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Re: [ufodiscussion] Andromeda Galaxy Inhabitants

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    That s an interesting take on the situation that you ve given us Ted. I m sure you are correct in saying that we ve been in this doomsday scenario before. I
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 5, 2009
      That's an interesting take on the situation that you've given us
      Ted. I'm sure you are correct in saying that we've been in this doomsday
      scenario before. I suspect that it's many times before, in fact. The
      evidence for a global civilization existing in prehistoric times is
      extensive and worldwide (see Graham Hancock's website at
      http://www.grahamhancock.com/ ) and the evidence from the Moon and Mars, as
      well as from the legends and records of the older cultures of the world,
      suggests rather forcefully that at some time in our distant past the world
      was not only one but was integrated with the greater cosmic society too.
      Yet a great catastrophe appears to have overtaken the earth at some point
      and it fell into cosmic isolation, disunity and decay. Today humanity it
      still struggling back up from the age of barbarism into which it had fallen
      and, as Dex's reports would appear to indicate, it has a whole lot more
      struggling to do yet before it can expect to recover sufficiently to be
      accepted back into the greater cosmic society.

      I agree that we need to stop destroying our own planet and I think
      the coming collapse of our present world civilization may be one of the ways
      that nature employs to make sure that we do stop it.


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      From: Ted
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      I too am in agreement with Regan , but haven't we, civilization, been in
      this dooms day scenario before.
      Like every other generation before us. It's the same old song. The People
      of the World, must STOP destroying this Planet they live on. And yet
      yrs.after yr. decades followed by centuries after centuries the cry is just
      re translated and set adrift.
      But there will come that SPLIT SECOND ,the fall of the last grain of
      sand,and when the candle can no longer face the wind, That's when man, will
      NO LONGER mark TIME..
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      From: "Dex" <dexxxaa@...>
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      Subject: Re: [ufodiscussion] Andromeda Galaxy Inhabitants

      > It is the way things are being viewed lately isn't it? And not just by us.
      > Sad, but true...
      > Dex
      >> It is pretty much the case from my perspective too Dex. I am not
      >> referring to the presence of the "Axthadans" of course, but to the
      >> central
      >> theme of the article that you posted: that time is running out for human
      >> civilization on earth. The spiritual counterculture has been shouting
      > this
      >> message from the rooftops since before I was born and I am in my sixties
      >> now, but little heed has been paid to it by the general public and the
      > world
      >> crisis has just grown worse and the need for positive, creative,
      >> evolutionary change has simply become more urgent. Now the end is in
      > sight
      >> and still no remedy for the old civilization's essential problem has been
      >> put into effect. The hour is late. The situation is dire. The stern of
      >> the world Titanic has come right out of the water and its prow is
      >> pointing
      >> decisively downwards into the deep. What can possibly save it now?
      >> Probably nothing, is the sobering answer to that question. The
      >> situation is too far gone for that. The world's ailment is like a cancer
      >> that has all but consumed the dying patient already. I am convinced that
      >> ETs would not need to take any active steps to bring our civilization
      >> down
      >> so as to prevent it from becoming a threat to the rest of the universe.
      > We
      >> are already hell-bent on doing that job for them! All the nations are at
      >> one another's throats. Our global civilization is already on the
      >> life-support provided by fictitious money created by avaricious bankers
      > for
      >> profit and that too is progressively failing. It is as though we had all
      >> been given fictitious oxygen to keep us alive. We can only keep kidding
      >> ourselves for so long before the awful reality crashes in upon us.
