmental undercurrent, and puts forward the themes of the sacredness of all life, a 'Great Spirit' and the interconnectedness of life in a way which is not recognised - let alone respected - by our 'western' culture, but is a way of life by the 'Indians' / Aborigines / Maori in America, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

      I'm not going to say much more about the plot, as the best voyage of discovery is by seeing it. If you can weekday daytimes is best.

      btw, its not much short of 3 hours in length, especially when you include the trailers, adverts, etc before the main film.


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