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The Greys

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  • Brel
    Hi Dex, I think that with the best will in the world, in the end, We just do not know enough at this point in time. Eg. I read an experiencer report about ten
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 17, 2009
      Hi Dex,
      I think that with the best will in the world, in the end, We just do not
      know enough at this point in time.

      Eg. I read an experiencer report about ten years ago, where two ladies were
      transported to a location where there was a group of Reptilians.
      One of them was taken to meet the leader.
      The one left behind started making a fuss.
      The next thing she was watching as they raped her friend.
      Then that vision faded, and everything was as It was before.
      In other words the rape was only a mind projection.
      She was warned that this would become a physical reality, if she didn't be
      Every thing was pleasant for the two ladies after that.
      There was no aggressiveness displayed towards the ladies, for the length of

      A friend of mine in the US was taken on board a Zeta mothership. Her escort
      was a Zeta that she
      has known since the age of three. This Zeta was a combination of tutor,
      companion and friend.
      They were walking down a passageway and came around a corner. About thirty
      feet in front of
      them were two Zeta conversing via Telepathy. My friend couldn't help
      showing off. So, she entered
      into their conversation. It's unheard of for a Human, on this craft,
      anyway, to do this. The two Zeta
      both looked startled and angry. As soon as her escort saw their
      reaction, he hustled her out
      of their sight. He explained to her later, that if he hadn't done that,
      then her life was in danger, with
      little that he would have been able to do for her.
      My friend has a very forward attitude, to life.

      A couple of weeks back on another List, there was mention of the Tall Whites
      intimadatory attitude towards Humans.
      I think in western countries in particular, We are so incredibly backward in
      values towards life, mainly through our conditioning via religion.
      Living breathing Energy forms from other planets appear in common to have
      strong Energy fields.
      Most Humans are exactly the opposite.
      With Humans being in the main, shoot first and ask questions later, who can
      Star Nations members of being very wary of and towards Us.

      On the one hand in a practical sense We have a very long way to go before
      would appear to be ready, but unfortunately from an alignment point of view,
      just around the corner.
      David Wilcock point's to major happenings likely well before the end of this
      year, which
      will kick start the major changes to our consciousness, that We are so much
      in need of.

      Kind Regards,

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      From Dee

      Hi Paola

      I must agree with you. I interviewed Mary Rodwell and others including
      contactee Jeffrey Morgan Voss for my SRP. I attach below an extract from the
      work of Mary Rodwell through her client; contactee Suzanne Hansen.

      Suzanne Hansen, Experiencer, former teacher, researcher lives in New
      Zealand [APPENDIX 3 point R] Suzanne has conscious recall of many of her
      experience. Suzanne has in รข?"depth information on the psychological
      profiles of
      some of the beings, including the `Greys'. "It covers complex programs for
      de-sensitizing the psyche of humans to extraterrestrial reality. It
      demonstrated a deep understanding of human psyche". During her encounters at
      no time
      was Suzanne exposed to any form of physical, psychological or emotional
      abuse by these `beings' in fact, it was quite the opposite. Suzanne was
      about these human covert programs by these intelligences. Suzanne was
      told: "There will be a 'great deception' in the future, by humans upon
      And that she had been trained, and tested to recognize their
      (Extraterrestrial) differing emanations: "I am trained to recognize the
      emanation of a
      'wolf in sheep's clothing' she said and I am told that I will need to use
      this knowledge and skill, and ability to differentiate, in the future. I am
      feeling that it will pertain to the future (beginning to occur now) of the
      anti-alien fear mongering". Mary says that Suzanne was talking about human
      MILAB, false abductions and pseudo- aliens created by such covert programs..
      She pointed out how interesting that Sparks accounts of the `Greys `is at
      complete variance to experiencer Suzanne Hansen's. "Suzanne has conscious
      recall of many of her contacts and recall of similar learning tasks' with
      `Greys. But in contrast to Sparks, she recalls being treated with loving
      kindness, respect and reassurance, there was no `judgment ` or negativity
      from the `Greys' if someone was unable to do a certain task. It was a
      revelation to her that there was no judgment by them, because human's can be
      judgmental when mistakes are made. In fact in all her interactions she
      found the `Greys' to be extremely compassionate and more caring than many
      humans she has known".
      Sparks' abductors seemed to be focused on mankind giving amnesty to the
      terrestrial controllers, at the same time distancing themselves from the
      military's decision to withhold and misuse life saving technology".

      Neil Gould

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