      >> For those of us who are awake, or who are in process of waking up
      >> now I feel that rather than trying desperately to find quick-fix
      >> solutions
      >> to world problems that have been millennia in the making, it would be
      >> more
      >> productive to invest the time left to us in envisioning the new kind of
      >> civilization that we want and need to move into and develop. In this way
      > we
      >> can go out to meet the future world that will arise from the ashes of the
      >> fallen old one and take a decisive hand in shaping it to our collective
      >> requirements. If we want to become free, self-responsible citizens of
      >> cosmic society then I think our first steps towards that goal must
      >> consist
      >> of becoming free, self-responsible beings. But this would entail our
      >> rejecting modern civilization's authoritarian way that promises to keep
      >> us
      >> all repressed in infantile unfreedom and dependency for ever. The
      >> powers-that-be would never allow us to reject their rule so long as they
      >> have any say in the matter. Therefore I think their downfall in the
      > coming
      >> crash of world civilization will prove a blessing to us and not a
      >> catastrophe. For that reason I am optimistic about the turbulent future
      >> ahead.
      >> Regan
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      >> From: Dex
      >> To: UFOprepare4contact
      >> Sent: Sunday, October 04, 2009 5:49 PM
      >> Subject: [ufodiscussion] Andromeda Galaxy Inhabitants
      >> (Note: From my perspective, this is pretty much the case..and I don't get
      >> this from reading...It saddened's me to think some of the things
      >> indicated
      >> are a likely outcome for our world. How do you reach the guys that need
      >> it
      >> explained to them? There are other descriptions for species from
      >> Andromeda
      >> that we've personally encountered in the remote desert once a upon a
      >> time.
      >> Good looking people, some of them glowed light. Long white hair, names
      >> unpronounceable, and all business...Dex)
      >> Cross posting:
      >> from Sky
      >> 17 September 2009 - UFO Messages: Earth might be completely destroyed
      >> Opinion by Michael Cohen m.cohen@...
      >> In the last few months dramatic developments have occurred in regards to
      >> human/extra-terrestrial relations and communication. Small UFO probes
      >> communicating with earthlings have been sending messages indicating that
      >> while open contact might be around the corner, if we don't mend our ways
      > we
      >> might find ourselves on the galactic list of extinct species.
      >> It is now known that the civilization located in Andromeda Galaxy that is
      >> communicating with us via these UFO probes refer to themselves as
      > 'Axthadans'.
      >> They are at least several thousand years ahead of humanity in terms of
      >> technology. Their appearance lies somewhat between the race we refer to
      >> as
      >> 'Greys' and our own. This alien civilization has in fact been watching
      >> humans and even discreetly guiding them for thousands of years.
      >> It has also now been confirmed that the Axthadans are not directly
      >> sending
      >> these probes. The probes are being sent by the race often referred to as
      >> 'Greys'. Greys are in fact another sub-group, as we are, of the Axthadan
      >> race. The Grey's home planet is within the Milky Way and believed to be
      >> located about 30 light years away from Earth. 'Greys' are a few hundred
      >> years ahead of humanity in terms of technology and have only been
      >> inducted
      >> into the wider universal community relatively recently (possibly a few
      >> hundred years ago).
      >> The 'Greys', who's real name is unknown to this author, seem to be
      >> responsible for many alleged abductions here on Earth and might have been
      >> the group associated with the Roswell event.
      >> Unlike Greys, Axthadans are said to be rather tall. Members of this race
      >> have visited Earth on occasion but do not do so very often. The Biblical
      >> account telling of the Prophet Ezekiel's experience with UFOs is said to
      >> recall a visit by the Axthadans.
      >> A few meetings between Axthadans and government officials worldwide seem
      > to
      >> have taken place.
      >> The Greys have been generally entrusted by these other more evolved
      >> aliens
      >> with the task of helping prepare humanity for possible integration into
      >> universal culture. Many UFO researchers might query how well they are
      >> handling this task and some are suggesting that in recent years or months
      >> Axthadans have taken a more hands-on approach as a consequence.
      >> Axthadans are currently grooming over three hundred semi-technological
      >> civilizations for induction into a universal family of civilizations.
      > Sadly,
      >> Most of these civilizations will not make it.
      >> The Pentagon is now in possession of extensive footage and information
      >> regarding life on their planet: Axthada. This planet has been described
      >> as
      >> being of great beauty and it's civilization as 'Utopian' by earth's
      >> standards.
