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Re: [ufodiscussion] Re: ZetaTalk: GLP Live [11-21-09]

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  • Ted
    This is the first time I ve heard from you. When I press return it goes to you and that is why You got my request. Sorry if I was any problem to you or your
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 23, 2009
      This is the first time I've heard from you. When I press return it goes to you and that is why You got my request. Sorry if I was any problem to you or your group.
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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Re: ZetaTalk: GLP Live [11-21-09]

      You need to stop demanding that I take you off MY MAILING LIST! I do not
      have you on MY MAILING list Mr. ted! You receive mail from the
      ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com <mailto:ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com>
      and you have selected INDIVIDUAL emails from this group. Change the
      setting to either group digest or special and that will solve the
      problem. Otherwise, you will receive email from everyone who post!
      Go to the group above and select EDIT my membership!
      Please, stop saying that I am sending you email from private email list!

      --- In ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com, "Ted" <ufoazbk@...> wrote:
      > Now this is the third time I've ask you to take me off your mailing
      list. Do tell , what do I have to do to have you to comply with my
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      > Subject: [ufodiscussion] ZetaTalk: GLP Live [11-21-09]
      > ZetaTalk: GLP Live [11-21-09]
      > Severe wobble, FAA outage, Asteroid threat, USGS credibility, Annunaki
      traces, Symbolic numbers, Obama hatred, Zeta Face crop circle, Fox News
      lies, Ra channeling, Fear antidote, Colorado ice ball, Alien cache, Pet
      souls, Winter prediction, Windy weather, Simulating seasons, Book of
      Revelations, STS increase, Pacific Plate shifts, Gardening, Webbot
      predictions, Weather wobbles, Food shortages, The Call, Contactees,
      Gradual awareness, Hawaii beaches, STS interaction, Billy Meier/Alex
      Collier, Obama's thoughts, CERN, Oprah's decision,
      > -
      > *
      > Excerpts:
      > [Questioner] I'm continually baffled by the amount of stupidity and
      outright hatred that so many are exhibiting towards the new
      administration and health-care reform, as if Obama is the one that
      caused the mess we're in. (Yes, some of it's frustration that we aren't
      seeing a faster recovery.) What's behind the apparent amnesia, and why
      are people so ignorant when they have such ready access to so much
      information? Are there that many people who are basically just plain old
      lazy when it comes to understanding what's going on, or can they be
      excused for such willful ignorance?
      > -
      > [Zeta Response] These people are the same who would not make such
      complaints against the former Bush administration. The reason for all
      the whining is the kindness and fairness that Obama and his
      administration project. These are cowards, who expect life to be
      delivered to them, but who would not make such demands of a bully such
      as the Bush/Cheney administration. Yes, it is true that such mindless
      complaints in the face of the mess the Bush/Cheney administration left
      for Obama does not reflect well on those making the complaints.
      > *
      > [Questioner] Recently Oprah Winfrey has announced that she is ending
      her talk show and had a very emotional moment on her show when she
      announced this. I remember that she was very vocal in her support of
      President Obama, so I was very surprised when I saw Sarah Palin on her
      show, pushing her book. Oprah, did not look pleased. Is there a
      connection? I can't imagine Oprah being happy about having Sarah on her
      show. What is really going on. Is someone actually serious about
      positioning Sarah Palin for president in 2012?
      > -
      > [Zeta Response] When we were asked about Palin and Oprah, our
      statement was that they both wanted ratings increases. Oprah's ratings
      have been falling, and to some extent she blames this on her open
      support for Obama, thus having Palin on her show was a gesture she hoped
      would restore that element of her viewership. Why is she announcing an
      end to her show? Networks live on ratings, and she does not like being
      pushed around by her network. Having Palin on was one such example of
      being pushed around by a network. Shows have a life cycle, going up and
      being very popular and then slowly dying. The novelty wears off. She is
      anticipating a slow decline and getting the network off her back by
      announcing an exit date. This is not because she has learned of the
      pending pole shift in any official way. This is not the crowd she runs
      > *
      > [Questioner] Hello star ancestors, can two or more spirits occupy a
      human body? I have been told I have a Lemurian and zeta spirit within?
      > ­-
      > [Zeta Response] When more than one spirit incarnates into a body, a
      crowded incarnation, it is normally a situation where the original
      spirit is weak and cannot resist. The Spirit Guides soon arrive to
      straighten the situation out. What normally happens if a weak spirit
      wants to leave is a walk-in or possession, depending upon the nature of
      the original spirit inhabiting the body. Crowded incarnations are a
      situation we have warned about, as after the pole shift, due to the
      massive die-off, there will be many spirits suddenly freed of their
      bodies looking for a new home.
      > *
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      > -
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