      >> It is now known that these aliens have issued earthlings with a warning:
      > We
      >> have less than a decade to completely bring an end to all forms of
      > warfare,
      >> racism, prejudice and economic exploitation. The Axthadans have sent
      >> messages stating that if we continue our evil ways we will destroy
      > ourselves
      >> and this planet within fifty years.
      >> In the event that aliens do disclose their presence to humanity and we
      >> continue to display any of these traits Planet Earth itself might have to
      > be
      >> destroyed as a potential threat to universal harmony. In this scenario it
      > is
      >> believed that innocent human victims of exploitation as well as other
      >> species will be resettled elsewhere.
      >> In an ironic twist Axthadans are communicating with groups seen as
      >> perpetrators. As such immense pressure has been placed on the US
      >> administration. A decision was made to allow America's economy to falter
      > to
      >> allow for a redistribution of power and resources. Obviously the election
      > of
      >> an African-American to the U.S Presidency was seen as a positive
      > development
      >> by the Axthadans.
      >> The question now is will this satisfy our alien custodians or will this
      >> be
      >> seen as mere window dressing? It is believed that the Axthadans mean
      >> business and will not tolerate any trace of the existing power-structure.
      >> Ego-driven and ultra-materialistic western culture seems slated for
      >> destruction.
      >> Will Westerners adapt to a new reality where previously trodden on groups
      >> such as indigenous populations of countries like the US and Australia
      >> will
      >> perhaps be given leadership roles? Extraterrestrials have noted that the
      >> manner in which such groups were able to live for thousands of years in
      >> harmony with their environment translates into a safer, more peaceful
      >> universal existence. Western values of devour and destroy in an orgy of
      >> selfishness for the sole benefit of personal gain are said to be of
      > immense
      >> concern to aliens.
      >> It is this author's belief that the recent Chinese UFO event that took
      > place
      >> during the solar eclipse (see here) involved a 'manned' Axthadan craft.
      > This
      >> almost irrefutable sighting is being hailed by Chinese researchers as one
      > of
      >> the most compelling ever. Does this brazen example of aliens deliberately
      >> exposing their own presence at a time when many looked skyward signal
      >> something? Are aliens looking to China to lead humanity towards its
      > destiny?
      >> I have received a number of emails from well-known researchers and
      > cover-up
      >> insiders noting that the US is indeed worried over alien interest in
      >> China
      >> and its more communitarian values. Curiously the Chinese eclipse UFO
      >> event
      >> has been totally ignored by Western nations, possibly not willing to
      >> admit
      >> its implications.
      >> Does free-wheeling highly individualistic capitalism have a cosmic future
      > or
      >> is it simply untenable and even dangerous when imposed on a much more
      >> complex paradigm: such as a universe?
      >> It should be noted at this point that the author is not unaware of the
      >> massive advances capitalism has brought humanity, nor is this an op-ed
      > piece
      >> for socialism; merely a summary of what appear to be the known issues
      > facing
      >> civilizations that join a galactic or universal family of races. The
      > 'Cosmic
      >> Capitalism' doctrine studied by NASA scientists and others suggests that
      >> self-interest is imprinted into all living things as a result of
      > evolution.
      >> However as one goes up the food chain this self-interest, responsible as
      > it
      >> is for so much progress, becomes more potentially dangerous and thus it
      >> becomes more important to balance this tendency with social restraints.
      >> On a Galactic level this becomes a matter of the very survival of the
      >> universe: Hence not all races make the grade and are inducted to a wider
      >> family of civilizations.
      >> We realise that many readers will find this information hard to believe,
      >> however for those who work on these issues on a daily basis it is all too
      >> real. Our sources are such individuals and we can reveal they are not
      >> just
      >> speaking to All News Web. Other publications have also been contacted.
      >> In the words of Bob Dylan 'The times they are a-changin'..again. Will
      >> humanity make the grade?
      >> ------------------------------------
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